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NewsLetter N° 152 - Wednesday June 4, 2014


Schloss Ebreichsdorf Polo Club
Slovakian Open

In Ebreichsdorf the Slovakian Open was held with the participation of 8 teams from different European countries. The flawless event organized by Peter Godanyi together with Schloss Ebreichsdorf Polo Club, attracted players from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden, France, Russia and of course several Argentine professional who enjoyed this wonderful weekend of Polo, along with a glamorous reception on Saturday. Elegant and very entertaining, with food, drinks, music and exotic dances that the numerous guests could enjoy throughout the afternoon, while they were witnesses of the tough competition in the playground.

Enira team took the coveted trophy after beating Frankfurt (who played their second consecutive Final) in a hard-fought match, as expected in a Final like this, but with some players a little overexcited. Great performance by Joaco Maiquez, very well supported by his three companions, especially Leon Hauptman who was honored with the MVP.
For the "Charity" subsidiary cup, the winners were The Swedish team by defeating the locals of Red Diamonds.

Result Slovakian Open:
3º place: Allen & Overy   vs.  Bardon  6
Final : Enira  9  vs.  Frankfuter PT  7

MVP: Leon Hauptman

Result Charity Subsidiary Cup:
3º place: Amadeus  9  vs.  Bratislava  6
Final : Stockholm  7  vs.  Red Diamonds  5
Teams & Ranking Slovakia Open:
1. Enira: Leon Hauptman 0, Banjamin Darroux 1, Walter Sherb 1, Joaquin Maiquez 6. Total: 8
2. Frankfurter PT: Johanna Droste 0, Steffi von Pock 0, Beto Farias 2, Pedro F. Llorente 5. Total: 7
3. Allen & Overy: Christoph Kerres 0, Martin Magal 1, Patricio Gainor 4, Felix Beguerie 4. Total: 5
4. Bardon: Andras Tombor 0, Peter Kis 0, Martin Joaquin 3, Jeronimo Fanelli 5. Total: 8

Teams & Ranking Charity Susidiary Cup:
1. Stockholm PT: Niclas Johansson 0, Anders Thulin 0, Santiago Shanahan 4, Tatu Gomez Romero 4. Total: 8
2. Red Diamonds: Richard Drasche - Wartinberg 0, Robert Szucz 0, Fernando Miño 4, Juan C. Marambio 4. Total: 8
3. Amadeus: Koko Kofler 0, Robert Kofler 1, Konstantin Rhomberg 1, Santiago Marambio 6. Total: 8
4. Polo Klub Bratislava: Andy Golling 0, Peter Godanyi 1, Edgard Llambí 3, Horacio F. Llorente 4. Total: 3

Umpire: César Ruiz Guiñazú
Emil Kraus & Leon Hauptman
Schloss Ebreichsdorfch


Niederweiden Polo Club
King Game Cup 

May 30 to June 1st

Subsidiary: Germany  6  vs.  Hungary  3
Final: Niederwaiden  5 1/2  vs.  France  4

Teams & Ranking:
1. Niederweiden: Silke Kavka -2, G. Hermann 1, Horacio F. LLorente 4, Dieter Ehart 1. Total:  4
2. France: Martin Cavallero 1, Eva Bruhl 2, Benjamin Derraux 1, Dante Barroso 2. Total: 6
3. Germany: Dele Iversen 0, Bernd Niederhammer 0, Balazs Cser 0, Silvestre Fanelli 4. Total: 4
4. Hungary: Gabor Ronai 0, George Dvoracsek 1, Georg Barnisani -1, Manolo Calvo 3. Total: 3


Santa Maria Polo Club
III Torneo de los Restaurantes "La Quinta"

The teams of Mara and Midas, were proclaimed champions of the third edition of the " La Quinta" Tournament , sharing the title after the suspension of the final due to a strong thunderstorm.
When only were missing 1.37 minutes in the second chukker, and with the scoreboard Midas 3 vs. Mara 2, the tournament organizers decided to suspend momentarily, but because the storm did not stop, it was decided to declare terminate the game and proclaiming, winners to the two teams.

