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MySQL News

Issue #82

Server monitoring with Munin and Monit on CentOS 7. Nifty graphics plus a watchdog service. This article makes a good case for Munin and Monit performing as a powerful team. 

super_read_only and GTID replication. How do you prevent even users with the SUPER privilege from running writes? With super_read_only, of course! 

Call me Maybe: MariaDB Galera Cluster. Galera Cluster has many upsides, but when put to the test how well does it satisfy its claims of Snapshot Isolation?

Facebook’s Simon Martin on semi-synchronous replication. On a scale of 1-10, how vital is MySQL to Facebook? Simon Martin, one of Facebook's top production engineers, says, "10." 

MySQL @ Twitter NY Meetup Presentation. Some details from this presentation about life at Twitter include info about data and storage systems, MySQL 5.6 performance improvements, and best practices.

How Cronofy built the Zendesk Calendar Connector. Here we see how the Cronofy calendar API can help Zendesk agents better track their tasks.

Sample employees database migrated to GitHub. The Data Charmer offers a handy demo of a database migration into Github.

Linkbench for MySQL 5.7.8 with an IO-bound database. MyRocks compared with InnoDB: check out the results here.

Percona Server audit log plugin best practices. A debugging aid, secruity measure, and malpractice deterrent -- the audit log plugin may be worth your consideration.

Abstracting Binlog Servers and MySQL Master Promotion without Reconfiguring all Slaves. Jean-François Gagné guides us through a more streamlined way to achieve master promotion than tedious reconfiguration.

Jobs section

Draft Kings is looking for an experienced MySQL DBA to run the show on the database side. If interested, reach out to the recruiting manager directly at

Tumblr is looking for MySQL engineers with a strong programming background. If you want to help Jetpants hit mach speed, check out their listing here.

VividCortex is seeking a customer success engineer in Charlottesville, VA or Uruguay. The role involves customer onboarding and ongoing assistance with VividCortex in MySQL, Postgres, and Redis environments. View here. is looking for a MySQL Database administrator to join our headquarters in Amsterdam, NL. Apply here.

GitHub is looking to hire a Database Infrastructure Engineer who wants to build, maintain and scale high impact database clusters. If you are interested, check out their listing.

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