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Sunday, April 3 with / Domingo, 3 de abril

The Rev. Kaji Douša

11:00 am ET
Rooted in Movement: The Authors

Beloved Friends,

I want to thank you all for your kindness and care for me this past week. We will find out next steps for healing in the coming week and am so grateful for all the ways you continue to lead with and for God and each other. Today’s newsletter is going to be shorter, with just the scripture and some guiding questions. In part, I hope that it models to you, that rest is part of the healing process, and that God is present through it all. I also hope that the questions keep you curious and are helpful as you seek God anew in this season. The ways in which we gather are meaningful and important to the ways we see God at work in the world and with that in mind, I hope that we see you in worship on Sunday at 11am and for Bible Study and Children’s worship as well.
This week’s passage is from one of my favorite books in the Bible, Isaiah. Do you have a favorite book of the Bible? For me, I love Isaiah because it shows us an active, engaged, and just God who is not only with us, but for us. A God that calls us into partnership as we write the story of our work and times together. The Book of Isaiah is a meaningful book from the Hebrew Bible and while it is easy for us as Christians to read it through the lens of Jesus, it is important to remember that the authors of Isaiah did not intend us as its audience. One of the things that I have always loved about this book is that it was a meaningful book in Jesus’s faith life and development as well. So, with all that in mind, knowing that we are rooted in both movement and resurrection, I Invite us to read this passage together and then consider the questions that follow.


1 Listen to me, all you that pursue righteousness,
all you that seek the AUTHOR OF LIFE.
Look to the rock from which you were hewn,
and to the quarry from which you were dug.
2 Look to Abraham your father,
and to Sarah who writhed-in-labor for you all;
he was just one when I called him,
but I blessed him and made him many.
3 For the GOD WHO SAVES has comforted Zion;
she has comforted all her waste places.
And she shall make her wilderness like Eden,
her desert like the garden of the CREATOR OF ALL;
joy and gladness will be found in her,
thanksgiving and the sound of song.
[Sorrow and mourning will flee away.]
4 Listen to me, my people,
and my nation, to me give heed;
for a teaching shall from me go forth,
and my justice for a light to the peoples.
I will do so suddenly.
5 My deliverance is near,
my salvation has gone forth
and my arms will govern the peoples;
for me the coastlands wait,
and upon my arm they await.
6 Lift up your eyes to the heavens,
and look to the earth below.
For the heavens like smoke will vanish,
the earth like a garment will wear out,
and those who live on it will die like gnats;
yet my salvation will be forever,
and my deliverance will never be broken.
7 Listen to me, you who know righteousness,
you people who have my teaching in your hearts;
fear not the reproach of others,
and when they revile you, do not be dismayed.
8 For like a garment a moth will devour them,
and like wool a worm will consume them;
yet my deliverance will be forever,
and my salvation to all generations.
Isaiah 51:1-8 (Year W)
  • What part do you play in authoring the story of your life?
  • What does “salvation” mean to you?
  • What do you think salvation meant to the intended audience of this passage?
  • This passage has a reference to a garden, what does the garden in this passage represent?
  • We don’t often see translations who name the women in our scriptures as part of the lineage of God’s work, what changes for us when we remember to name them?
Shalom Y'all
Rev. Stephanie


Simple Prayer: O God, prepare our hearts for all that is to come with the resurrection. Amen
Are YOU still watching?

We know we are still watching all that God can and IS doing in this beloved community, including bringing us Rev. Stephanie’s new book “Are You Still Watching?” A collection of essays about God and pop-culture from her podcast the Two On One Project in collaboration with Bethany Fellows coming from Chalice Press this fall!


Children and Youth Ministry Update
from Nordia Bennett, Children’s Minister

Happy Spring!  

During the month of March, the youth journeyed through the Bible exploring the women that showed up and met God in their lives. With the spirit of centering Black women, the youth discovered characteristics and attributes women in the Bible possess. We can see women in the Bible standing tall in their faith and through their actions the trust they had in God.

Last Sunday, the 10am (4th grade or older) explored Song of Songs 4:7-16 where we took the time to journal about what we are grateful for in the month of March and how we want to enter April. The 10:30am (3rd grade or younger) dived deep into the illustrative account of Queen Esther in The Sparks Story Bible--- where we chatted about the meaning of connecting to community.  

This Sunday, the 10 am (4th grade or older) we will explore Isaiah 51:1-8. The 10:30am (3rd grade or younger) will explore, “The Good Samaritan” in The Sparks Story Bible.


Minister Nordia

Co-hosted by Rev. Stephanie Kendell and Rev. Arthur Stewart

Wednesday, A[ro; 6, 1:00 pm ET

It's Springtime. There's more daylight. And things are about to sprout! After nearly three years, Bonita Jackson is finally returning to a stage (in a play that she's written)!!! You are cordially invited to This Soil, These Seeds… 

Come experience this play which is filled with healing, growth, dirt, and roots! Directed by Alex Randrup, This Soil, These Seeds… is infused with movement, poetry, and original music composed and played live by Kristin Vining.

🌿Synopsis: A drama therapist journeys to uncover the roots of three strangers whose mother-daughter issues are buried deeper than seeds under soil. But the strangers find themselves in an unexpected multigenerational family intervention.

🌿Dates and Times:
April 7th - 9th @ 7:30PM
April 14th - 16th @ 7:30PM
April  21st - 23rd* @ 7:30PM
April  28th - 30th @ 7:30PM

*April 23rd - matinee @ 2:30PM and evening @ 7:30PM

Super Secret Arts
400 3rd Avenue, 2nd floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215

🌿Tickets (Click here to purchase tickets):
The ticket cost to see This Soil, These Seeds... is $39. If you need a discount, please email  and she will see what she can do. There is a cheaper ticket which is attached to Super Secret Arts (SSA) pretty cool membership model. For $25, members can see any and every show at SSA for the month of April (including This Soil, These Seeds...). The membership can be canceled.
Weekly Invitations to Community:
Pandemic of Love

Pandemic of Love is a mutual aid community of care that was started in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. It humbly began on March 14th, 2020 by one person and was intended to help her own local community. But, like an epidemic, the act of love and kindness spread quickly and is now a beautiful movement helping those in need throughout the world.

What is a mutual aid community? It connects people in need with patrons who can help with that need. This is a tangible way for people to give to each other, quickly, discretely and directly.

What’s the catch? There is none. Kind people are introduced to kind people which results in an act of kindness and human connection.

Click here for more info.
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Saturday, April 2, Community Lunch Program, 1:00 pm, Manhattan Church of Christ 48 East 80th Street

Sunday, April 3, Elders Meeting, 12:30 pm

Saturday, April 9, Community Lunch Program, 1:00 pm, Manhattan Church of Christ 48 East 80th Street

Saturday, April 16, Community Lunch Program, 1:00 pm, Manhattan Church of Christ 48 East 80th Street

Monday, April 18, Root 2022: Community Conversation, 7:00 pm

Tuesday, April 19, Finance Meeting, 6:00 pm

Tuesday, April 19, Ministry Council, 7:00 pm

Saturday, April 23, Community Lunch Program, 1:00 pm, Manhattan Church of Christ 48 East 80th Street

Sunday, April 24, SoulFood Fellowship, 12:30 pm

Saturday, April 30, Community Lunch Program, 1:00 pm, Manhattan Church of Christ 48 East 80th Street
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