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March 12, 2019
Dear friends of the SDCLC,

I really appreciate all of you who so faithfully pray for this school for Sudanese refugee kids; many of you also support it financially, even though you don't hear from us very often!

In our last newsletter, my dear fellow-Board member Clare mentioned that our principal Barakat "has not yet been whisked away by the U.N."  Well, he was and last month Barakat and his family travelled as refugees to Portugal!  We already miss him a lot, as he is a very wonderful man and friend, but are also happy for them, as they waited for many years to find a country to call "home". 

But we also thank God for providing a new principal for us, Hany el Kambal.  He has a lot of experience working in admin in Sudanese schools and is already making some good and needed changes in the school.  Please pray for him as he continues to do so and of course for Gideon as he is still our Vice-Principal 
Another bit of good news is that we now have 2 more Board members, and they are GREAT!  John Kheir is Egyptian and Jonathan Colaco is American. They are much younger than Clare, our treasurer Ruth and I.  They have great gifts in technology; have new and creative ideas and lots of energy!  Please thank God with us for them.

The last change is a really big one: our landlord told us last week that he is going to sell the 6-story building that we've rented for our school for the past 10 years!  This came as a real shock but we are trusting God to make it turn out good for these refugee kids.  For a few years, we have been saving money in a "building fund", mostly hoping to someday move to a place that has a yard.  But our landlord is very eager to sell the building to us, and has offered us an excellent price.  He has given us until the end of the month to decide, after which he'll put it on the market.  Since we've put lots of improvements in it and know it so well, it is very tempting to just stay where we are, if we can raise the extra money. 

Again, we need prayer!  This is a huge decision and will affect the future of the school enormously. 

With love to you all,
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