Motivation Factor Newsletter | August 2021

Are you a People Manager?

Motivation Factor Manager Certification

Do you agree that the top motivated team always outperform the less motivated ones?
This intensive virtual certification program (2 x 4-hour sessions) will prepare you to use Motivation Factor’s  tools and methodology as a management and dialogue tool, and enable you to facilitate simple exercises with your employees – virtual or face-to-face.

Once you are certified MF Manager you will be able to use our assessment tools and facilitate basic exercises – virtual or on-site. You will learn how to apply Motivation Factor’s methodology as a powerful tool  in your work as a people manager - helping your employees identify what to pursue and what to avoid to stay motivated in any context.

You should consider a Motivation Factor Manager Certification if:

  • You are a People Manager (Supervisor, Leader, Manager, VP, Top Executive, CXO, etc.)
  • You work in an company or organization
  • You are curious to learn about new tools to reveal what motivates your employees
  • You agree that the top motivated team always outperform the less motivated ones
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“When I came across Motivation Factor I realized I found the answer I was looking for. I found what my real talents are and how I express them in the things I do and why I am doing them the way I do, getting pleasure and fulfillment. Everything fell into place, all the pieces that compose the jigsaw of myself.  
My perception of myself has changed and also the way I live the relationship with other people. Moreover, I know that when things go astray, I can go back to my MotivationMap and work it out grounding on my needs and leveraging my talents..."

Quote: Milena Vegnaduzzo | Class of October 2020.

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