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Students on a Field Trip
September 13, 2019
Dear friends of the SDCLC,

I am so excited, because I have wonderful news for you!  You may remember that last March I wrote to you about our new opportunity-challenge, which was that of the owner wanting to sell the building, which the SDCLC has been renting for the past 10 years.  Honestly, when I wrote that letter I was simply asking for prayer for wisdom for us as the Board of the school, to know if we should even consider such a big venture.

But you must have prayed, because God answered very quickly and definitely.  Within 3 weeks of writing that letter, He had provided both the money to buy the school and even some for repairs!  AND the owner went down even further on the price!

We now own the SDCLC!  The first thing we did was to re-paint it and fix the bathrooms.  By the time the kids started school in early July, it looked so attractive!  Fortunately, God also gave us the wisdom to let the Sundanese administration choose the colors, so it also looks very African now.  Everyone is thrilled!

Nevertheless, we have yet another prayer request.  We would love to add another staircase in the school, which could also act as a fire escape, as 300 people using one narrow set of stairs in a 6-storey building is not exactly safe!  But we had to make sure the building is strong enough to support this addition.  (Building codes in such a poor and crowded area are not always followed in this country!)   So—through a well-known, Christian contractor—we hired a group to make a study of the building, and last night received their full, very professional report.  They strongly suggest reinforcing the 6 main pillars upon which the building stands and strengthening some of the supporting beams.  And they believe that if we do that we can both build another staircase and even change the positions of some of the walls, to make larger classrooms and use up wasted space. 

Next Monday evening, September 16th., our Board will meet to discuss the proposition of the engineers.  Frankly, we do not have the money to do such expensive repairs but also do not want to miss the chance to make this the best and safest school building possible for these refugee kids.  Again, we need some divine guidance here—thanks ahead of time for praying!

Ramez has been invaluable throughout this whole process, even though he is not officially on the Board of the school.  But last month he had a repeat of his old problem of Atrial Fibrillation (i.e. a fast and irregular pulse) and landed in the hospital for 6 days!  He is still only back to work part-time.  Please pray for complete healing for him and for Board members to be able to take over some of his responsibilities so that he doesn’t feel undue stress at this time.

We love and appreciate you all so much,

On behalf of the Board of the SDCLC
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