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Painting a Girlfriend

Artist ZXY698 is an expert at painting wall murals. In fact, he’s so good at it that he painted a 3-dimensional facsimile of his girlfriend sitting on a park bench so he can visit with her even when she’s not around. Hopefully, she won’t fade away any time soon.

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Feast by Firelight

Just because you’re away from your kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t serve up an amazing meal for your friends and family. Emma Frisch’s cookbook for the outdoors not only includes recipes and menus, but shopping and equipment lists to help make dining under the stars a truly memorable experience.

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His House (Trailer)

As if living in South Sudan wasn’t hard enough, things go completely off the rails for a couple who manage to escape their war-torn country only to move into a house in England that’s haunted by evil spirits. But they’re not going down without a fight. Hits Netflix 10.30.2020.

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Making a Giant Nixie Tube

Dalibor Farný is one of the world’s only experts at making custom nixie tubes. In this 22-minute video, he crafts the prototype for an enormous tube filled with numeric filaments. The process requires surgical precision for the filament wiring, masterful glassblowing skills, and the tiniest defect can make tubes unusable.

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Dutton Gas Infrared Grill

This compact outdoor grill from Gyber makes quick work of meats, pizzas, and more thanks to its propane infrared heating element. It can hit temps as high as 1500ºF for quick searing, and perfectly crisp crusts. Includes a pizza stone and shovel for handling hot foods. Save $49 with code GASGRILL49. (Limited time offer)

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Brutaliteas Fall Tea Collection

Warm up cool October days with one of Brutaliteas’ tasty fall tea blends. Flavors include Chaiday the 13th, Children of the Candy Corn, Malloween, Night of the Living Red Apple, and Polterspice, each incorporating deliciously autumnal flavor elements like cinnamon, clove, ginger, apple, chocolate, and Halloween candy.

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Stria Folding Ruler

The Stria is an elegant and substantial drawing instrument that will look great sitting on your desktop. It folds to half of its length via a metal dovetail joint and opens to provide a 30cm / 11.8″ ruler. It features a wedge shape for confident line drawing, imperial and metric markings, and comes in brass […]

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Klymit Hammock V Air Pad

The world’s first air mattress designed to fit inside hammocks. The Hammock V protects you from cold and wind coming in from the bottom and the sides of the hammock. It also has non-slip zones to make sure it stays in place. An insulated version is also available.

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Firefly Honest Trailer

It’s been more than 17 years since FOX yanked Firefly off the air, but die-hard fans still hold them in contempt for that decision. Screen Junkies looks back at Joss Whedon’s short-lived sci-fi/western and what made it so special and beloved.

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Woodturning Nails

You’d think that slicing up resin blocks filled with nails on your table saw and then grinding them down on a lathe might be a bad idea for the well-being of your tools (and your body), but that didn’t stop maker R Humphrey from testing out the idea. The resulting bowl he created has some […]

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The Warriors Action Figures

MezcoToyz present a boxed set of action figures inspired by Walter Hill’s classic film The Warriors. The retro-style 5 Points set includes Swan, Ajax, Cleon, the Baseball Fury Leader, and Baseball Fury Lieutenant, along with tiny baseball bats, spray paint, a Molotov cocktail, a pipe, switchblade, chain, and spiked wooden plank.

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Goddess and Warriors Jigsaw Puzzle

These stay-at-home months have made jigsaw puzzles a hot commodity, so it’s no surprise that eeBoo’s designs keep selling out. Their Goddess and Warriors puzzle comes to the rescue with an epic illustration of global goddesses, deities, warriors, and heroines. Made with 90% recycled board and vegetable-based inks.

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Action USA (Trailer)

(PG-13) Created by stuntman John Stewart back in 1989, this rarely-seen, over-the-top B-movie has been restored for new audiences to enjoy. Packed with action, profanity, blood, and practical FX, it’s a welcome break from the CGI and shakycam fight sequences of today. Available to rent from Alamo on Demand through 10.12.2020.

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Pop-Tarts Card Game

Toy company Funko teamed up with cereal company Kellogg’s to make a different kind of Pop. The official Pop-Tarts Game is a family-friendly card game in which 2-to-6 players collect breakfast pastries to get the highest score. Or maybe the highest calorie count. Best played with a snack of actual Pop-Tarts.

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The Cocktail Piano

Last time we checked in with musician Mezerg, he was playing the watermelon. This time, he performs on a more conventional instrument – though Voël Martin rigged up this upright piano with an electronic circuit and pumps that dispense a variety of juices and liquor to make a custom cocktail based on the notes he […]

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Winfield/Vega 2020 Tee

“The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.” Jules Winnfield seems way more articulate and sensible than the average politician these days. So why not throw your support behind Samuel L. Jackson’s Pulp Fiction persona and his running mate Vincent […]

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