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Issue #91

MySQL Founder Marten Mickos On Leadership And The Open Source Revolution. Martin Mickos, former MySQL head, takes this podcast opportunity to share leadership insights, thoughts on entrepreneurship in Europe, plus more.

Define better for a small-data DBMS. Performance isn't the only aspect of a product that determines its success -- efficiency, manageability, usability, and availability all play principal roles too.

Upgrading Directly from MySQL 5.0 to 5.7 using an ‘In Place’ Upgrade. An "In Place Upgrade" -- also known as a Binary Upgrade or Live Upgrade -- is faster than an upgrade employing mysqldump, as it doesn't require you to load the databases as part of the process. 

MySQL Pattern Matching using Regular Expressions. Get ready for REGEXP, RLIKE, and meta-characters in differing syntaxes. 

MySQL Performance: What is odd with 1M QPS claimed by MariaDB 10.1? Does this one small detail alter the meaning and impact of MariaDB's ability to perform one million queries per second?

MariaDB pops up on Azure with new cluster service. MariaDB is now easily deployable on Microsoft's cloud platform Azure, thanks to MariaDB Enterprise Cluster with MaxScale.  

Beware of ‘virtual columns’ – they may render your backups unusable. "You should verify any backup tool you use, generating backups as SQL scripts, carefully, if you upgrade to MySQL 5.7 and if you plan to use virtual columns."

Galera Cluster diagnostic logs. In a Galera cluster, MySQL error logs are especially important, as they'll reveal information on Galera internals and replication.

Setting up MySQL Router : Basics. Once MySQL Router is up and running, it will handle a system's routing of client requests, while, simultaneously, managing load balancing and failover.

Dynamic MySQL Credentials with Vault. "[Vault's] goal is to decouple the handling of secrets from applications, to enforce access control, encryption standards, and create an audit trail."

Jobs section

Draft Kings is looking for an experienced MySQL DBA to run the show on the database side. If interested, reach out to the recruiting manager directly at

Tumblr is looking for MySQL engineers with a strong programming background. If you want to help Jetpants hit mach speed, check out their listing here. is looking for a MySQL Database administrator to join our headquarters in Amsterdam, NL. Apply here.

GitHub is looking to hire a Database Infrastructure Engineer who wants to build, maintain and scale high impact database clusters. If you are interested, check out their listing.

The Wikimedia Foundation is looking for a DBA with advanced experience with MariaDB and/or MySQL, to work with databases related to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Find out more here.  

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