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EQUAL@WORK  | August 2019
Fashion gaffes are a reflection of the industry's diversity problem
Last month, fashion house Chanel appointed its first head of diversity and inclusion. Announcing the hire, the French brand said it hoped to provide "momentum" for its "existing diversity and inclusion approach."
The move marked Chanel's entry into a new race in the world of luxury fashion: the race to hire more diverse talents, and thus lessen the chance of becoming the latest brand to alienate potential customers with racially or culturally insensitive gaffes. Read More
Employers Find Strength in Diversity

Amy Cappellanti-Wolf is the chief human resource officer for global cybersecurity and defense company Symantec. Cappellanti-Wolf has extensive experience in the consumer and tech sectors, having worked companies such as Pepsi, Disney and Cisco Systems. Cappellanti-Wolf spoke with Workforce Editorial Associate Bethany Tomasian on diversity as a driving force for a successful business operations model. Read More

Belgium: Why can't you have a Pink Savage?
Why can’t you have a “Pink Savage”? If this depiction of a savage is not about showing “People of Colour” as barbarians, why not have the character in PINK in 2020? #BlackFace #Belgium #UNESCO. “It is totally racist and it maintains a degrading image of the black person, which has consequences in everyday life,” said Mouhad Reghif from Brussels Panthers group. Read More
Arrest of KISA Director reflects wider European trend of criminalising support for migrants
Earlier this month, the Executive Director of KISA – Action for Equality, Support, Anti-racism, a member of the JUSTICIA network coordinated by Fair Trials, was arrested for allegedly “obstructing police work” and “attempting to escape lawful arrest,” after offering assistance to a young man, a foreign national, who was being questioned aggressively by the police outside of KISA’s offices in Nicosia, Cyprus. Read More
Raymond Gurême: il continue de lutter contre le racisme
Raymond Gurême: Il a lutté contre les Nazis avec la Résistance. Encore faisant face au harcèlement des institutions en #France aujourd'hui, il continue de lutter contre le racisme. #HolocaustSurvivor #2august Watch More
Nobody should be persecuted for their skin color @VeraJourova
EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumer Affairs and Gender Equality talks about the lessons we have to learn from Roma #Holocaust and how to address structural #racism during European Roma Holocaust Memorial Day 2019. Watch More

ENAR's Equal@work Platform brings together employers from the public and private sector, social partners, NGOs, public authorities and political institutions to explore progressive ways to operate workplaces that are open, equal and free from discrimination.

Want to see more action against racism from your #MEPs in the @Europarl_EN ?

Ask them to join the Anti-Racism Intergroup @ARDIEuroParl. Get your #MEPs NOW to sign up by emailing the coordinator of @ARDIEuroParl: Write to them now. Visit now. Download the graphics here
Moving the Needle on Strategic Diversity: Learn more
Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF): Learn more
Petition: Call for the government to pass the hate crime legislation for protecting minorities. Sign now
Call for inputs: the UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and /related intolerance: Deadline: 07/10/2019, Read More
Hackathon Diversité, Pour la Solidarité, April-October. Read More
Online course: Fight against Racism, Xenophobia, Homophobia and Transphobia. Read More
Listen to Europe: Campaign and event calendar. Read More
European survey of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and also non-binary, and other gender non-conforming people: Take now
European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards: Deadline: 01/10/2019. Apply now
Petition: Remove 1 Year Detention Needed to Qualify to Apply for Irish Citizenship: Sign now
TELL MAMA reporting app on Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks, Read More
POLITICO's Sustainable Future Summit, 14/11/2019. Read More
Campaigner on Trade and Investment, Friends of Earth: Deadline: 10/09/2019. Apply now
Recruitment for the Limited Election Observation Mission to Poland. Apply Now
Regional organiser for Another Europe : Deadline: 31/10/2019. Apply now
De l’esclavage aux réparations
A l’occasion du 23 août, Journée internationale du souvenir de la traite négrière et de son abolition, Ghyslain Vedeux, président du CRAN (Conseil Représentatif des Associations Noires), et Louis-Georges Tin, ancien président du CRAN, et maintenant Premier Ministre de l’Etat de la Diaspora Africaine, partagent leurs réflexions et leurs actions sur la question de l’esclavage et des réparations.

La traite négrière est l’un des phénomènes qui ont le plus bouleversé l’humanité: ses conséquences démographiques, politiques, économiques, sociales, culturelles et environnementales ont laissé des traces profondes et durables dans le monde entier. Read More
ENAR’s Annual Report 2018 is out
Find out about our activities and the impact of our work during 2018 in our key areas of work, including equality data collection, employment, racist crime and speech, security, migration and combating structural and specific forms of racism. Read More
Anti Racism and Diversity week
We together with European Parliament Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup,  Each One Teach One from Berlin and The U.S. Helsinki Commission will be hosting Anti-Racism & Diversity Week 23-25 September. First Vice-President EU commission & Lead Candidate for the 2019 European elections from PES Mr. Frans Timmermans and Commissioner for European Commission's Justice and Consumers DG Ms. Věra Jourová are expected to attend.

