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Cybersecurity Spend on the Rise

For the first time in recent memory, we have seen what happens when organized and state sponsored cyber criminals victimize and terrorize commercial enterprises.  The lessons of these events have taught us, in part, that we are not as prepared as we need to be when it comes to thwarting cyber attacks.  No big surprise, we are seeing a significant increase in Cyber Security Spending in 2015.  Read More to get our insights on the issues and investments we see most. 


“We have been very happy with the expertise and services of NET(net). Their ability to help us increase our visibility in the supplier organizations has led to very significant non-standard solutions to our complex and unique challenges.”
–Ann Harten
Vice President Global Human Resources & ERP Implementation, Haworth Corporation

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Microsoft Case Study

In December 2014, NET(net) completed a successful engagement for a global client that has over 70,000 employees and operations in 17 countries. With NET(net)'s guidance and expertise, the client was able to save $18M+ over 3 years on a global subscription EA renewal.  This client engagement combined several factors which are increasingly common in today's Microsoft licensing deals and can provide valuable lessons for other Microsoft customers.

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Are Your SLAs Meaningless?

In our history of Client advocacy in thousands of professionally managed supplier engagements, we have seen virtually every Service Level Agreement (SLA) ever developed, constructed, negotiated, implemented, monitored, measured, reported on, or renegotiated.  In that history, we can recall some that stood up well to the situations they were designed to protect.  However most SLAs don't have the ability to change over time and almost none evolve to keep pace with the changing nature of the relationship.



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