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Colleagues, I hope you found a way to switch off and enjoy the April break with your family, and that the much anticipated start to Term 2 has been as smooth as possible, given the complexities of operating within your current contexts. 

Towards a Growth Mindset in the Times of COVID 19
In observing the way the media has engaged with emotions, facts and opinions about what should or should not be happening with regards to schooling for Term 2, I could not help but think of how useful a diagram such as this one could be in providing guidance for us through these times of uncertainty.  How can we work with each other to move from ‘fear’ to ‘learning’, and from ‘learning’ to ‘growth’?  What are the conditions we each need that are enabling of such a growth mindset?
Note: This diagram has been sourced from Professor Pat Thomson who acknowledged herself in a blog that its creative origins are unknown to her.

School Resources in the Times of COVID 19
Thank you, again, to those members who provided resources for sharing via our education commons page.  The professionalism and collegiality across SASPA ranks is always strong but particularly so in difficult times, such as these. The SASPA education commons page is updated every few days so it might be a site worth bookmarking.  Click here for SASPA’s “Resources for Supporting Schools in the Times of COVID 19”.
Click here to read an article from Saturday’s edition of The Advertiser, “No Need for Social Distancing When School Goes Back”.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining: Professor Yong Zhao’s Video Message to SASPA
In a personal video message form Professor Zhao, created especially for the two SASPA school networks with whom he is working, Yong reminds us that, “an educational crisis is a terrible thing to waste.”  Every educational problem creates its own opportunities for us to find better ways of working together, and the social conditions produced by the COVID 19 virus are a case in point.  Click here to view Professor Yong Zhao’s 16:49 minute message of a hopeful educational future, “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining”.
Click here to read Yong’s blog, “Tofu is not Cheese: Reimagining Education Without Schools During COVID 19 (Part 1)”.
Click here to read Yong’s blog, “Tofu is not Cheese: Reimagining Education Without Schools During COVID 19 (Part 2)”.
Click here to read Yong’s blog, “From Yes but… to Yes and… Reimage Possibilities and Obstacles of Educational Change”.

Blame and Shame – Hey?
Readers of this e-Bulletin will know that blogs issued by Georgia Murch usually reside in the “Tips and Takeaways” section.  This month’s blog, “Blame and Shame – Hey”, focuses in on how leaders need to choose the attitude they most want to see within their workforce.
“We can’t change how things are, but we can change how we will approach today. And yes, an attitude can spread. But it begins with us.”
Click here to read Georgia’s April blog.

The ‘Politics’ of Education in the Times of COVID 19
Click here to read a 23rd April letter to the ministers for education from the heads of the nation’s peak educational leadership bodies (which includes ASPA). Too busy?  Please see the extract below.
“As it is Principals who are left to manage uncertainty and loss of confidence, we therefore recommend for immediate action:
  1. Federal and state and territory ministers of education establish advisory groups of principals from all school sectors or, at the least, representatives of the four peak national principals’ associations.
  2. State and territory ministers agree to uphold and adhere to one national statement of advice on reducing the potential risk of COVID-19 transmission in schools; differences in advised practices create uncertainty and undermine parents’ and teachers’ confidence as well as the confidence of the wider community.
For those who missed the 28th April edition of The Project there was an excellent analysis of the return to school debate which included discussion of this letter to the ministers for education.  Click here to view.

SASPA 2020 Conference Cancelled: Save the Dates for our 2021 Conference!
Regrettably, the uncertainty about when interstate (and international) travel will resume has meant that we have had to cancel our much anticipated 2020 annual conference.  The good news is that all 11 international and interstate speakers we had organised for 2020 have committed to our 2021 event.  Therefore, I encourage you to save these dates – Thursday 12th and Friday 13th August 2021 – so that you can join us at the National Wine Centre for “Equity & Inclusion: A World Class Education for All”.
It is fitting that I take this opportunity to commend SASPA’s conference planning committee for their stellar work.  The preparations for the 2020 conference were 2 months ahead of schedule with our early bird registrations planned for access from today. It is testimony to their good work, and to SASPA’s national reputation for organising highly regarded conferences, that all 11 speakers had no hesitation in committing to join us in 2021 for our replacement dates.

Professor Pat Thomson – a Recent Visit to South Australia
At a dinner meeting on 27th February, SASPA bestowed Life Membership upon Professor Pat Thomson (a former SASPA President and currently Professor of Education and convenor of the Centre for Research in the Arts, Creativity and Literacy (CRACL) at the University of Nottingham).  Shortly afterwards, SASPA’s blogger, Phil Cashen, interviewed Pat about what SA principals could learn from what is happening in the UK – or more specifically, England – in terms of both school leadership and secondary education in general.  Click here to read Pat’s reflections.

From the Archive: Andrew Churches “Digitally Enhanced Learning and Teaching”
In 2007 Andrew Churches provided educators with an updated version of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy (L. Anderson) to account for the new behaviours, actions and learning opportunities emerging via technology.
Click here to read and/or download Andrew’s short booklet.

