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EQUAL@WORK  | April 2019
We need to work hard to adress Europe's Racism. #EUelections2019
"We are less likely to be represented in politics than people we consider to ‘look like’ citizens of Europe. Less likely to have access to high quality housing & healthcare than white people", said @sarahchander #TheGreenWave @europeangreens #EndRacismEU #EP2019 #EUelections2019 Watch the full video

ENAR's Equal@work Platform brings together employers from the public and private sector, social partners, NGOs, public authorities and political institutions to explore progressive ways to operate workplaces that are open, equal and free from discrimination.

2019 is about understanding our power.
"#EUelection2019: You need to reject racism, unapologetically. Amel Yacef, chair of ENAR talks about the kind of Europe we want and the upcoming European election for the new European parliament.

She talks about rights of people, politics and narrative. #EuropeWewant

Building on the insights from the Diversity Value Index, we want to take a deep dive into the strategic measurement practices for diversity.  In collaboration with Affirmity, we’ve created the 2019 Strategic Diversity Measurement Survey and are seeking information about your organization’s diversity measurement practices. To begin the survey, click here.


Webinar: Prepare for the New Workplace,09/05/2019. Read More
Webinar: Talent Retention through Learning, 09/05/2019. Read More

Hackathon Diversité, Pour la Solidarité, April-October. Read More
Online course: Fight against Racism, Xenophobia, Homophobia and Transphobia. Read More
Nisa Nashim Annual Conference 2019: Faith and Friendship, 07/04/2019. Read More
Brussels SDG Summit, 06 - 07/05/2019, Brussels. Read More
Annual Convention on Inclusive Growth, European Commission, 20/05/2019. Read More
Call for nominations for International UNITED Conference "Power of coexistence: Turn it on!", 15-20/05/2019, Tirana. Read More
7th Biennial Afroeuropeans Studies Conference: Black In/Visibilities Contested, 4-6/07/2019, Lisbon. Read More
Bootcamp campaign training for activists, 14-19/07/2019, London. Read More
Listen to Europe: Campaign and event calendar. Read More
ENAR's 10 EU Election demands: Ending racism in the European Union
ENAR launches its 10 EU election demands, calling on candidates to put the European Union on a fairer path by actively promoting equality and social justice for all and tackling structural inequality experienced by minorities across Europe. Read More
Diversity and Inclusion at L'Oréal: How does it work and why is it so important?
Our policy of welcoming people of all life experiences and backgrounds has real benefits for our team members and our business success. We believe in a world where all people have a voice and all people can contribute. We believe that a policy of Diversity and Inclusion opens the door for people of different cultures, life experiences and backgrounds to learn from one another and work together for better communities and better companies. Watch the video
SODEXO corperate responcibility teams working to address hunger.
During #Servathon month, the Office is Diversity and Corporate Responsibility teams worked very hard at Women Who Care Ministries and filled 1050 bags with non-perishable food items ensuring in this way that more than 1000 children at risk of hunger have food over the weekend! Help Sodexo Foundation to #StopHunger!
Sodexo's Rohini Anand on the relationship between diversity and inclusion and corporate social responsibility
Sodexo's global chief diversity officer, Rohini Anand, came to GreenBiz 19 to talk about the relationship between diversity and inclusion with corporate social responsibility. CSR, especially around the environment, can be a longer-term goal, while diversity and inclusion can be a shorter-term mandate. But working together and improving both can accelerate progress in multi-faceted ways. Watch the video


The power of asian taste: How Asian tastes are changing the jewellery industry

But while the European tradition continues to dominate, jewellers in Europe and America are adjusting their products to take into account the shift in the customer base. Michael Wainwright, managing director of the normally restrained British jeweller Boodles, decided to widen the company’s appeal a couple of years ago. It made an ornate emerald and diamond necklace called Greenfire, and these days uses a lot of the big – often coloured – diamonds that appeal to the lucrative Middle Eastern market. Fabergé says that the most important buyers of its imperial-class eggs are Qatari. Sean Gilbertson, the company’s chief executive, is itching to make a 10kg platinum egg – which he reckons will probably sell to a Middle Eastern buyer. Read More

Changing The Narrative For Women of Color

March is Women’s History Month, which brings talk of the challenges, triumphs and experiences of being a woman to the forefront. There are so many great stories and inspirations that stem from this, and yet there is still the risk of missing the intersectionality of gender identity in our narratives. When we don’t think about what it means to be a woman who identifies as LGBTQ, a woman of color, a woman with a visible or invisible disability, an older or younger woman, etc., there are entire needs and perspectives that can get missed or overlooked. Read More

Australia's largest Coca-Cola bottler to launch 100% recycled plastic bottles this year

The commitment will see CCA, which is the largest soft drinks bottler in Australia, incorporate more than 10,000 tonnes of pre and post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics in its range of bottles annually by 2020.

