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MySQL News

Issue #95

MySQL 5.8 Planning: C++11 and Native Partitioning. The MySQL team plans to include two important changes to modernize code base in MySQL 5.8.

Curing a Critical Security Bug. The "Trojan Emoji bug" was one of the most severe MySQL related bugs in Wordpress' history. Here's how it was addressed. 

A Couple of MySQL 5.7 gotchas to be aware of. Don't get got!

MySQL Performance: Re:Visiting InnoDB vs MyISAM with MySQL 5.7. Dimitri revisits this comparison; it's been three years since his last round of results. 

POWER8 Accelerated CRC32 merged in MariaDB 10.1. According to benchmarks referenced here, POWER8 can free up to 30% CPU time in certain scenarios.

Which Accounts Can Access This Data? 
"If you’re a DBA – or perform DBA duties, regardless of your title – you may have been asked this question.  It’s an important question to ask in an audit or compliance review – but it can be a difficult question to answer."

Using Different MySQL Storage Engines in Database Design. What goes into the decision of selecting the correct storage engine?

15.6 The BLACKHOLE Storage Engine. Odds are, you don't want a real blackhole anywhere near your servers or database. But what about a BLACKHOLE storage engine?

Top 11 Ways To Improve MySQL Security. If one of these doesn't seem like enough, you better try the other ten. Safety first!

Using the aggregate functions ANY, SOME, EVERY with MySQL. It's not just about NULL anymore.

Jobs section

Draft Kings is looking for an experienced MySQL DBA to run the show on the database side. If interested, reach out to the recruiting manager directly at

Tumblr is looking for MySQL engineers with a strong programming background. If you want to help Jetpants hit mach speed, check out their listing here. is looking for a MySQL Database administrator to join our headquarters in Amsterdam, NL. Apply here.

The Wikimedia Foundation is looking for a DBA with advanced experience with MariaDB and/or MySQL, to work with databases related to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Find out more here.  


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