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The Jerky Boys Are Back

Infamous prank callers, The Jerky Boys are back with their first new album in 20 years. The Comedy Dynamics album stars co-founder Johnny Brennan phoning unsuspecting victims under the guise of new characters and fan faves like Frank Rizzo, Mike Deruki, Jack Tors and Sol Rosenberg. Drops 11.27.2020 (Black Friday).

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Diesel Dyno Disaster

Because we can never get enough explosions around here, sit back and enjoy the fiery destruction as this tricked-out diesel truck experiences a catastrophic failure on the dynamometer, the likes of which we’ve not seen before. Thankfully nobody was injured in the big kaboom.

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The Volkswagen Bead-le

Back in 2010, a group of artists in Mexico created this VW Beetle, known as the “Vochol.” The bug is adorned with patterns that celebrate indigenous Huichol culture and spirituality, including deer, scorpions, and peyote flowers. The car is covered with more than 2,277,000 individual beads and took over 9,000 hours to complete.

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The King of Wheelchairs

Coolest Thing introduces us to self-proclaimed mad scientist Lance Greathouse. Among his many builds is a motorized wheelchair that packs a flamethrower on its front end. But he doesn’t just build silly stuff, Lance and the folks from the Wheelchair Labs helps refurbish wheelchairs for people in need.

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LEGO x Porsche Design 911 RSR

This 1,580-piece LEGO Technic set lets skilled brick builders assemble a detailed model of Porsche’s powerful 911 RSR race car. It features a detailed cockpit, a big racing wing in back, working steering, independent suspension, and a flat-six engine with moving pistons. The finished model measures an impressive 19″ long.

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Best Laptop Bags 2020

You could carry your laptop by itself, but then where would you put its accessories, and how would you protect it? The right way to travel with your computer gear is in a bag, and Everyday Carry has picked 10 of their favorite backpacks and briefcases for laptops, each offering ample storage space, padding, and […]

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Psychedelic Soap Bubbles

Photography expert Jens Heidler of Another Perspective shows off a neat effect you can create using various mixtures of liquid soap and sugar to create bubbles across the top of a drinking glass. The macro footage reveals all kinds of groovy patterns and gradients of color in the bubble slicks.

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GrabOpener Bottle Opener

The GrabOpener pops open bottles with one hand… and a flourish. The easy-to-use anodized aluminum tool removes caps without bending them. Its built-in magnet holds onto caps, and can stick the tool on your fridge. Comes in purple, green, gold, and orange.

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Baby Yoda Desktop Light

This adorable Baby Yoda Desktop Light will look great sitting on your desk or bookshelf and will bring a bit of the Light Side into your life on days when you’re feeling like giving in to the Dark Side of the Force. Rather than running on Midi-chlorians, this cute but powerful being gets its energy from a […]

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Unreal Virtual Production 2020 Sizzle Reel

Epic Games and Unreal Engine helped to develop the amazing virtual environments used to bring The Mandalorian to life. As this highlight reel shows, theirt technique of combining projected, camera-tracked CG environments with live actors and props has far-reaching potential for all kinds of video production.

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Crorzar Anywhere Wi-Fi Rechargeable Security Camera

This wireless security camera works indoors or out and can automatically alert your smartphone when it detects movement. It captures 1080p HD video onto a microSD card and has two-way voice communication, plus night-vision capability. It requires no power cable since it runs on a rechargeable battery.

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Battery Organizer Briefcase

Sick of digging through drawers looking for batteries? Keep them all in one spot in this briefcase-style organizer. It’s got foam cutouts for AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, and button batteries, along with zippered pockets for other sizes. It also comes with a battery tester, and its makers claim its fireproof, waterproof, and even explosionproof.

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Trying to to Catch a 1000 MPH Baseball

After building a supersonic baseball cannon, Devin from SmarterEveryDay and his friends turned their attention to the business end of the cannon. The goal of their latest experiments? To see how many leather baseball gloves it takes to stop a baseball moving at 1.3 times the speed of sound.

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Heroshelf Wall Organizer

Look! Up on your wall! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an organizer shelf! Artori Design’s playful superhero shelf doubles as a piece of wall art. In addition to providing space on top for small items like watches, phones, and wallets, Supes’ extended arm and cape provide spots to hang keys or other stuff. […]

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City Size Comparison

MetaBallStudios is known for its numerous comparison videos. In their latest clip, they take a look at the relative sizes of various urban areas around the globe, along with their area and population numbers. It would have been interesting if they had included population density, but you’ll have to do your own math for that.

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Sushi and Breakfast Sponges

You might not think it’s a good idea to clean your plates by wiping them down with more food, but these sponges from Fred suggest otherwise. There’s the The Breakfast Scrub if you love bacon, eggs, and pancakes, while the Washabi sponge set is for sushi lovers. Sold in sets of three.

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