Sunday 1st
5º place: La Quinta  7  vs.  Royal Oman  6
3º Place: Ridecrins  5  vs.  Pura Tapa  4
Final: Midas  vs.  Mara  (cancelled)

Teams & Ranking:

1. Midas: Richard Fagan 1, Rosendo Toreguitar 0, Jack Kidd 3, Lawrence Isola 1. Total: 5 
 Mara: Kaveh Shakib 0, Sophie Stanek 0, Mario Gomez 4, Luciano Irazabal 1. Total: 5
3. Ridecrins: Joanna Mobley 0, Jason Willets 0, Hernan Pieres 4, Alejandro Espada 1. Total: 5
4. Pura Tapa: Gilian Hughes -1, Andrew Nulty 0, Isidro Strada 4, Mariano Iturrioz 2. Total: 5
5. La Quinta: Francisco Morales 0, Carlos Piñal 1, Daniel Gariador 3, Craig McKinney 1.Total: 5 
6. Royal Oman: Bassam Al Balushi 0, Saiff Abdullah 0, Horacio Laprida jr 4, Alberto Ibañez 1. Total: 5
Photo: Gonzalo Etcheverry
 Final: Midas vs. Mara
Campeonato de los Restaurantes


Roma Polo Club
Coppa Lorenzo Magni / Trofeo Chopard

On Sunday June 1st, at the Roma Polo Club was held the tournament Sponsored by Chopard. The team Zurich PT II defeated in the Final by a quite a difference the team of Rinidia. The third place went to The Tides beating Ginevra II. 

3º place: 
The Tides  6  vs.  La Ginebra II  4 1/5  
Final:  Zurich PT II   7  vs.   Rinidia  3

Teams & Rankig:
1. Zurich PT II:  F. Meier 0, L. Meier -1, F. Bolanteiro 3, J. Gonzalez 4. Total: 6
2. Rinidia: Riccardo Paganelli -1, Pulli Grillini 2, S. Schinoni 3, Stefano  Ottaviani 2. Total: 6
3. The Tides: Darek Gardener 0, Maciej Ziemski -1, Segundo Condesse 3, Santiago Irastorza 4. Total: 6
4.La Ginevra II: Ginevra D’Orazio 0, Mario Robiano 1, R. Gianni 1, Miguel Amieva 4. Total: 6

La Caballeriza: Francesco Scardaccione -1, Aldo D'Andria 0, Therence Cusmano 2, José Ortiz 4. Total: 5
La Ginevra I: L. D’Orazio 1, A Mantella  -1, Hannes Huehnlein 1, Juan Ruiz Guinazú 5 . Total: 6
Zurich PTW. Maier 0, Piero 
 Dllier 0, M. Celentani 0, Lucas Labat 6.. Total: 6

Umpire: Franco Piaza


Polo Club Vreeland
Polo Picknick Cup 2014

The 2014 edition of the Polopicknick in Vreeland went to Nipas (with Anita already recovered) who defeated in the Final the Team of QM Polo. While Nipas led by Sebastian Petracchi played a great game, we have also to say that QM did not played bad at all, but having pretty bad luck with a complicated field after some rainy weeks, and with some penalties that they have failed to score.
Nederland FM took the third place by defeating Mendoza.

Final: Nipas  7  vs. QM Polo  3

MVP:  Boudewijn Brouns 

Teams & Ranking:
1. Nipas: Annita vd Hoeven -1, Stephanie Haverhals 1, Sebastian Petracchi 5, Niels vd Hoeven 1. Total: 6
2. QM Polo: Philip vd Kloot Meijburg 1, Savine vd Kloot Meijburg 1, Raja Venkata Raman 0, Miguel Lagos 4. Total: 6
3. Nerderland FM: Melanie/Willem Immink -1, Dominik Velasquez 1, Luis Duggan 5, Jim Souren 1. Total: 6
4. Mendoza:
Boudewijn Brouns 0, Pablo van den Brink 2, Hector Monserrat 3, Laurens Brouns 1. Total: 6
5. HV Polo: Maarten Hulsman 0, Emanuel Boni 0, Juan Medina3, Marcelo Caivano 3. Total: 6
6. Adrenalina: Dirk Baumgartner 0, Martijn v Scherpenzeel 1, Robert Watson 5, Bob Rademakers 0. Total: 6
Photo: Annemieke Goos
Team Nipas
Polo Picknick Vreeland


Hof Alwin Scockemöhle
Diamond Way Memorial

For the Diamond Way Memorial Cup, that was played the last weekend at the Hof Alwin Schockemöhle, Ising win the tournament by defeating on Sunday the team of La LLovizna II.

