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Fiber Laser Cutting Demo

Prima Power shows off the power and speed of one of its impressive fiber lasers. Their 6kW Laser Genius slices through sheet metal of varying thickness like a hot, razor-sharp knife through butter. We can’t believe how easily it got through that metal at 1:20. More laser porn here.

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Inside The Mandalorian’s VFX

ILM takes us behind the scenes of The Mandalorian to see how visual effects tech developed in collaboration with Epic Games are used to create the series. Rather than shoot on location or in front of a green screen, the series uses a projection system to surround actors with digital scenery which can move in […]

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Ken Block’s Ultimate Snowcat

Gymkhana driver Ken Block shows off another awesome vehicle – this one being an off-roader optimized for the slopes. Ken walks us around this custom Can-Am Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo RR as he prepares to tear up Baldface on its quick-moving Apache Backcountry LT snowtracks. We can’t wait to see the action video.

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The Evolution of Videogame Structure

(PG-13: Language) From primitive games like Pong to today’s biggest shooters and RPGs, there’s a point at which game designers decide how their worlds will be structured. Videogamedunkey explores how gameplay dynamics and rules are born, and are ultimately refined.

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Rollova 2.0 Rolling Ruler

This digital measuring gadget calculates distances as you roll it across a surface. It can measure straight lines and curves with precision, and displays its measurements in inches (decimal or fraction), or centimeters on its bright blue OLED display. Available in stainless steel or a black and gold designer edition.

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TTi-068 Titanium Chopsticks

These beautifully-crafted metal chopsticks offer substance and permanence, while nodding to tradition with their bamboo-inspired form. Each one is molded from pure titanium, which won’t rust, and is resistant to germs. Available in black, silver, grey, or gold.

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Jetman over Dubai

In a first, Jetman Dubai pilot Vince Reffet combined both hovering and high-altitude aerobatic maneuvers in the same flight, as he took off over the water then headed towards the beachfront skyscrapers of the big city. During his 3-minute journey, he reached a peak altitude of more than 5900 feet, with speeds approaching 250 mph.

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Westworld Season 3 (Trailer 3)

(PG-13: Language) As Maeve and Dolores make their way deeper into the real world, their presence begins to threaten the very existence of humanity. Will the Man in Black be our savior, or our undoing? And what’s with the world with the Nazi flag? All will be revealed soon, with the season kicking off 3/15/20 […]

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Making a Hornet from Hardware

Watch as a pile of ordinary brass nuts and bolts is transformed into a shiny sculpture of an insect by artist Ross the Random. We weren’t quite sure where he was going at first with the wing piece, but the finished work turned out to be quite amazing.

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Garmin Overlander

Take Garmin’s Overlander when your adventure takes you off the beaten path. Its 7″ full color touchscreen shows on-road navigation, topography maps, campsites and off-grid guidance in North and South America. It can mount in your vehicle but its magnetic mount and rechargeable battery make it portable.

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Surface Pro 4 Refurb Deal

Want a bargain price on an excellent portable computer system? Look no further than this refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro 4. This 2017 model has a sharp 12.3″ PixelSense touchscreen display, 256GB of SSD storage, and a zippy Core i5 processor. It comes loaded with Windows 10 pro, and has a built-in kickstand.

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Keanu in Office Space

Remember the part of The Matrix where Neo took the red pill? What if he took the blue pill instead? Ctrl Shift Face and VFX artist Chris Ume make us wonder no longer, with the help of some deepfake tech. If the concept seems familiar, you might recall this mashup. VFX breakdown and comparison clip […]

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Cairn Mini Lantern

Lander’s pint-sized light is perfect for adding a little light to your tent, or while going for a nighttime stroll. Its elastic tether can anchor to itself for attaching to bags and clothing, and the 150-lumen lantern is both waterproof and drop-proof. They also make a larger model with a built-in power bank.

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Bald Bigfoot Magnetic Toy

Go squatchin’ at your desk with this silly plaything from Archie McPhee. A fun take on the old Wooly Willy toy, this version features an image of Bigfoot that you can groom using metal filings and a magnetic wand. Maybe you’ll even start a new Instagram fashion trend!

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Waterfield Bootcamp Gym Bag

Waterfield proves that just because you work out, you don’t have to look sloppy. The Bootcamp gym bag is compact and structured, and fits perfectly into lockers and cubbies. It has exterior pockets for two water bottles and your phone, a large main compartment with waterproof zippers. Available in waxed canvas or ballistic nylon.

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