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A big opportunity for the smeSpire network members to attend the CSITF 2014 in Shanghai from 24th to 26th of April.

The smeSpire network members have been invited to attend the CSITF 2014, the China International Technology Fair, promoting the international exchange of technology and innovation.
Thanks to the EBPC support, geospatial technologies are the link between the different main fields.

This is the result of a wider cooperation strategy between smeSpire and EBPC (the smeSpire network member in Shanghai), achieved last January with the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at identifying the smeSpire network members participation at the CSITF 2014 as a big concrete opportunity to start long lasting businesses in China.

Four reasons to attend in the following Q&A:

1) Which are the benefits for a smeSpire network member to attend CSITF 2014?

CSITF is a political-institutional event aiming to convey in China the excellence of the European technologies. It aims to be the channel for allowing the technology transfer between China and Europe, creating at the same time business opportunities.
For each interested members of smeSpire network, during the event, will be organized specific and customized meetings with Chinese institutions and entrepreneurs. These B2B meetings will be the opportunity to come directly in contact with the Chinese market.

2) How the attendance to CSITF 2014 can lead to concrete business opportunities in China?

The CSITF, as B2B event, gives to the enterprises of smeSpire network the opportunity to meet the most suitable Chinese stakeholders. This constitutes the real opportunity to start immediately the business relationships in the Chinese market. These relationships, through the support of EBPC, will be the starting point to develop industrial and commercial projects in China.

3) Which Chinese stakeholders can be met during the B2B meetings?

During the fair, will be organized meetings with the members of EBPC and SITEC platforms and others specific stakeholders in according to the operating area of the smeSpire member. The EBPC platform includes for example: Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry Environment, Shanghai Ministry of Commerce, Shanghai Municipality, China Development Research Institute etc.

4) Which is the time frame to start seeing return on investment?

The answer depends on the introduced technology and its characteristics. In China there is an huge request of new technologies, especially in the following fields: new energy, biotechnology, intelligent manufacturing, new materials, new generation information technologies and environmental protection. In these operating areas is realistic a return on investment in few years, the timing is contingent on the uniqueness or singularity of the proposed technology.
EBPC works to establish all the best conditions for starting, as fast as possible, the companies business into the Chinese market.
smeSpire network members interested to participate are required to fill-in the following form.
Application Form
Participation to the CSITF 2014 is subject to the payment of a subscription fee of 3.800 Euro.
For further details, please contact
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Brochure CSITF 2014

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