More info coming soon.
Roma have been invisible for too long Rev Jessi Jackson in Auschwitz
Roma have been invisible for too long @RevJJackson tells ENAR at the European Roma #Holocaust Memorial Day 2019 at #Auschwitz. #2August Watch the interview
Radicalisation in a new light: from security to social inclusion and equality
Two years ago, ENAR decided to participate in a European research project which questions the concept of radicalisation, its use in the mainstream discourse and its impacts on the most vulnerable groups. This is one of the very few research projects that does not have a security angle, but a real social inclusion and equality perspective. The project also aims to have a broad understanding of radicalisation, not locating it in any one religion or community. Read More
Members area: ENAR Network achievements - April-June 2019
Securing the re-establishment of the Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup. ENAR met heads of political groups and MEPs in the European Parliament to ensure the re-establishment of the Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup in the new mandate. A bureau of co-Presidents has already been created and the Intergroup already counts 90 members, which should lead to its re-establishment in October.

EU election twitter campaign. ENAR launched a Twitter campaign to push our anti-racism agenda out ahead of EU elections in May, focusing specifically on the Flemish part of Belgium as a pilot project, which resulted in 1.6 million impressions. ENAR published three campaign videos with 408,000; 250,000; and 196,000 views respectively. Read More
G7 summit: Unilever and L’Oreal sign up to Business for Inclusive Growth coalition

Unilever and L’Oréal are among the 34 global companies joining forces to tackle inequality and promote workplace diversity as part of an initiative launched last weekend at the G7 Summit in France, according to a report published by Business Green.

Members of the Business for Inclusive Growth coalition, who combined boast revenues in excess of US$1 trillion have signed a pledge committing them to take action to even out the fruits of economic growth over a three-year period. Read More

L’Oreal Advertises Gender Diversity ‘Because Women are Worth It

As reported in several publications, L’Oreal recently launched a series of advertisements that showcase creative interpretations of its products as a measurement of the power of female leaders. The displays are based on research that L’Oreal conducted with the advertising firm McCann Worldgroup Deutchland in Germany. Read More

Spur innovation with diverse, inclusive team

With a sprawling unemployment rate and a sluggish job-creation environment, a lot of job seekers still face a myriad of challenges in securing employment in the country. The situation is not so different in many African states. Read More

Coke’s former go-to executive on race sees diversity gap at company

He was a sharecropper’s son who became Coca-Cola’s highest-ranking African American executive. Years before a landmark discrimination lawsuit shook the company, he warned unsuccessfully about bias, pay disparities and a shortage of blacks in top management. Read More

Investing in people: how brands are stepping up to the refugee crisis

Michael Levitin reports on how organisations like the Tent Partnership for Refugees are proving that employing refugees is good for business

On World Refugee Day in June, the Tent Partnership for Refugees released a study showing that 44% of consumers in Italy, France and Germany were more likely to buy products and services from companies that hire or help refugees, compared with 14% who said they would be less likely to do so. Read More

Adecco sees Brexit adding to European hiring woes
Britain’s messy and prolonged divorce from the European Union is weighing on hiring sentiment in the country due to uncertainty about whether it will leave the bloc with a deal, temporary staffing company Adecco Group said on Thursday. Read More
Sodexo appoints Margot Slattery as global chief diversity officer

International service and catering group Sodexo has appointed a new global chief diversity officer, with its country president for Ireland Margot Slattery taking up the role. Ms Slattery will take up the role from September 1st, with the current managing director of corporate,..... Read More

Discrimination in the Dutch labour market needs to be tackled by government and employers

Discrimination against minorities on the Dutch labour market continues to loom large, according to an extensive field experiment by Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam. Even when minority applicants add helpful personal information to their applications, such as good diploma results or statements emphasising their productivity, they get no boost. As the research group led by sociologist Bram Lancee discovered, ‘From this you can deduce that applicants themselves can do little to increase their job opportunities and that the solution is really on the side of employers and the government’. Read More

Sodexo Recognized as One of the Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion for the 5th Consecutive Year
Sodexo, a food and facilities management company committed to improving Quality of Life, announced today that it has been named as one of the “Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion” by the Disability Equality Index (DEI) -- a joint initiative between the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN) to recognize organizations who promote diversity and disability inclusion in the workplace. Sodexo received a score of 90 percent and was a top scorer among 180 other businesses. Read More
What thinker Theodor Adorno understood about the far right 50 years ago
Adorno saw the shortcomings of Western democracies as as a more important cause of the problem than the activities of the old Nazis, who were still very present in the 1960s. He knew that the far right was drawing its strength from the people's disappointment in an age of unredeemed emancipation. Since the 19th century, they had been told that every person was the architect of their own fortune, yet they were always blocked by invisible boundaries. That's how Adorno came to identify fascist movements as "scars of democracy."

