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EQUAL@WORK  | February 2019
2018, An amazing Year full of wonderful achievements
Collectively, as ENAR and with our partners, we achieved four milestones in 2018: Afrophobia is increasingly recognised as an issue at European level; the EU further commits to work on Islamophobia; ENAR is among the keydrivers of the conversation on intersectionality at European level and the European Commission published guidelines on how to improve combating racist crimes, taking into account ENAR’s recommendations. Years of determined work are yielding fruits which will offer increased leverage to improve the situation of people with a diverse ethnic background in Europe. Read More

ENAR's Equal@work Platform brings together employers from the public and private sector, social partners, NGOs, public authorities and political institutions to explore progressive ways to operate workplaces that are open, equal and free from discrimination.

How to stop computers being biased
One of the first major court cases over how algorithms affect people’s lives came in 2012, after a computer decided to slash Medicaid payments to around 4,000 disabled people in the US state of Idaho based on a database that was riddled with gaps and errors. Read More

Training on Business and Human Rights, 02-04/2019. Read More
Le 36e Festival des migrations, des cultures et de la citoyenneté du CLAE, 01-03/03/2019. Read More
Afrophobia & Intersectionality, 22/03/2019, Barcelona. Read More
Access to labour markets for refugees, 25-29/03/2019, Turin. Read More

Digital transformation: How to turn risk into opportunity for gender equality, 26/03/2019. Read More
International conference on interculturalism and multiculturalism, 28 - 30/03/2019, Porto. Read More
European Migration Forum, 03 - 04/04/2019, Brussels. Read More
Brussels SDG Summit, 06 - 07/05/2019, Brussels. Read More
[INTERVIEW] An intersectional approach to equality and social justice
The European Network Against Racism and the Center for Intersectional Justice (CIJ) organised a landmark European symposium on intersectionality as a tool for equality and justice in autumn 2018, and have just issued a short report of this event. In this interview, ENAR’s Julie Pascoët and CIJ’s Emilia Roig look back at the event and tell us why an intersectional approach to social justice and equality is essential to address structural racism and discrimination in society. Read More
Can we take back intersectionality?
To paraphrase the American writer and activist Audre Lorde, we do not live “single-issue lives”. As an advocacy worker for the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), Lorde’s words describe the reality of my work. From laws and regulations legitimising discrimination against Muslim women who wear the headscarf, and sustained state violence experienced by queer and trans people of colour, to the largely unmeasured  economic inequalities experienced by undocumented, migrant and women of colour, many of us fall between the neat categories of discrimination set out in our laws. Read More

Strong European Parliament call to address anti-Roma racism
The Alliance Against Antigypsyism welcomes the adoption of a European Parliament Resolution yesterday calling the EU and Member States to adopt strong Roma inclusion plans post-2020 and to step up the fight against antigypsyism – the specific form of racism towards Roma. Read More

ENAR urges EU governments to address all forms of Antisemitism
ENAR urges European governments to address all forms of Antisemitism, as Jews in Europe are increasingly the targets of hate speech and security threats. ENAR welcomes Commissioner Jourova’s announcement that the European Commission will take steps to ensure the EU Declaration on Antisemitism is implemented. We now expect the European Commission to adopt a roadmap on combatting Antisemitism, establishing clear objectives for the protection and security of the Jewish community in the Member States. Read More

Europe pushes for Ethical Artificial Intelligence
In its endeavour to prepare European societies for the digital future, the EU has made progress, but much is still to be done. Loubna Bouarfa is the CEO & Founder of OKRA Technologies and a member of the EU High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence. She provides recommendations to increase the use of AI in a more ethical way, such as in hiring employees. Read More
Adecco rejointle collectif des entreprises en faveur d’une économie plus inclusive en France
Groupe Adecco, Groupe BPCE, Groupe CRIT, EDF, Groupe Renault et Système U rejoignent aujourd’hui le collectif des entreprises en faveur d’une économie plus inclusive, lui permettant de renforcer ses engagements et son action au service des français en situation de précarité. Le collectif annonce par ailleurs l’ouverture d’un nouveau champ d’action visant à renforcer la politique inclusive de ses membres dans le domaine des achats. Read More


