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Taming the Microsoft Gorilla, One Google at a Time

Gorillas.  They can be cute and seem cuddly from a distance, but up close they are probably more scary and intimidating.  There’s little doubt that Microsoft is the 800 pound gorilla in the desktop productivity market.  The real question is, how do you get away from the gorilla when you’re trapped in its domain?  Everywhere you turn…there it is, blocking your escape.  Door number 1 is blocked by the CIO who’s not a ‘change agent’.  Door number 2 is blocked by the groups who don’t ‘want their cheese moved’.  Doors number 3 and 4 aren’t even blocked…they are wide open and they have a Google or Amazon logo on them.  But you’re not so sure about running through those doors as you’re not entirely sure what’s on the other side.  Next thing you know, you’re just giving the gorilla more bananas (by the truckload) and feeling really bad about it.


“Based on NET(net)’s success in IT optimization programs for our portfolio companies, we engaged them to help us with an important internal IT project where the vendor had a niche product.   With NET(net) we completed a strategic evaluation of the product. They then helped us negotiate pricing, terms and conditions resulting in a 30% reduction in subscription cost and a 50% reduction in incremental costs.  The NET(net) team was terrific to work with, and we certainly plan to recommend them and work with them again.”

-CTO, General Atlantic

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Employee Spotlight:
NET(net) Welcomes Fred Teekens

NET(net) is pleased to welcome Fred Teekens to the EMEA team.  Mr. Teekens will be the SVP of Value Creation, and is committed to providing bespoke and exceptional client experience with a focus on delivering flawless execution for projects that will Find, Get, and Keep Value for clients.  To learn more about Fred, please click the 'Read More' button below.  
Welcome Fred!

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WIN(win) Platform Updates

WIN(win) continues its evolution with a series of updates that will allow for greater ease of use around managing strategic suppliers and related agreements.  Updates to the agreement Performance Dashboard, simplification of KPI and SLA creation and management, messaging management enhancements, and more. To learn about these updates and additional information on WIN(win), click below for the latest!

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Don't Overpay Microsoft

Download our free whitepaper and learn 'The Top 5 Ways You Are Overpaying Microsoft.'  Our subject Matter Experts have devised 5 ways to identify how you are overpaying Microsoft, along with some critical tips on how to avoid it!  To download and learn more, click 'Read More' below!

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Did you know?  
NET(net) Speaking Engagements

Did you know NET(net) subject matter experts frequently speak at executive technology events and gatherings?  Our team averages over 25 years' experience each in negotiating, managing, and optimizing technology supplier investments, and have years of NET(net) Federated Market Intelligence to back them up. To learn more about how NET(net) can bring this exceptional level of knowledge and expertise in support of your next event, please click the Read More button below.


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