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"Save the Quad Bike Australia".

There's a battle going on between farmers, safety advocates, Government, and quad bike manufacturers.
ABA member Andy Rea has drafted this letter to all ABA members concerning the new laws for quad bile roll over protectors and expression of interest in ABA members affiliating with "Save the Quad Bike Australia”?
Dear Members.

I guess all ABA members would be aware that the government has "Mandated" the compulsory fitting of factory RPDs (Roll Over Protection Devices) to all new ATVs (Quad Bikes) by October 2021.  The main suppliers of ATVs have indicated they may withdraw from the Australian market. The main movers behind this regulation have been NFF, ACCC, Rural Doctors Association and some others.

My understanding is if the government had decided to go down the democratic path to legislate the RPDs it would have to go through both houses of parliament where users of quad bikes would have had a chance to make their concerns heard. Instead they chose to ignore Rural Australia and mandate it and ignore democracy.

"Save the Quad Bike Australia" is an active group at Dalby on the Darling Downs, Queensland, opposing the view of the Government on this issue and trying to restore some common sense to the debate.

Would any ABA members have reservations about ABA becoming affiliated with "Save the Quad Bike Australia”?

David Byard, ABA Executive Officer
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