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Welcome to Thrive, your resource for inspiring ideas to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. During this season of inward reflection and restoration, it’s a good time to make space for growth within ourselves and our relationships with others and God. We hope this issue brings inspiration, grace, and renewal to your everyday moments.
We believe love in action can change the world.

United Methodist Women is now United Women in Faith

We’ve taken a new name to better reflect how we answer our calling today. It’s an exhilarating time, as we commit to even greater inclusivity, action, and impact in our mission to support women, children, and youth.

Prepare for Personal Growth

Spring is the perfect time to move from productive hibernation into a season of new growth. Support yourself with a few easy, inspiring ways to get comfortable with change and find grace from within.

Candles and aromatherapy salts

1. Create a Sacred Space

Designate a room or nook for reflection, prayer, and quiet. Set an intention, create a ritual, and layer in items with personal meaning.
Woman looking up

2. Get Unstuck

The spiritual journey is not always easy or linear. Slow down and listen to this brief sacred presence audio to help you find your way.
Round piece of wood with shadow of a plant leaf behind

3. Simplify

When we declutter, we make room for more joy and love. Check out these tips to simplify your life with a minimalist approach.
While it was still night, way before dawn, Jesus got up and went out to a secluded spot and prayed.
Mark 1:35, The Message Bible

Reset Your Energy

Valencia McClure shares ways you can use aromatherapy to reset your energy.
A recent United Women in Faith Soul Care workshop leader and a breast cancer survivor, Valencia complemented her medical treatments with essential oils during her recovery. “My mother’s love for sharing her knowledge of botanicals and aromatherapy planted a desire in me to also want to share this knowledge,” she said.
According to Valencia, when you choose to energy shift, you can learn to soothe anxiety and balance unsettled feelings or emotions. Here are a few examples:
Set an intention. Feeling frazzled or irritable? Set an intention to interrupt your current thought pattern. One example: “I choose peace and comfort over stress and worry.”
Breathe deeply. Taking deep breaths boosts body and brain with the oxygen needed to restore balance. What’s more, inhaling a few drops of essential oils allows you to reset and find serenity.
Learn more about energy shifting
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Lead the Way

Sung Yeon headshot
Sung Yeon Choimorrow is a first-generation Korean-American immigrant working mom who is passionate about creating change so her daughter can live in a more just world. Sung Yeon leads National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum. NAPAWF works to engage voters to vote, as well as to advocate for issues that affect Asian American and Pacific Islander women and girls, such as immigrant rights, reproductive health and rights, affordable health care, and economic justice. We look forward to hearing more from Sung Yeon as a 2022 Assembly speaker.
Join us at Assembly 2022

What We’re Reading

Photo of All We Can Save book
All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis
Welcome to the women-led climate renaissance. To change everything, we need everyone. Intermixing essays with poetry and art—including an essay by Heather McTeer Toney, a 2022 Assembly speaker—this book is a guide for knowing and holding what has been done to the world, while bolstering our resolve never to give up on our collective future.
We invite you to explore this book about caring for ourselves and the earth, and reflect on what you can do to nurture both.
Explore our Reading Program

Real Talk: Small Acts of Kindness

Our social graces may be suffering from isolation during the pandemic. Practicing small acts of kindness is a great way to restore your inner goodness while supporting others. Consider these questions as a start to help you connect around this real-talk topic.
What small ways can you act out of kindness toward others?
Have you been a recipient of a small act of kindness? How did it make you feel?
How do you feel as a giver of kindness?
Watch as the late Maya Angelou shares how she honors those who showed her kindness and find out how, she says, we can all “be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud,” no matter who they are. “Be a blessing to somebody.”
Watch the video
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