10 Problems Worth Solving
For schools wanting to optimise an inquiry-based approach to learning this term, you might be interested in this article by Arnagretta Hunter and John Hewson (from the Commission for the Human Future), “There Are 10 Catastrophic Threats Facing Humans Right Now and Coronavirus is Only One of Them”.
Click here to read the article from The Conversation.
Click here to read the report from the Commission for the Human Future, "Surviving and Thriving in the 21st Century".

High Resolves – Videos for Change
Are you looking for high-quality project-based curriculum for remote learning?  Videos for Change is a real-world, student-led, project-based learning experience, which can be aligned to curriculum, in which students create one-minute videos on issues they feel passionate about.  Click here for more details.

Student Citizenship Awards – Due Date Extended to 25th September
With the uncertainties and circumstances caused by the COVID19 virus, the closing date for nominations for the 2020 Student Citizenship Awards (SCA) has been extended until the last day of school term 3 in South Australia; i.e., September 25, 2020.
Each school or college is entitled to nominate one or two students from Years 11 and/or 12 who satisfy the criteria in relation to providing significant benefits for the school/college and/or general community.
  • Leadership and influence upon peers.
  • Skills in organisation, management and communication.
  • Initiative and concern for the advancement and/or well-being of others by assisting group(s) in need such as disadvantaged, elderly, homeless youth OR by making a significant contribution to the environment and/or community development.
  • Pride in Australian citizenship.
The awards are intended to recognise those young people who actively engage with and contribute to school and/ or local communities.  The Awards exemplify the Association’s objective “to foster love of and pride in Australian citizenship”
Click here for the information brochure.
Click here for the nomination forms.
Whilst SCA will endeavour to advise schools of the outcome for these Awards as soon as possible, it is probable that certificates and Awards will not be available in time for the “End of Year” Awards Ceremonies held by many schools and colleges.  Also, it is likely that the Government House ceremony for the Top 10 recipients from 2020 will not be held until early 2021. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Convenor, Student Citizenship Awards, Noel Hender at:

PLEASE NOTE:  The Student Citizenship Awards are a different initiative from the Governor’s Civics Awards for Schools.  The Governor’s Awards are continuing as previously advised. Click here for further details.
Click here to see the Co.LAB flyer for its webinar series.
Diary Dates (2020) – Please save these dates!
  • Thursday 19th November, SASPA AGM Dinner at Jarmer’s Kitchen.

Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (ASPA) news
Click here to view the ASPA 2019 Annual Report (infographic).
Click here to read the ASPA e-Bulletin.
Are you a Twitter user?  Please follow @ASPALeaders for regular updates on the national agenda.

Click here to read the latest research from Save Our Schools, “Teachers Say There is Too Much Administrative Work and Stress in Schools”.
Click here to read an article providing details relating to a US study of students’ computer literacy.
Click here to read Dave Marr’s, “These 25 Technology Trends Will Define the Next Decade”.

Tips and Takeaways
Click here to read Tim Elmore’s blog, “What People Need Most From Their Leaders in Times of Crisis”.
Click here to access the Australian Government’s e-Safety Toolkit for schools.
Click here to read Lee Crockett’s blog, “The Best Self-Assessment Questions for Encouraging a Growth Mindset”.
Click here to read McKinsey and Company’s, “A Leader’s Guide to Communicating with Teams during COVID 19”.
Click here to read Tracey Ezard’s latest blog, “Leading Self and Others Through the COVID 19 Emotional Pinball”.


Please click here to access important information on how MSP has adapted photography services for schools to professionally align with COVID-19 regulations and protocols. 

“Our Tools – Your Vision”
 At Daymap, we work with you to support your changing needs. In the last month to provide for the shifting blend of on-premise and online learning we have:
  • Implemented a Microsoft Teams integration for easy scheduling of class sessions
  • Added activity icons to the class roll to support teachers with monitoring student participation and engagement with online learning
  • Designed a tool for managing attendance of students learning on site
Using these features together will support staff in managing attendance and engagement of students involved in remote learning.  Click here to learn more.
As your needs change, we will continue to adapt and change to support you.
For more information or to discuss your school requirements, please contact Kristen Hughes at

For all of Term 2 we are giving complimentary access to ClickView for any school who does not currently subscribe. 
Please refer to our blog post that discusses continuity of learning during absence using ClickView.
In Australia, the following number of schools already subscribe to ClickView, and are able to utilise it immediately as a remote learning tool:
Secondary schools:      67%
K-12:                             57%
Primary:                        26%
For further information, please contact the South Australian Learning Advisor, Jarrod MacEachern, at email: or phone: 0447 460 161.
SASPA School Membership
SASPA has a School Membership category so that Principals can offer B1 category aspiring leaders at their school a connection to SASPA as an Associate Member.
For an annual fee of $500 (excl. GST) a school Principal can nominate three aspiring leaders (currently classed in the B1 DECD category) to receive all associate member benefits.  These include:
  • SASPA e-Bulletins
  • Access to SASPA Talk chat list
  • Ability to take part in SASPA Strategic Direction Groups and committees
  • Attendance at SASPA PD events, programs and annual conference at member rates.
We hope that offering this type of membership will enable you to encourage your aspiring leaders to build on existing networks and accelerate their leadership development.
You can sign your school membership aspiring leaders up here

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It is important that SASPA keeps up to date with our member's details. Have you changed school or position recently? Have your phone or email contact details changed?
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