Ising  10  vs.  La LLovizna II  6

Teams & Ranking:
1. Ising: Reinhold Hoffmann 0, Bernhard Schurzmann 0, Christina Schmoe -2, Cristobal Durrieu 4. Total: 2
2. La Llovizna II: Estelle Wagner -1, Rene Kleinlugtenbelt -2, César Miño 2, Patrick Maleitzke 3. total: 2
3.La Llovizna I: Vanessa Schockemöhle -1, Detlev Kuhlmann 0, Klemens Lopau -2, Micky Duggan 4. Total: 1
4. Hannover: Tom Maiti -1, Ulrich Bosch -1, Sabrina Bosch 0, Max Bosch 3. Total: 1
5. Hagen Grinden: Peter Hoedemaker -1, Matthieu v. Delden 0, Grietinus Haan 0, Herman Burgsteller 3. Total: 2
6. Prag: Anna Kordnova -2, Brigitta Poggel -2, Britta Klatte -2, Pampa Polarolo 3. Total: 0 
Photo: Vanessa Schockemöhle
Estelle Wagner
Diamond Cup Memorial


Polo de Paris
Coupe du Capitaine des Jeux 

Sainte Mesme defeat in the final minutes the team of Red Falcon and win the trophy "Coupe du Capitaine des Jeux",  played on Sunday at The Polo de Paris Club
Mungo is third by defeating La Concepcion Polo.

Mungo  4  vs.  La Concepcion Polo  5
Final: Sainte Mesme  4  vs.  Red Falcon  3

Teams & Ranking:
1. Sainte Mesme: Robert Strom/Facundo Fernández Llorente 4, Alexis Pouille de Balkany 2, Ramiro Zavaleta 3, Birger Strom 1. Total: 10
2. Red Falcon: Laurent Dassault 0, Patrik Primael Pailliol 4, Matthieu Delfosse 4, Adrien Le Gallo 2. Total: 10
3. Mungo: Patrick Eisenchteter 1, Thibaut Guillemin 3, Gaetan Gosset 3, Clément Gosset 3. Total: 10
4. La Concepción: Hanspeter Spek -1, Ernesto Trotz 4, Diego Braun 5, Charles H. Le Galle 2. Total: 10
Team Saint Mesme
Polo de Paris


Cowdray Park Polo Club
Jaeger-LeCoultre Duke of Sutherland

In the fields of Cowdray team Dell Park wins the Final to the defending champion and takes the trophy Jaeger-LeCoultre Duke of Sutherland 2014. In the subsidiary cup, El Remanso with Fran Elizalde replacing Eduardo Heguy defeated Elmor by only half a goal.

Subsidiary: El Reamnso 9 1/2  vs.  Emlor  9
Final: Dell Park  8  vs.  La Indiana  6

MVP: Max Charlton  
BPP: "Black Velvet" played by Marcos Araya

Finalist Teams:
Dell Park: Nikolai Bahlsen 1, Richard Le Poer 5, Max Charlton 6, Malcolm Borwick 6. Total: 18
La Indiana: Michael Bickford 1, Marcos Araya 7, Ruki Baillieu 7, Matias Logioco 3. Total: 18

El Remanso: George Pearson 1, George Hanbury 3, Tomás Ruiz Guiñazu 6, Fran Elizalde 7. Total: 17
Emlor: Spencer MacCarthy 2, Guy Gibrat 4, Rob Archibald 6, Nacho Gonzalez 6. Total: 18
Team Dell Park
Cowdray Park Polo Club
The Spirit of the Game.
The HPA rules start with a preamble stating that polo is a game ...that should be played…within the Spirit of the Game. Whilst the FIP rules do not actually use the words, the Spirit of the game, careful examination of the regulations will reveal that many are in fact offenses against the “Spirit of the Game” even if this strange spirit is not actually defined. In the AAP version, the first line states “Polo has its etiquette”, it is an art to be practiced and a science that is developed almost thought one’s entire life.….a man creates his own obligation to behave like a gentleman.” 

So much for the words handed down by generations of polo players, but it is may be worthwhile, to reflect, from time to time, perhaps in the club house after a hard fought game over a quiet glass, whether etiquette was followed, whether at all times players were seen and perhaps in modern times heard to be gentlemen, and if after all the Spirit of the Game came out of the match tarnished or even more bright and shiny than it was at the outset. Perhaps a little quiet contemplation away from the excitement and stress, and the motivation of winning would ensure that the greatest honour in polo, that of keeping the Spirit of the Game bright and burning, remains just that, the greatest honour in polo, at whatever level, in whatever country, and whatever culture.

