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Carry on Wayward Bluegrass

Once we rose above the noise and confusion, we came across this fun cover of the 1976 Kansas rock hit Carry on Wayward Son, played with way more squeezebox, mandolin, banjo, and upright bass than the original. Performed energetically by the Finnish bluegrass band Steve’n’Seagulls

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Building a Mini Suspension Bridge

Ouroboros ARQ loves to build miniature structures using full-size construction techniques. Their latest project is a scale version of a suspension bridge, complete with steel-reinforced concrete pillars, and dozens of meticulously-threaded wires to support its paved roadway and guard rails.

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Hyperion XP-1 Hydrogen Hypercar

Hyperion is showing off the XP-1, a hydrogen-powered electric car that’s said to zoom from 0-to-60 in under 2.2 sec. with a top speed of 220+ mph, and provide up to 1000 miles of range. Its futuristic cockpit touts a wraparound digital display and massive glass canopy. Here’s hoping it makes it past the rendering […]

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Visual Suspect took advantage of the warped look of a 360º camera lens, and combined it with additional distortion effects to create this beautifully twisted perspective on the world around us. The film was shot in Hong Kong in stunningly crisp 8K resolution.

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NWE30 Electronic Emergency Whistle

Nitecore’s NWE30 is an ultra-compact electronic emergency whistle which activates with a simple twist. It cranks out up to 120dB of volume in all directions, and flashes a 2,000 lumen emergency beacon at night. Measures just 0.98″ x 2.64″ and easily hangs on a backpack.

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The Rules (Guidelines) of Adventure

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies are packed with adventure and thrills. Lessons from the Screenplay jumps into the ocean with Jack Sparrow and company for a deep dive into what made Curse of the Black Pearl work so exceptionally, both following adventure movie structures and traditions and surprising us at times.

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Rising Phoenix (Trailer)

Since 1960, the Paralympic Games have provided a forum in which athletes with disabilities can showcase their true abilities. This Netflix documentary tells the history of what is now the world’s third-biggest sporting event, and how it not only bolstered its participants, but dramatically changed perceptions. Premieres 9.26.2020.

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The Ultimate Garden Swing

Now that Colin Furze built himself a new lawnmower, he wanted a swing set he didn’t have to move every time he cut the grass. So he set about building a highly over-engineered, modular swing that’s held in place with steel beams set under the top soil. It’s a versatile structure, but not as imprssive […]

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LEGO Ideas Battle Brick Game

You can pick up the classic board game Battleship for under $30, or you could build your own from LEGO bricks. Designed by engineer Aaron Glafenhein, the Battle Brick Game set is made using 2,980 pieces, and includes two folding game boards with built in storage compartments. Show your support for the concept on LEGO […]

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Harp and Roll

The harp’s heavenly sounds are typically associated with classical or ethereal fantasy music. But musician Maël Isaac proves rock and alternative are perfectly suited to the sit-down string instrument too. Listen up as he performs classics from David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Joy Division, The Pixies, The White Stripes, and more.

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Source 2 Makes Me Weep

Valve’s Source 2 game engine was first used for Dota 2, but most recently powered the stunning Half-Life: Alyx. To celebrate its many capabilities, Corey Laddo put together this amusing tribute video, inspired by the earlier fan clip “Source Makes Me Cry.” More games need High Fidelity 4K Bread.

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Zephyr Gaming Mouse

The Zephyr is a premium gaming mouse with a difference. Its open cage structure provides access to a built-in adjustable speed cooling fan, keeping palms dry and sweat-free during frenzied fragging sessions. It’s accurate too, with a 16,000 DPI resolution, and programmable RGB lighting with dynamic animations.

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72 Homemade Instruments

It’s not often that you encounter a musical instrument that you’ve never heard of. Well, here’s your chance to see and hear 72 of them, all played back-to-back by musician and inventor Nicolas Bras, who created each of these unusual instruments from scratch, mostly using things you can find at your local hardware store.

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NEOGEO Mini Arcade

What was once one of the most costly arcade machines is now small enough and cheap enough to have on your desktop. The 6.4″ tall console has a 3.5″ LCD screen, HDMI output, arcade style joystick and buttons, and 40 classic games. Available in Japanese and International versions, as well as three limited edition models.

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Restflix Sleep Streaming Service

Do you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep? Restflix is a streaming service dedicated to putting you to sleep. Its 20 channels are loaded with meditative music, bedtime stories, and calming videos to help relax your mind and help you drift off. Works with iOS, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku, or Android devices.

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Roombots Modular Robots

Developed by engineers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), these compact robots can work together and assemble themselves into various structures, allowing them to not only to move large objects like furniture, but to become furniture themselves.

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EDC Belt Tool Pouch

This handsome and structured leather pouch from Shulga Studio provides the perfect home for pocket tools and accessories. Its main compartment is great for compact multitools, while its side pocket is just right for a flashlight or a short pen. Available in a variety of colors, with optional personalization available.

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