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How Not to Get Eaten by Ewoks

There are plenty of good books out there for honing your survival skills, but how many of them cover what to do if you’re held captive by furry creatures on Endor, stuck on an exploding Death Star, or frozen in carbonite? Well, you’re in luck, thanks to BBC culture editor Christian Blauvelt and his handy […]

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Chuffed (Dad Song)

We wish that people used the word “chuffed” more here in America. But in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, it’s a popular term for being excited about something. So with the language lesson over with, enjoy as Aunty Donna sings about some things that get dads really chuffed.

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Tacray Titanium Mini Knife

Tacray’s tiny utility knife is the perfect addition to any keychain and makes quick work of opening boxes, cutting paper and rope, and other everyday tasks. Its body is made from titanium in a blue-tint finish, while its knife blade is made from 440C stainless steel. It also comes in copper.

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Firing Outside the Barrel

We’ve seen lots of slow-motion footage of weapons being shot, but this is the first time we’ve seen exactly what happens to a shotgun shell when it’s fired. Pistolas Refritas rigged up a trigger that fires a 12-gauge shell outside of the barrel, so you can watch as its gunpowder explodes, and its steel pellets […]

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3D Eye Chart Pillow

How’s this for a sight gag? Check your eyesight from the comfort of your couch with this clever 17” square pillow by textile designer Heather Lin. It features a classic doctor’s eye chart with 3D lettering that can be viewed with the included retro red-blue glasses. Also comes in a non-3D organic hemp version.

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Oompah’s Paradise

For 2020, a toned-down version of the annual Oktoberfest celebration has kicked off in Germany. To celebrate, There I Ruined It recorded a new version of Coolio and L.V.’s Gangsta’s Paradise, with a fresh new oompah band sound.

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Lounge in La Quinta

Get away from it all as you enjoy the mountain views in this desert oasis in La Quinta, California. This premium Airbnb property has a roomy, open floorplan, sunny living spaces, three comfy bedrooms, and a beautiful outdoor space with a private pool and hot tub.

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Kitty vs. Sandbot

Sand plotters are machines that moves a magnet and a ball bearing to draw geometric patterns in the sand. These machines usually move pretty slowly. On the other hand, Mark Rehorst’s large version draws very quickly, hypnotizing the cat who sits on the glass above it.

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Star Trek: The First Generation

Trekkies either love or hate the J.J. Abrams-produced “Kelvin Timeline” Star Trek movies. But maybe the haters would like them more if they starred the cast of The Original Series. Well, thanks to Futuring Machine, deepfake tech, and some clever editing, we no longer need to wonder what that might have been like.

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Big Lebowski Cookie Set

If The Dude were to snack on something with his White Russians, it might be these yummy sugar cookies from The Hayley Cakes. The soft-baked treats are flavored with vanilla bean and almond extract and hand-decorated with a vanilla glaze. At $8 per cookie, they’re not cheap but are a great gift for Coen Brothers […]

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This Sh*t Is Bananab

The 2005 Gwen Stefani track Hollaback Girl repeatedly proclaims that “this sh*t is bananas,” then proceeds to spell it out letter-by-letter. But what if Gwen’s backup singer couldn’t spell? Archie Henderson aka Jazz Emu made us bust a gut laughing with his impression of just that.

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Doughnuttery DIY Donut Kit

The sweetest smells at NYC’s Chelsea Market come from the mini donuts made fresh at Doughnuttery. The stand now ships DIY Donut Kits to foodies everywhere. Just blend their secret batter mix with water, use the depositor to drop perfect circles into hot oil, then dust with cinnamon, coco loco, lemonpop, and strawberry sugars.

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Grid Antimicrobial Wallet

Grid’s slimline metal wallet can hold up to 12 cards and cash with its exterior money clip. Beyond its durability, its copper construction offers two other big benefits: it blocks RFID scanning, and bacteria can’t live on its surface, keeping germs at bay. Save 52% in The Awesomer Shop.

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Ring Always Home Cam

Amazon announced a bunch of new gadgets for 2020, including this home security camera that can fly around your house. The drone cam sits on its base until needed, and can be remotely piloted to investigate concerns and possibly scare off intruders. It’s not available yet, but you can register your interest on the Ring […]

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The Thing: The Board Game

Pendragon Game Studio presents a fantastic looking board game inspired by John Carpenter’s gruesome 1982 horror classic The Thing. Up to 8 players head to a research station in Antarctica to assume the roles of characters from the movie as the try and figure out who among them has been taken over by an alien […]

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