by CC for PFE
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Polo de Paris
Tournei de la Ville de Paris
Start: May  24
Finish: june 8
Madrid/ Real Club Puerta de Hierro
Abierto RCPH / Abierto Aznar /Memorial S. M. Alfonso XII
Start: May  28
Finish: July 6
Guards Polo Club
Archie David Cup / 4-8hcp
Start: June   3
Finish: june 29

Guards Polo Club
Cartier Queens Cup/ 22hcp
Start: May 20
Finish: June 15
By the end of the qualifying stage on Wednesday 4 were seven teams qualified for  the quarter finals, to be played between Saturday 7 and Sunday 8. Dubai and  Zacara undefeated together with El Remanso, Lucchese, Talandracas, UAE Polo and Enigma. 
On Thursday 5 will be define on penalty shootout, the last place in the Quarters, teams King Power and Fox & Hounds.

Results to date:
Zacara  14 vs. Sifani 6
Enigma 13 vs. HB Polo 9
Talandracas 10 vs. Lucchese 11
Cortium Sp 10 vs. Black Bears 9

Dubai 14 vs. T. Oaks E. 11
Fox & H. 9 vs. El Remanso 10
King Power 9 vs. Enigma 12
Sifani 10 vs. HB Polo 9
UAE PT 14 vs. Lucchese 13
Cortium 7 vs Talandracas 9
T. Oaks E. 9 vs. Fox & H 10
Aravali 8 vs. El Remanso 11
King Power 12 vs. HB Polo 7
Zacara 15 vs. Enigma 6

Black Bears 9 vs. Lucchese 10
UAE PT  12 vs. Talandracas 13
Dubai 15 vs. El Remanso 11

Aravali 6 vs. Fox & Hounds 7
Zacara 10 vs. King Power 9
Sifani 4 vs. Enigma 15
Black Bears 9 vs. UAE 10
Cortium 10 vs. Lucchese 11
T. Oaks 7 vs. El Remanso 9
Dubai 8 vs. Aravali 4
Zacara 14 vs. HB Polo 9
Sifani 12 vs. King Power 13
B. Bears 10 vs. Talandracas 11
Cortium 5 vs. UAE Polo Team 11
Wed 4: Dubai 10 vs. Fox & Hounds 7    
Wed 4: Twelve Oaks  7 vs. Aravali 8

Group I
El Remanso: Scott Luard 0, Charlie Hanbury 4, G. Terrera 8, David Stirling Jr. 10. Total 22
Dubai: Rashid Albwardy 2, Diego Cavanagh 7, Adolfo Cambiaso 10, Ali Patterson 3. Total 22. 
EFG Bank Aravali: Kharan Thapar 0, Alejandro Muzzio 7, Joaquin Pittaluga 7, Jaime G.Huidobro 8. Total 22. 
Twelve Oaks: Stefano Marsaglia 0, Juan M. Zavaleta 7, Cristian Laprida 8, I. Laprida 7. Total: 22
Fox and Hounds: Max Routledge 5, G. Meyrick 6, Jack Richardson 5, Tom Morley 6. Total 22. 
Group II
Luchese: John Muse 0, Lucas James 7, Nicolás Pieres 8,  Luke Tomlinson 7. Total 22.
Talandracas: E. Carmignac 0, Pablo Pieres 8, Juan M.Nero 10, Santiago Stirling 4. Total 22.
UAE : HH Sheikha Maitha 0, L. Monteverde 9, Pablo Mac Donough 10, O. Cudmore 3. Total 22.
Black Bears: G. Schwarzenbach 2, Facundo Sola 8, JP Clarkin 8, P. O'Dwyer 4. Total 22 
Cortium: Adrian Kirby 0, Fran Elizalde 7, Salvador Ulloa 7, Tomás G. del Rio 8. Total 22.
Group III
Enigma: Jerome Wirth 0, G. Willington 7, Guillermo Caset Jr. 9, Chris MacKenzie 4. Total 22.
HB Polo: Ludovic Pailloncy 1, Sébastien Pailloncy 3, Juan I.Merlos 8, I. Toccalino 8. Total 20. 
Zacara: Matt Perry 4, Lyndon Lea 1, Facundo Pieres 10, Gonzalo del Tour 7. Total 22.
King Power: Top Rakriaksorn 0, Pablo Llorente 4, Gonzalo Pieres Jr. 10, Marcos Di Paola 8.Total 22.
Sifani: Hilali Noordeen 0, Matías Torres Zavaleta 7, Nick Roldán 8, Juan Ambroggio 7. Total 22.
Real Club de la Puerta de Hierro
Abierto de Aznar/ 12hcp
Completed on Wednesday 4 the qualifying stage, teams Konecta, Lions, Marques de Riscal and St. Quiteria are the semifinalists.