Adorno doesn't have the illusion that rightist leaders could be converted to join the conversation. That thought would certainly have made the generation that experienced World War II frown. Instead, he recommends clearly pointing out the consequences of far-right politics, their destructive aspects and consequences. Most of all, he wants youth to draw away from these movements — and that, in retrospect, was something that worked quite well at the time. Read More
German protesters march against racism in Dresden ahead of key elections
Thousands of people from across Germany gathered in the eastern city of Dresden on Saturday, defending tolerance and diversity in an area where the far-right has seen support swell in recent years. Read More
Racist African stereotypes are as prevalent as ever on TV
I have an idea for a British TV series. It involves finding an African society with a history of regarding Europeans as a profoundly inferior race – tricky, admittedly. Then find a small-town family, from County Durham, say, to perform stereotypically “English” culture to entertain them. Read More
63 years ago, Rosa Parks stood up for civil rights by sitting down
It was on this day in 1955 when a simple act of defiance elevated a seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama, into a pivotal symbol in America's civil rights movement. On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of a city bus. Little did the 42-year-old know that her act would help end segregation laws in the South.
She was on her way home from work that evening and took a seat in the front of the black section of a city bus in Montgomery. The bus filled up, and the bus driver demanded she move so a white male passenger could have her seat. Read More
Foundations of the Nazi State
Following his appointment as chancellor by President Paul von Hindenburg on January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler began laying the foundations of the Nazi state. Guided by racist and authoritarian principles, the Nazis eliminated individual freedoms and pronounced the creation of a Volk Community (Volksgemeinschaft)—a society which would, in theory, transcend class and religious differences. Read More
A Belgian festival has long featured a ‘savage’ in blackface. Is it time for the U.N. to stop honoring it?
“These blackface events constitute so many acts of symbolic violence towards the black communities of Belgium — acts that are mirrored by the acts of real physical violence and material discrimination that the same communities also encounter, and which we have constantly and systematically denounced,” the petition by the Brussels Panthers says. Read More
A 5 ans, la lutte des classes
Ils voulaient créer «un choc sensible». Décrire au plus près des habitudes et des corps l’inégalité sociale qui frappe les enfants dès la maternelle pour «qu’on ne puisse plus dire qu’on ne savait pas». Sans doute la violence de cette phrase, à la toute fin de ce livre de plus de 1 200 pages, est de celles qui créent la commotion attendue : «On peut dire que ces enfants, qui naissent dans des environnements familiaux extraordinairement différents, ne sont vraiment pas les mêmes enfants. Seule leur apparente similitude biologique produit l’illusion d’une proximité sociale.» Enfances de classe, qui paraît ce jeudi aux éditions du Seuil, rassemble une enquête de grande ampleur menée pendant cinq ans par 16 sociologues sous la direction de Bernard Lahire, professeur de sociologie à l’Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon. Read More
Infiltrator exposes Generation Identity UK’s march towards extreme far right
In a beer garden in central London last Tuesday the atmosphere was relaxed. But not for Mike. Every few minutes he would turn to scrutinise the people around him. When you have infiltrated a group like the far-right Generation Identity UK, paranoia comes easily. Read More
Pour la première fois, un match de ligue 1 interrompu à cause d'insultes homophobes
HOMOPHOBIE - Samedi 24 août, le match de ligue 1 entre Brest et Reims a été interrompu par l'arbitre en raison de chants homophobes venus des tribunes. Une première dans l'histoire du football français. La semaine dernière, une rencontre de ligue 2 avait subi le même traitement. Read More
31 Children’s Books to Support Conversations on Race, Racism, and Resistance
As early as 3–6 months of age, babies begin to notice and express preference by race (Bar-Haim, 2006). Between the ages of 3 and 5, children begin to apply stereotypes, categorize people by race, and express racial bias (Winkler, 2009). White North American children begin to report negative explicit attitudes toward people of color as early as age 3 (Baron, 2006). Read More
‘Dimensions of Antigypsyism in Europe’,
The book ‘Dimensions of Antigypsyism in Europe’, published by the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) and the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, brings together a combination of academic and activist writing, based on practical experiences, to shed light on the multi-dimensional and complex phenomenon of antigypsyism. It uncovers how racialised discourses shape knowledge, policies, and racist practices and behaviours; analyses the role of European policies; and presents different case studies of structural discrimination against Roma in Europe. Download the book
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