Cairo International Bookfair started today.
February 18, 2013
Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers for the book fair outreach.  While attendance was low, due to the political and economic concerns, we’re thankful there was no violence on the fairgrounds. An open and relaxed atmosphere was felt by all!  Our continuous presence in the public arena has helped create an atmosphere whereby people feel confident to come into our booths, interact and purchase Bibles and other materials, no matter their background.  

As with previous years, there were also those who came intent on creating tension and consuming energy in nonsense debate.  However, our salespeople know how to head off these challenges with grace and tact. In fact, there were many young believers who came specifically to hear and learn what questions were being asked, seeking to gain experience and training in apologetics.
At last year’s book fair, a young man asked many of the typical questions, especially about the incarnation of Jesus. After much discussion our salesman finally told him, "Go and ask God! He's the one you have a problem with!"  The same young man returned this year and told him, "I did!  I asked God my questions! Jesus appeared to me and He is answering my questions!”

One salesmen dealt patiently with a particularly aggressive customer. Afterwards, a non-Christian man came to him and said, "I was watching you. I saw how you treated him, even though he was so impolite. I commend you for your good spirit. When I came with my wife, I expected bad treatment, because I have this big beard (the sign of religiosity). But you really reflect what's in the books you sell." Then he bought a Bible.

This year Bible verses were posted in the booths, drawing the attention of many. "Blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered."  One man contemplated this verse for a while and then asked, "Who is this man to whom God has not accounted his sins?" A conversation about forgiveness ensued and he purchased a Bible.

Many families were grateful for the new products that we have for children this year. The most popular item was How the Bible Came to Us: The Story of the Book That Changed the World. This topic hasn't been made available before in such an appealing format and at an subsidized price of 1 LE (about $0.15)!  Sunday-School teachers bought them for use in their classes. One church came with an order for 1,400 copies! Unchurched people found this book interesting as well. Our stock of 50,000 copies sold out immediately.  If funding is available, we would like to do a reprint of 150,000 copies (at a subsidy of $0.65 each).

We are living in uncertain and unstable times. Yet, we must seize every opportunity to make God’s Word available in a way people can understand and at a price they can afford. We will continue to advertise in the media, open bookshops, and strengthen our presence. Thank you for your prayers toward this end.

Ramez Atallah
General Director
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