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At the end of a busy summer, we thank God for the opportunity to serve Egyptian children who are excited and eager to engage personally with God’s Word.  Our Summer Church Competition has 190,000 children ages 9-12 doing a systematic and thorough study of Nehemiah, Esther, and Philippians.  This year we created a new aspect for these young children by offering a Bible Quiz event, organizing several inter-church competitions around this study booklet.  As thousands of children spend weeks of Bible Study in preparation for these events, they are learning to spend regular time in God’s Word. 
One beautiful element of this program is how the whole family gets involved.  Mark, a Sunday-School superintendent in Alexandria, is grateful for this resource, not only for use at church, but for his own family:  “The summer competition booklet brings the Bible to my daughter’s purse. She carries a Bible everywhere she goes. I really didn't know how to get my children reading the Bible, but this competition has done the trick.  Now, the Bible is always with her."
“Because the study is so thorough, she brings to my attention many details in the text that neither I nor my wife had noticed before as we discuss these things together as a family...  I would never think about these details, but I learn from my daughter, age 11, who is studying so carefully and methodically.” 
The father of another young competitor had cancer.  But even while undergoing treatments, he made it a point to study the competition booklet together with his child.  In fact, the same day that this man passed away, his child was there in the hospital bed with him that morning, working together to study the Bible and answer the questions and prepare for the quiz event.  Only weeks later, the child attended the Kingo festival and entered the Bible Competition as planned.  What a legacy and precious memories this child has been given by a father who loved to study the Bible with his family.
We Thank You for your partnership with us, in helping to make this happen!  Pray with us, trusting God to bless and speak to each individual through the study and understanding and application of His Word in their lives.
With much appreciation for your partnership and prayers,

Ramez Atallah
General Director
The Bible Society of Egypt

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