This move will enable the company to produce all bottles with a capacity of 600ml or less using 100% recycled plastic, while also doubling the proportion of recycled content in all other bottle ranges. Selected lines in the firm’s 600ml and under range, which includes on-the-go bottles for the likes of Sprite, Fanta, Coca-Cola and Mount Franklin, will be launched in 100% recycled bottles by the end of 2019. Read More

Local and European Limerick election candidates gathered at the Doras office in Limerick City centre to publicly denounce racism by signing the Anti-Racism Election Protocol 2019.
Seán McSweeney, Doras CEO and Doras staff pictured with local and European election candidates at the Doras office in Limerick City centre to publicly denounce racism by signing the Anti-Racism Election Protocol 2019. There is still time to sign the protocol for those who weren't able to attend, the instructions are at the ENAR Ireland website:  Read More
EU unveils ethical guidelines for use of AI

The EU Commission presented on Monday its first set of ethical guidelines for development of artificial intelligence (AI), saying that algorithms must not discriminate on grounds of age, race or gender, and demanding that AI projects should be transparent. The commission wants to bring the strategy's seven principles to create "trustworthy" AI ethics to the global stage, saying "technologies, data and algorithms know no borders". Read More

Sodexo listed in The Times Top 50 Employers for Women for sixth year

The unranked list is published in partnership with Business in the Community, part of the Prince’s Responsible Business Network and is the UK’s most highly profiled and well-established listing of employers leading the way on workplace gender equality.

The Times Top 50 list recognises employers who make gender equality part of their business strategy at all levels and have committed to creating inclusive workplace cultures and women’s career progression. Read More

Ensuring #MeToo Movement Advances Diversity in Leadership

Progress has been made in terms of women’s equality and protection over the past 10 years.

In fact, it was recently the 10th anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the first bill signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2009. Read More
New York ranks 38th for employment among people with disabilities

Nationwide 111,804 people with disabilities got new jobs last year, including 11,473 new jobs for New Yorkers with disabilities. The Empire State now ranks 38th among the 50 states in terms of employment rates for people with disabilities. Read More

"I grew up in a Europe that was very different. It was said that this would never change. But it did. So think carefully and choose wisely" says Marcell Lőrincz, 2nd vice chair of ENAR board. #EUelection2019 Global Young Greens European Greens Ska Keller ALDE Group – Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament GUE/NGL European Commission EPP - European People's PartyWatch the full video
Make them small again!  European Elections Campaign 2019
In May 2019 a new European Parliament will be elected. We will have the opportunity to decide the future of the European Union. It is upon us to decide whether we want a UNITED Europe based on shared values of solidarity and diversity or let tribalism and fear dominate the political discourse. The very existence of the European Union is at stake, as populist and nationalist parties can gain a majority in the European Parliament and dismantle the European project from within. That is if we do not act!
We therefore call on you to take action in this crucial moment and mobilize as European citizens to vote for unity in diversity and make populist and nationalist parties small again! Read More
Their homes were burned down in racist violence. Then officials told them to flee

When rocks crashed through the windows of their home, the bathroom seemed the safest place to hide. Huddled together, the family of Vasil Velichkow Hristov — including his six young grandchildren — listened as an angry mob chanted threats and racial slurs. “Come out, Roma, we’ll make soap out of you,” they yelled, according to several people who were nearby at the time. Read More

Why did none of the "Spitzenkandidaten" answer during the Maastricht debate with European Commission President candidates on 29 April?
Why did all of them ignore a question considered important by all minorities and pro social justice Europeans? Why do European politicians not want to address a real problem for so many people living in the EU? Watch the debate
EU & DK – Europaparlamentsvalget 2019 – Rasmus Nordqvist
Bashy Quraishy in a discussion with Rasmus Nordqvist, candidate for EU Parliament (Alternative Party) about why he decided to leave Danish parliament and contest the EU election? What is his party’s position on relations between EU and member states? What are the benefits of being a member of EU for Denmark? What issues, would he like to work with if elected? How would he work for a more inclusive and progressive EU? Watch the full interview
EU & DK – Europaparlamentsvalget 2019 – Karen Melchior
Bashy Quraishy in a discussion with Karen Melchior, candidate for EU Parliament (Radikale Venstre Party) about her political background and interest in EU politics, how does various EU institutions function? What does her party stand for when it comes to Denmark’s relations with EU? What can she bring to EU parliament that others cannot? If elected, what issues, would she like to work with? Would she also work for a non-discriminatory and inclusive Europe? Watch the full interview
9th Annual Wellness in the Workplace Study

Financial concerns, shifting demographics and technological advances have forced employers to reevaluate their well-being strategies.

These key trends are impacting employers to ensure employee benefits keep up the pace. Read the full report

New leaflet: how to promote  inclusive employment ? 
Mental Health Europe, together with other European organisations, produced a new leaflet on how to encourage inclusive employment. Access to work on the open labour market is a right that persons with disabilities (including people with psychosocial disabilities) are entitled to enjoy equally to others. Read More
A New Home at Work: an Employer’s Guide to Fostering Inclusion for Refugees in the Workplace 
This guide draws on extensive primary, ethnographic research and established leading practices across diversity and inclusion and employee experience. Read More
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