Dear Deputy,

On Monday, April 12th, Young Social Innovators is launching the
YSI Speak Out Virtual Tour 2021 and we are inviting you to be part of it.

Join over 7,000 teenagers nationwide who are taking part in Young Social Innovators this year taking creative and collaborative action on social issues they care about that impact on people, communities and the environment.

On social media, use #speakout

The Speak Out Virtual Tour gives participants from all corners of Ireland an opportunity to share their ideas, spark meaningful conversations and advocate for change on the issues that matter to them.

A dedicated digital platform located here has been created to share the 'speak out' videos created by YSI teams who have continued to take innovative action to contribute positively to their communities under very challenging circumstances this year. Many stories have already been uploaded by teams with more due to join during the week.

How can you get involved in the YSI Speak Out Tour?

1. Visit the YSI Speak Out Virtual Tour platform.

2. Search projects by location or theme.

3. Show support for young people in your area in any of the following ways:

a) Record a short video message or write a post congratulating young people on their efforts to bring about positive change in their communities and share on social media using the hashtag #speakout

b) Share young people’s video stories to your own social channels.

c) Post a message of support to a YSI teams’ /school social media account.

d) Leave a positive message for teams through the dedicated 'leave message’ function on the platform.

e) Invite students in your constituency to brief you on their projects and ideas.

As part of the Speak Out Virtual Tour, YSI teams are also encouraged to reach out to their political representatives among others. This is an important part of promoting participatory democracy among our young people and we hope that you will be in a position to accommodate any requests made to you by students as part of Young Social Innovators.

Social Innovation and Youth Participation

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Young Social Innovators. For two decades, we have been empowering a generation of young people to reimagine the world into one that is more caring, sustainable, equal and fair and to put their creative ideas for change into action. Communities throughout Ireland have benefitted from over 4,500 social innovation projects created by teenage innovators.

Now more than ever, we need to engage our young people in the response to new and emerging social issues. We were delighted to see Young Social Innovators and the scaling of social innovation to all second-level schools in Ireland supported in the
Programme for Government, June 2020.

Young Social Innovators can deliver on this commitment and, with your support, can provide increased opportunities for young people everywhere to engage in community-based responses to social challenges.

We look forward to seeing you on Tour!

Kind Regards,

Rachel Collier

CEO and Co-founder
Young Social Innovators

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