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From Alyce:

Strong communities don't emerge from nothing. Rather, they form around a shared set of beliefs, a common narrative or way of being. How can community enable not just your brand, but also your users and advocates, to share a story wherein they are the heroes? As community builders, when do we put a stop to narratives that might be harmful without coming off as heavy-handed, controlling or behind-the-times? Conversely, when do we let go of a story we once held close and allow - or enable! - it to become a shared myth, shaped by the collective?

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"Mythological brands make a spiritual connection with the user, delivering something we can't find on our own.... [People] are an Apple."
- Seth Godin

In this quick essay for Cyborgology, Jenny Davis argues that the internet meme is the predominant and logical form of myth in an augmented society. How can communities use memes or the way in which memes are transmitted to build shared culture and capture shared moments in time?

This long read about Between the World and Me author Ta-Nehisi Coates tells the story of how a community formed around his opinions. What made the community a success early on was the willingness to embrace a community taking control over its own direction and narrative, ultimately creating its own shared mythology -- even if that meant self destruction. 

More from Seth Godin → Brand as Mythology

How MailChimp let fans create their own myth ("Mail...Kimp?") 🙊

From Moz: How to Grow Your Community with Random Affinities

How to Level Up One-on-One Meetings with your Boss, Nobl

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This summer, we're inviting subscribers to curate issues! Details here. These will continue most weeks through mid-September, maybe longer. Thank you to Alyce for curating this week! 

Oscar is hiring a Head of Community in NYC. Winnie is hiring a Content Marketing & Community Manager in SF. CareerVillage, an ed-tech NPO, is hiring a Director of Community in Palo Alto. Not necessarily community, though related → Empathy-as-a-Service startup, Koko, is hiring for BD and data science roles

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