Hire Immigrants Launches New Website
Hire Immigrants is excited to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website. Hire Immigrants is a global hub for employer best practices in immigrant employment. Read More
Syrian steers into new life as Berlin bus driver
Transport chiefs in Germany’s capital are training refugees to drive buses, addressing a shortage of drivers and integrating newcomers. Watch more
Ankommen in Deutschland: Cities of Arrival
In 2015, German cities were overwhelmed with the sudden influx of refugees. The Bertelsmann Stiftung foundation wondered how they could help. A future-focused operational foundation, its programs range across a number of activities from education to employment to social cohesion. Read More
Amsterdam to ‘name and shame’ firms which discriminate on jobs market
Amsterdam plans to tackle discrimination on the jobs market by using what city officials call ‘mystery guests’ to identify companies using unfair practices to recruit staff. ‘Discrimination is the order of the day on the Amsterdam jobs market,’ said employment alderman Rutger Groot Wassink. Read More
Citi Confirms Standing in Stonewall’s Top 10 LGBT+ Employer
Today Citi was recognised as a Top 10 Employer for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in the UK for the second consecutive year by Stonewall. Read More
Race at Work
More than two decades ago, HBR invited 10 executives of color to a roundtable discussion of race in the workplace and published an edited transcript of their conversation. Recently I pulled that article out, thinking it would give me a sense of how the landscape had changed since 1997. But when I read it, I was startled. The discussion didn’t feel dated at all. In fact, the topics those leaders addressed are completely of-the-moment. African Americans are still seriously underrepresented in the senior ranks of organizations. Hiring and promotion processes still favor people from the same racial, gender, and class background as the decision maker. People of color still have less access to important social networks than whites do and still sense that white colleagues are surprised when they show they’re competent, intelligent, and hardworking. Well-meaning white people don’t think they could possibly be part of the problem. But rigorous research into implicit biases suggests that they’re probably wrong. Read More
How Organizations Are Failing Black Workers — and How to Do Better
It’s common today for organizations and industries to state their commitment to attracting workers of color. But change has happened slowly, if at all. Much like medicine, black workers in particular are underrepresented occupations like law and finance, and it’s not because of their own shortcomings or “pipeline issues.” I’ve been studying black workers for nearly 15 years, and the research and data in this area show that organizations are failing black workers in three key ways, especially if they are employed in professional occupations. Read More
Germany's migrants: Wooed and discriminated against
From teachers to bookkeepers to police officers, migrants seeking jobs are in demand in Germany, particularly in the public sector. Nevertheless, they continue to face significant discrimination in the labor market. Read More
Refugee Day: Jobs and Opportunity
When Europe experienced an influx of refugees, the district of Kassel, like other German cities and regions, was tasked to receive some of them. In all almost 2700 refugees moved into the area. Immediate settlement was essential, but so too was long term integration and inclusion. Read More
For job-seeking refugees, connecting one-to-one and in-person can be the key to their success
In a time of apps, websites and automation, connecting in-person can seem like a thing of the past. But for job-seeking refugees, it can be the key to their success. For refugees, the challenge of finding employment seems daunting. Read More
Gucci withdraws $890 jumper after blackface backlash
Gucci has withdrawn a polo neck jumper from its shops after social media users said it resembled blackface. The $890 (£689) “balaclava” knit, part of the autumn/winter 2018 collection, covers the bottom half of the face and has a cutout mouth with large red lips. On Wednesday, Twitter and Instagram users posted pictures of the jumper, with several pointing to the fact it was currently Black History Month in the US. Read More
Germany needs 260,000 immigrants a year to compensate for its ageing workforce
Germany will need at least 260,000 immigrants per year for the next 40 years to meet an increasing labour demand, according to a new study. Read More
Two real estate agents convicted for racial discrimination
On February 6, the owners of the French real estate agency Alvimmo have been convicted for discrimination. The facts happened in 2006, when they asked an employee to refuse any Black, Asian or Arabic tenant. They specified : “Anything that is non white, I don’t want it”. Read More
Black female professors must deal with bullying to win promotion, report finds
Black female professors have to overcome bullying, stereotyping and institutional neglect in order to win promotion, according to a damning new report of their experiences working at British universities. Read More
