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Jewish refugee commemorations to be held worldwide

By bataween on 14 November 2021

On 23 June  2014, the Government of Israel adopted a law, which designates 30th November as an annual, national day of commemoration for the one million Jewish refugees who were displaced from Arab countries and Iran in the 20th century. For the seventh year running organisations, universities, synagogues and embassies will be  holding special  events. Here is a listing of 2021 events we know about  to-date:

Online, 18 November. The Edwin Black Show, 3 pm ET: Yom Hagirush

Online 20 November. Los Angeles Beth Am Congregation,  Jews of Iraq. 3:30 PST

Rome, 28 November –  5 December. ASTREL, Jews of Libya. Details : tel. +39 339 8847058

Paris, 28 November . AMUSSEF, 2 pm Europe.

New England, 30 November. Consulate General of Israel Commemoration. With Mijal Bitton 

London, 30 November, JW3/ Harif/ Sephardi Voices. Also online. 7:30 pm UK.

Montreal, 30 November. The Spanish synagogue, 7 pm ET

Santiago de Chile, 30 November – 1 December. Embassy of Israel in Chile./ Oriente Medio/ JIMENA/HARIF. 12 noon LA.

Online , 2 December. Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific NW and LA.

Tel Aviv, 2 December, Dahan Centre, Israel

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