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Super Mario Guitar Sounds

Musician Davidlap has become quite the expert at replicating various sounds on his electric guitar. In this video, he does a mighty fine job reproducing sound effects from the Mushroom Kindom, from the satisfying coin collection “ding” to the urgency-instilling “hurry up” music that kicks in when you get a star power-up.

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No Reading Allowed

From the authors of P Is for Pterodactyl comes a kids book about homophones, homonyms, and tricky punctuation. The playfully-illustrated book compares various words and phrases that sound the same but can have very different meanings, like “The hero had super vision” and “The hero had supervision.”

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4DMAPART creates eye-popping elevation map prints. Each image jumps right off the page thanks to an impressive depth illusion that combines light, shadow, color, and topographical data captured by the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. They can be printed onto photo paper or metal. The U.S. geology map is our favorite.

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Pitch Black Room

Musou Black is said the be the blackest paint you can buy at the moment, absorbing almost all visible light. After painting some small objects with the super-dark stuff, The Action Lab created a room just so he could paint it entirely black. The Rolling Stones would be proud.

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Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen

Mercedes-Benz is showing off a display that covers almost the entire width of a dashboard. The Hyperscreen is a 56″ wide curved glass panel that incorporates multiple displays for its instrument cluster, central touchscreen, and a screen for the front seat passenger. It will debut in the upcoming luxury electric EQS.

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Deep Space Resonance Watch

Luxury watchmaker Vianney Halter designed this incredible 3-axis tourbillon, inspired by astrophysics. Under its domed crystal is an intricate mechanism that rides on a pair of synchronized balance wheels, encircled by a time display. Just two of these timepieces will be made each year, with a price tag just under $1 million.

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Pelican V100 Knife Vault

This special edition of Pelican’s incredibly durable hard-shell V100 Vault has three custom foam inserts for storing pocket knives. It’s designed to provide a waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof home for up to 19 knives. We’re thinking it would work for watches as well. Available for a limited time from Drop.

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Win a 60th Anniversary Cunningham C8 Corvette

This Limited Edition Cunningham C8 Corvette could be yours. This tricked-out Vette has been boosted to 600hp by Lingenfelter and has a sweet aero kit by Peter Stevens Design. It rides on custom HRE rims and has performance brakes by MOV’IT. Enter to win and support a great cause. Readers get 30% bonus entries.

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Heated Glove Liners

Keep your digits warm and toasty on the coldest days with these heated glove liners from Anseris. Their heating elements completely surround your fingertips and hand and offer three settings from 110° to 150°F. They can be worn by themselves or underneath an outer shell glove or mitten.

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(I Can’t Get No) Ragtime Satisfaction

There I Ruined It reimagines another song as the worst version of itself. This time, they converted The Rolling Stones’ classic Satisfaction into a Scott Joplin-esque ragtime ditty that absolutely nobody asked for. Though we actually enjoyed it more than Cat Power’s version.

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Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage Zig-Zag Swoosh

Nike’s throwback sneaker embellishes a classic silhouette with an abstract swoosh logo made from red double zig-zag stitching. Its upper is made from white leather with grey suede accents, along with exposed foam tongues, and a translucent green rubber outsole. Coming in early 2021 to and select retailers.

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Sculpting Boba Fett

Sculptor Steven Richter created this intricate half-sized bust of actor Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett. The sculpt is based on appearance in The Mandalorian. The helmet and armor started as a 3D models from Do3D, and was finished with a classic pre-paintjob look.

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Making a Drill Into a Jigsaw

While he could have just bought a cheap jigsaw, Hassan Abu-Izmero enjoys a challenge, so he got to building himself a fully-functional jigsaw that’s driven by the rotating action of a power drill. It took a simple yet clever bit of engineering to convert the drill’s circular motion into the saw’s longitudinal motion.

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Bamboo Bike Multitool

This compact bike tool from Bristol, UK outfit Temple Cycles features an array of useful bits, wrapped up in a handsome bamboo wood handle. It includes a variety of metric Allen wrenches up to 8mm, as well as flat, Phillips, and Torx T25 drivers.

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The Nothing (Trailer)

As comedies go, Seinfeld had its share of dark humor and crazy people. Editor Max Gold took the opportunity to amp up the darkness level to 11, transforming the series into a unsettling horror flick about nothing… and creepy clowns.

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Tactical EDC Waist Pouch

Savior Equipment’s versatile organizer pouch is perfect for carrying your everyday gear. It has elastic straps to hold pens, tools, cables, and accessories, along with paracord supports to keep it open on a flat surface. Hook-and-loop straps allow for partial access, and MOLLE webbing makes it easy to attach to other packs.

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Singing Random Internet Drama

Musician Lubalin stumbled onto Internet gold with his hilarious vocalization of two people going at it in a late night chat about a rental property. He’s since done a second, even funnier episode about Helen, a woman who’s really pissed about her casserole recipe being stolen.

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Elephant N3D Wallet

Elephant Wallet’s sleek and modern cardholder is milled from a block of aluminum. Its front is solid and blocks RFID scanning, while its rear provides easy access to up to nine cards, which stow under a colorful fabric strap. Available with your choice of 14 different strap colors.

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