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What's Your Microsoft Licensing IQ?

NET(net) Microsoft Licensing IQ Quiz

Windows 1.0 was launched 25 years ago in 1985, and Microsoft introduced its first volume licensing program for enterprises in 1993.   One would presume that in an age where technology is leveraged to increase productivity and eliminate inefficiencies, the world's largest software company would be leading the way in simplifying how their products are purchased and managed.  Sadly as many of us know, that is not the case.

Keeping up with the constant changes in your requirements, user demographics, and options, coupled with Microsoft's hundreds of products being sold in languages and countries all over the globe, contribute to an ever more complex landscape of pricing, terms and conditions.  As Microsoft migrates to yet another delivery vehicle in July 2015 with the MPSA (Microsoft Products and Services Agreement), we can likely look forward to several more years of confusion.

We've devised a very short Microsoft Licensing Knowledge Quiz to help you better understand what you know, and more importantly, what you don't know.  Based on our years of gathering Federated Market Intelligence (FMI) on Microsoft, we're now able to share some of the insights to help you find where the gaps in knowledge might be and learn how to close them. 

Take the quiz today and show your colleagues what an expert you are!  If it turns out you're not an expert, learn how to become one.

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Punch Above Your Weight and 
Modernize Your Supply Chain

Suspend your disbelief!

You are likely significantly overpaying your current technology suppliers.  There are many reasons why clients overpay, and many of these reasons aren’t fully their fault.  The cost of technology is supposed to go DOWN over time, yet many of our clients see steady year-over-year increases in costs largely resulting from market conditions that are exacerbated by business process flaws in the strategic sourcing and/or supplier performance management business processes.  These subtle mistakes converge to create ever-widening gaps between optimal market conditions and the client situation, often resulting in significant needless over-payment.

Click below to read some actual client stories where they 'thought' they were getting substantial 'discounts' from suppliers, but in reality - they were significantly overpaying.  


“NET(net) Europe has become a key partner for us in securing strategic and economic value in our key technology investments, agreements and relationships.  This is absolutely critical, particularly where we have to punch above our weight in global equipment markets.  NET(net) Europe is very aligned to our business objectives by implementing proactive and innovative solutions in strategic sourcing and supplier management, while often exceeding our expectations.”


- John Kent
Chief Financial Officer, JT Global

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Our Top 5 BI Trends for 2015 - and Why You Should Care

Business Intelligence (“BI”) has been experiencing explosive growth over the last 15 years or so, and 2015 is likely to become the most exciting year on record.  Many believe it is a tipping point year for BI as change happens at an ever increasing rate.  In our most recent blog this week, we outline these 5 trends and discuss why they're worth paying attention to.  Click the 'Read More' link below for full article.


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