Results to date:
Sta. Quiteria 12 vs. M. de Riscal 11.
Konecta 11 vs. Cibao LP 6
Leones 11 vs. C.-John Smith 10. 
Konecta 7 vs C.- John Smith 6.
Leones 10 vs. M. de Riscal 11
Cibao L. P. 10 vs. Sta. Quiteria 9
M. de Riscal 8 vs. Konecta 4
Leones 9 vs. Cibao La Pampa 5
Sta. Quiteria 8 vs. C.- John Smith 5

Semi-Finals Friday 6:
Konecta vs. Marqués de Riscal
Leones vs. Sta. Quiteria

Sta. Quiteria: José M. Entrecanales 1, José Entrecanales 2, Santiago Cernadas 6, Gonzalo Entrecanales 2. Total 11.
Konecta: Miguel Camiña/José Camiña 1, Vicente Prado 2, Guillermo Li 5, Carlos Lucena 3. Total 11.
Leones: Luis Alfonso de Borbon 0, Luís Domecq 3, Martín Iturraspe 6, Nacho Domecq 3. Total 12.
Cibao La Pampa: Alfonso Castillo/Alberto Comenge 0, Nicolás Ruiz Guiñazú 3, Santiago Tanoira 6, Juan Pepa 3. Total 12.
Cornicabral-John Smith: Rafael Cabezas/Iñigo Moro 1, Gabriel Aguirre 1, Gastón Moore/Martín Inchauspe 6, Pelayo Berazadi 4. Total 12.
Marqués de Riscal: Alejandro Aznar 1, Luís Aznar 0, Pedro Soria 6, Patricio Cieza 5. Total 12.
Polo Club de Chantilly
Charity Cup/ 12hcp
Start: May 24
Finish: June 8
Sainte-Mesme and In the Wings in group A, and Vicomte A and Tom Tailor from the group B, are the four teams qualify to the semis to be played next Thursday and Friday.

Results to date:
Lynx PT 8 vs. Le Pmmeraye 7
In The Wings 5 vs. S. Mesme 8
Maybach 11 s. Los Noche 6 1/2
Vicomte A 9 vs. Tom Tailor 6 1/2
Maybach  6 vs. Sainte-Mesme 9

L. Nocheros 4 1/2 vs. In the W. 8
Le Pommeraye 7 vs. T.Tailor 6 1/2 
Vicomte A 10 vs. Lynx  7 1/2
L. Nocheros 5 1/2 vs. S.-Mesme 7 
In the Wings 6 vs. Maybach  5
Vicomte A 7 vs. Le Pommeraye 4

Group A
In The Wings: André Fabre 0, Lavinia Fabre 0, Tito Ruiz Guiñazú 7, Pierre H. N'Goumou 5. Total: 12
Maybach: Johnny Kahlbetzer 1, Martin Aguerre jr. 5, Juan Losada 6, Th. Rinderknecht 0. Total: 12
Saint Mesme: Robert Strom 4, Edgar Lapotre 0, Corentin Lepape 2, Clemente Zavaleta. 6. Total: 12
Los Nocheros: Philip de Groot 1, S. Schneberger 1, S. Zubiaurre 4, Valentin N. Astrada 5. Total: 11
Gropu B
Lynx PT:
Cyrille Costes 0, Ignacio Kennedy 3, Brieuc Rigaux 5, Gonzalo Bernal 4. Total: 12
Tom Tailor: Naomi Schröeder 0, Ian Gallienne 0, G. Maiquez 6, Cristian Bernal 5. Total: 11
Vicomte A: Alex Starkman 1, Lucas Nottin 0, Edouard Pan 4, Dario Musso 7. Total: 12
Le Pommeraye: Derck Smith 2, Caroline Anier 2, Thierry Vetois 3, Juan Chavanne 5. Total: 12
HPA Rules 2014
HPA Regulatios 2014
FIP Rules
AAP Reglas de Juego

Club de Polo Ampurdan
Spring Cup 2014

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Schloss Ebreichsdorf 
Polo Club

 Slovakian Open

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Beto Farias & Joaquin Maiquez
Koko Kofler & Horacio F. LLorente
Peter Godanyi & Anders Thulin
Johanna Droste
Team Enira
Champions Slovakian Open
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