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Nintendo Music on Steel Drums

It’s Japan meets Jamaica in this clip from Steeldrumbands, who love to play cover versions of video game music on steel drums and bongos. In fact, they think Nintendo would have been better off using their tropical versions instead of the original instrumentation in some cases. The Mii Channel theme is perfect this way.

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Shadow Black Kitchen Knives

Dalstrong’s kitchen knives come in a midnight black that covers its blades, handles, and knife block. Their full-tang blades are made from high-carbon steel with a titanium nitride coating, while their handles are G10 and fiber resin for long life. Price shown is for the 5-piece set, but pieces are also sold individually.

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Factorio 1.0

Factorio is an incredible game about building and maintaining huge factories. After years of development and early access testing, v1.0 is here. You’ll mine for resources, figure out how to make your factories more efficient, and fight off enemies hellbent on their destruction. Grab the trial, or buy the full game here.

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Biking up Stairs

Riding a bicycle down stairs isn’t that difficult as long as you watch your weight transfer. But Mike Boyd wanted to figure out how to get his mountain bike UP a flight of stairs without getting off. Like most things Mike sets his mind to, he eventually figured it out, though we’re sure his legs […]

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Spongebob Tiki Mugs

We can think of few better characters to make tiki mugs of than the residents of Bikini Bottom. Created by designer Joe Allard and sculpted by Ramirez Studios for Mondo, the series includes a squared-off 32oz. SpongeBob, a 25oz. Patrick Star, and a 30oz. version of Squidward’s Moai house.

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Adobe CC Training Bundle

This bargain-priced series of online courses will set you up for success with Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC, the world’s most popular tools for graphic design and illustration, along with Spark, Adobe’s tool for creating social media posts.

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MMXS Mini Marble Machine X

Artist Love Hultén pays tribute to Martin Molin and his incredible Marble Machine X project with a miniature, battery-powered version of the programmable, mechanical music maker. Since there are no blueprints for the original, Hultén based his model entirely on available video footage.

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Tuflug Tool Organizer Bag

This soft-sided tool bag is made from durable 1000D PVC, which resists tears, punctures, water, and UV damage. Inside, you’ll find a large main compartment and eight small tool pouches, along with two pockets on front. Its high-visibility orange design is easy to spot, and has reflective stripes on its shoulder strap. Measures 14.5″ x […]

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How to Tie a Steel Knot

There are time-tested blacksmithing techniques for twisting metal into knot-like structures. But what if you want to tie a steel rod into an actual knot? Paul Pinto shows us how his method for making a tight overhand knot using a combination of bending, hammering, and stretching. The engine hoist trick is a good one.

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Making a Glass Guitar

There are lots of guitars out there made out of fiberglass or cast resin, but ones made out of actual glass are rare. Morningstar Glass Guitars walks us through the tricky process of building one of their very special instruments, which has both a glass body and a glass neck. The Starlight II shown here […]

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Anthénea Floating Pod

The Anthénea offers the ultimate getaway. The solar-powered pod floats on water, offering 360º views both above and below the surface. Its interior is decked out with luxurious fixtures and finishes, along with smart home technology. While it’s meant mostly as a hotel room, you can buy one for yourself if money is no object.

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The Fast and the Furious (on a Budget)

While home on quarantine, Kent Yoshimura and his buddy Kevin Fairy decided to remake The Fast and the Furious, with two constraints: 1) they would play all of the roles, and 2) they would limit their budget to $100 (they actually spent just $91.96.) The result is pure gold. If you don’t have 20 minutes […]

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Alien: The Coloring Book

We never really thought of the Alien movies as being colorful, but now you can bring some brightness into their dreary world with this Alien coloring book. Its 80 pages are filled with terrifying and gruesome scenes of xenomorphs in their various stages, along with favorite characters like Ripley and the Nostromo’s cat, Jonesy.

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Making a Bent Wood Chair

Making a basic chair from straight pieces of wood isn’t that hard. But crafting something with a bent wood structure that can hold weight takes a bit more carpentry skill. Lignum shows that he’s up to the challenge, building a modern wooden chair from laminated strips of spruce formed into “U” and “L” shapes.

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Nextool MoTool Multitool

This 9-in-1 stainless steel multitool packs in needle-nose, standard, fine and thick wire pliers, a wood saw, an adjustable wrench, a utility knife, and a 1/4″ driver with flat and phillips screwdriver bits. Includes a nylon tool pouch. Special price available through 8.20.2020 on Drop.

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