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Cardboard Ferrari

So you want a Ferrari, but you only have $100 to spend. Financial limitations didn’t stop these young men from Vietnam from getting what they wanted. Using cardboard, fiberglass, a metal frame, and a whole lot of effort, they built a rough approximation of an Ferrari FXX-K… and it actually can drive. They also made […]

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Best Christmas Light Show 2020

Each year, lighting designer Tom BetGeorge sets up the coolest holiday light show around. And every year, the visuals get more impressive. For those of us unable to visit the display, he’s been kind enough to share the 34-minute extravaganza. All he asks is that you consider donating to the McHenry House Tracy Family Shelter.

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BooZter Folding Elextric Scooter

Wheelkinetic claims their electric scooter is the most portable and lightweight model you can buy. The BooZter folds to just 10″ x 18.5″ – small enough to fit into a backpack – and weighs just 6.5 kg (14.3 lb). Despite its size, its makers say it can run up to 20km (12.4 mi) on a […]

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Claire Saffitz: Dessert Person

After wowing us with numerous gourmet snack foods, pastry chef Claire Saffitz has struck out on her own, with a video series to accompany her new cookbook, which features a mix of both sweet and savory recipes for home bakers. First up, soft and crispy foccacia. (Thanks Rob!)

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DIY Plywood Workspace

In today’s work-from-home world, having a good desk is a must. You could buy one, or you could do what HomeMadeModern did and build one to your own exacting specifications. We love how Jessie incorporated walls and sound-deadening felt to make it her own. We’d probably do corkboard for tacking up notes.

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Win a Restored 1966 Chevy Impala

In 1966, Chevrolet produced just 1856 of its Impala Sport Coupe, rocking a 427ci Turbo-Jet V8. This Regal Red Impala has a 4-speed manual, cranks out 425 horsepower, and looks as good as the day it left the factory. One lucky entrant will win this awesome car while helping to support charities. Plus, Awesomer readers […]

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TIPEN 2.0 Titanium Pen

Accessory maker YSMART London updates its TIPEN compact titanium pen, refining its case design, and bestowing its rollerball with a durable silicon carbide tip that doubles as a tool for opening packages and prying lids. Its refill is custom-made, so we suggest ordering one of the kits that comes with spares. Available in four textures.

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Genius Pack Supercharged Carry-on Suitcase

This premium carry-on bag features a durable polycarbonate shell and has multiple interior compartments for organizing clothes and accessories. It also has compression straps, a garment loop, a separate laundry compartment, and a TSA-compliant lock. An optional battery pack can charge devices via its two USB ports.

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3D-Printed McLaren 720S Widebody Kit

In a race to become the first in the industry to build a car body from 3D-printed parts, car customizer 1016 Industries revealed its prototype McLaren 720S widebody. Known for its carbon fiber parts, 1016 used computational fluid dynamics to model parts and build a drivable car. The production carbon fiber kit drops in 2021.

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The Hidden Art of Disney: They Drew as They Pleased

Didier Ghez’s six-volume series delves into the lesser-known art of Disney Animation. Each book is filled with rare images gathered from the depths of the Walt Disney Archives and the Disney Animation Research Library, along with untold stories of the artists behind the scenes. Start with the 1930s and work your way to 2020.

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3D-Printed Expanding Mechanism

In the 1800s, an engineering reference book showed off a pulley design that could expand its size. Angus of Maker’s Muse wanted to see if he could replicate the part using 3D printing, and along the way found a different use for it, and incorporated the mechanism into a nifty looking puzzle box.

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BMW Electric Wingsuit

While BMW is best known for its cars, SUVs, and motorcycles, they can now add “electric wingsuit” to their list of accomplishments. Working with pilot Peter Salzmann, they created a solo flying machine that gives a flyer a boost of power, the ability to stay airborne longer, and to also increase altitude.

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NERF LMTD The Mandalorian Amban Phase-pulse Blaster

The Mandalorian merchandising machine is hard at work, and now Disney and Hasbro have teamed up to create a special-edition blaster based on Din Djarin’s Amban rifle. It measures 50.25″ long and makes screen-accurate blaster sounds. It also has a light-up scope and comes with 10 silver-colored NERF Elite darts and display packaging.

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Gibberish Song

We’re not sure how we missed this video when it first made the rounds, but it’s too good not to share. When you listen to Italian singer Adriano Celentano’s performance of Prisencolinensinainciusol, you might think its lyrics are in English, but it’s actually complete nonsense. Bonus points for the harmonica solo at the end.

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Gerber Barbill Wallet

Gerber’s hyper-minimal wallet consists of a stainless steel frame and an elastic strap. It holds up to seven cards and/or paper currency, and has a built-in bottle opener. Its bottom edge has a built-in bumper to align cards and keep them from falling out.

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Gymkhana 2020

Rally driver Ken Block passes the Gymkhana video torch to his friend and rival Travis Pastrana, as the latter takes on his hometown of Annapolis, MD in a crazy powerful Subaru WRX STI, boosted to 862 hp. Along the way, he jumps over a boat, performs a ballet with a buddy in a BRZ, and […]

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Sprinkles Cupcakes Holiday Box

From the Beverly Hills bakery that invented the 24-hour cupcake ATM, Sprinkles is shipping cupcakes from coast-to-coast. Sprinkle a little love with the flash-frozen Holiday Box: Four Red Velvet, Four Vanilla, and Four Chocolate Peppermint cupcakes decorated with green trees, gingerbread, snowmen, and sprinkles. Order by 12.14.20.

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