Hands on for diversity

Our planting week in June this year involved over 200 students from Mercury Bay Area School’s year 7 and 8 students along with teachers and parents planting kauri, manuka and tanekaha at Matarangi reserve. Over three days, six classes skilfully scaled the bluff of the eastern reserve with spades and fertiliser tablets in hand. Cleaning boots was compulsory as part of our ongoing drive to educate the next generation about preventing the spread of kauri dieback. The students did a great job of planting and we have had some good rain in the area to help give these trees the best start. Link for each class session video with integrative map is HERE

Coromandel Planting Update

20 years on in Hahei…

Off the well known track to Cathedral Cove is one of our original kauri planting sites. This new track wanders through the kauri, thriving and sheltered by the pines to a pretty stunning lookout perched high on the cliffs with fantastic views over the ocean. Well worth the detour.

Kauri Dieback

Kauri dieback is an ever present threat for our majestic kauri in New Zealand. Here on the Coromandel we have had limited identified trees affected, and efforts are continually underway to minimise the spread of the disease with education, procedures for keeping footwear clean, and maintaining tracks so that transmission through contaminated soil is minimised. This can be achieved through diverting tracks around the base of kauri or the construction of boardwalks to keep the human traffic above board, so to speak. Experts still are unsure of the origins of kauri dieback, and so far there is no cure. Like COVID19, there are best practices for minimising the spread to protect the giants of the forest, which have been here longer than we have. There is no vaccine for our kauri! Keep your footwear clean this summer. Entrances to many tracks will have a cleaning station . Brush your shoes well of any loose dirt, and spray your footwear with the special solution provided. It won’t harm you or the environment, but will help protect our beautiful kauri forests.

With the initiatives between DOC and Iwi, new positions are being created to coordinate and implement ongoing kauri dieback protection measures in the Coromandel peninsula.