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MySQL News

Issue #96


Dear MySQL News Subscribers,
Happy 2016 and thank you for your continued interest and readership of MySQL News. With the New Year, we've decided to make some changes: this is the penultimate issue of MySQL News. Next week's issue will be the last, and then this newsletter's content will find a new home as part of the regular newsletter published by VividCortex.

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Thanks again and, now, on to the news!
Recover corrupted or crashed MySQL database online. How can you prepare for lost data before you know which data you're going to lose? MySQL Data Recovery Portal may prove to be a valuable resource.  

Exploring Metadata Locks with gdb - First Steps. Metadata locks have been around since MySQL version 5.5.3, but they're still largely unexplored. Some examination can turn "unexpected" problems into something much more manageable.

MySQL Performance Troubleshooting Crash Course. A Story Of One Sneaky MySQL Performance Bug. A story very well told, starring an especially tenacious (sneaky), villainous bug. Learn the expert methods of this tale's MySQL troubleshooter.

MySQL for Visual Studio – Uninstall workaround. Uninstall for Visual Studio being uncooperative? These tips will guide you around the issue.

MySQL 5.7 InnoDB Versus the Thread Sanitizer. "The problem of finding an interesting data race in the InnoDB software is similar to finding evidence of a sub-atomic particle in a particle accelerator; many Thread Sanitizer events must be analyzed before something interesting is found."

Is MySQL X faster than MySQL Y? – Ask queryprofiler. It's only natural to compare similar items, but first you need to find yourself a control. Here's how to use Queryprofiler for just that.

MySQL Benchmark in the Cloud. The benefits of using tpcc-mysql for a benchmarking project include its light footprint on the system and its ability to mimic a full DB structure of a warehouse and a true-to-life server load.

SSL/TLS Improvements in MySQL 5.7.10. In MySQL 5.7.10, "s
upport for TLS has been expanded from TLSv1.0 to include TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2, default ciphers have been updated, and controls have been implemented allowing both server and client-side configuration of acceptable TLS protocol versions." 

Jobs section

Draft Kings is looking for an experienced MySQL DBA to run the show on the database side. If interested, reach out to the recruiting manager directly at

Tumblr is looking for MySQL engineers with a strong programming background. If you want to help Jetpants hit mach speed, check out their listing here. is looking for a MySQL Database administrator to join our headquarters in Amsterdam, NL. Apply here.

The Wikimedia Foundation is looking for a DBA with advanced experience with MariaDB and/or MySQL, to work with databases related to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Find out more here.


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