A massive and momentous update from Adamu!
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Dear Dennis

Today's newsletter will be very brief as I have news of but one new release to share with you.

But what a release it is!

I have been working with Adamu for almost a full month to receive this latest update from him. As you will see it is both his longest update yet... and also the most densely packed with information. And, beyond that, it was also the most challenging information, for me personally, that I have ever yet been asked to transcribe from Spirit to text. But this is not the time for long musings about me and my stuff... This moment is all about the new message from Adamu.

What I recommend is that you not try to rush reading this. Set some time aside. Wait until you have a good hour or two to dedicate to it. Fetch a big steaming cuppa and then give it your full attention. I know you will feel richly rewarded for doing so.

Here it is:

Adamu Offers a Full Political Briefing…

Including the Coming Financial Reset…
and the American Elections!

I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments at the bottom of that page!

In Closing

And that's all from me for now, other than to offer you two reminders of the ways in which I can offer you some direct assistance and support in your life. Please see the boxes below.

Until next time,
With much love,


1-on-1 Healing

A Mutimedia Seminar

Soul Reintegration with Zingdad

Everyone who is incarnated here on Earth is suffering with the pain of separation from the fullness of their spiritual entity. Everyone.

But a small percentage of those here are living an "Ascension Lifetime". They are choosing to reintegrate their lost, hurt soul fragments in this lifetime.

If you are such an ascending soul... and if you can do with some powerful assistance in achieving this goal of spiritual reintegration, then it is my privilege to be able to offer exactly this assistance.

Please visit this webpage to find out more about Soul Re-Integration. See if this is not EXACTLY the help you are looking for at this time.

And then book your sessions with me so that we might adventure together towards your spiritual wholeness!
Dreamer Awake!

If you have ever had a lucid dream, you will know that the normal “rules” of the dream you were in become suspended as soon as the dream becomes lucid. Suddenly you can fly or walk through walls or… whatever else you desire. The nature of dream changes precisely because you then know that it is a dream and that you are creating it in your mind.

The underlying principal behind Dreamer Awake! is that these lives we are living are the dreams our Inner-Selves are dreaming. And it is possible to become a “lucid dreamer” of this dream that is your life! And just as is the case with lucid dreaming, you will then find the “rules” of this life become somewhat suspended. You then find yourself able to change yourself and your life in some remarkable and delightful ways…

Becoming a "dreamer awake" takes a little doing! But if you are ready to heal yourself of the limitations that keep you from being ALL that you are.... then you will probably want to visit the Dreamer Awake! webpage right now...

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