Diversity in Advertising? Global survey spurs hope
Marketing experts from 5 countries on 4 continents were surveyed about Diversity in advertising. Their answers show that they know what is expected from them. However, mind-sets and actions vary. Read more
Junk Food Companies Spend Billions Of Dollars On Ads Targeting Black Children
Companies that deal in the unhealthiest of foods are targeting television advertising at black and Hispanic youths, according to a new study, even after many of those corporations pledged their commitment to promoting healthier eating. Read More
NHS urged to tackle 'systemic racism' as study suggests rising staff discrimination
The NHS has been urged to tackle “systematic racism” as new figures suggest ethnic minority staff in England are increasingly suffering discrimination in the workplace. Some 15% of black or minority ethnic (BME) staff complained of discrimination in 2017, according to NHS data released today. Read More
The Inspiring Stories Of A Tech Startup's Immigrant Founders
The three immigrant founders of Spring Labs hope to revolutionize the use of blockchain technology for credit identity. They have many obstacles to surmount – but none as large the obstacles the immigrants and their families overcame to make it this far. Read More
Candidates from diverse backgrounds stepping up for their communities
With Taoiseach Leo Varadkar - a gay man with Indian heritage - at the political helm in Ireland, an outsider could be forgiven for thinking this country is politically diverse. But from the inside it looks very different. Male, pale and stale has long been the derisory label attached to our body politic, but the lack of diversity runs much deeper than that. Read More
Women in management: Commission moves closer to its target of at least 40%
The European Commission is steadily moving towards meeting the target set by President Jean-Claude Juncker of ensuring that, by the end of the current mandate, at least 40% of its middle and senior managers are women. According to the latest data, female managers at all levels have reached a total of 36% on 1 November 2017, up from 30% at the beginning of the mandate. Read More
Tackling intolerance and discrimination against Muslims in the EU
EC published the report of the High level conference on tackling intolerance and discrimination against Muslims in the #EU. The report focus strongly on  recommendations from the European Network Against Racism. This report summarises the main points raised during the high level conference on tackling intolerance and discrimination against Muslims that took place in Brussels on 3 December 2018. it further focuses on key data and figures shared during the event, illustrating the major challenges and obstacles faced by Muslims or people perceived as such in terms of intolerance, discrimination, and racism and the possible responses to foster diversity and social inclusion, at different levels. Read more
Code of Conduct on countering illegal hate speech online
The fourth evaluation on the Code of Conduct on Countering Illegal Hate Speech Online confirms continuous progress on the swift removal of illegal hate speech. While the fight against hate speech needs to continue and be further strengthened, the Code is delivering on its key commitments. It proves to be an effective tool to face this challenge. Read More
Steps forward for a more intersectional approach
Intersectionality shows how two or more forms of discrimination co-constitute and shape each other. The concept demands that we examine the various and intertwined power structures of our world, including racism,patriarchy, economic exploitation. Read More
Investing in Refugee Talent: Lessons Learned in Labour Market Integration
The influx of refugees received in 2015, and the years that followed, challenged receiving communities to reimagine traditional models of labour market integration. Conventional recruitment and selection processes resulted in missed opportunities to effectively evaluate and tap into the myriad of skills and experience many refugees bring to the workforce. In this report, we share 13 international best practices, which all represent the pivotal role of employment in the integration of refugees, and the private sector as a key stakeholder in receiving communities. Read More
Different and similar: The implementation of D&I across Europe
Does a coherent European approach to D&I exist and can it be successful in varying local contexts? Which are the regional factors to which D&I must be tailored in order to be successful? These were some of the high level questions that lead to an innovative European study, the results of which have just been published. Read More
Doing More with Less: A New Toolkit for Integration Policy
The sharp spike in refugee and other migrant arrivals in Europe during the 2015–16 crisis elevated immigration issues to the top of the priority list for policymakers across the European Union. Several years on, all eyes have turned to how well these newcomers are settling into Member State societies. But while integration policy now has a much higher profile, budget increases have not always kept pace with the growing scale and complexity of integration needs. Read More
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