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In this Issue

  • What have we been doing?
  • Feature Story - How can changes in technology help Council reduce costs?
  • MPG Team - Out and About Photo Gallery
  • Client Profile: Getting to know You
  • Further Conferences Scheduled
  • Our Specialist Services
  • Skills Manager
  • Our Local Buy registration contract details


What have we been doing?

We have been keeping busy with a variety of specialist projects for Councils throughout Australia, including but not limited to;

  • Corporate Governance Review - 1 Council;
  • IT System Procurement - 1 Council;
  • Corporate Plan - 1 Council;
  • Water Tariff Rate Review - 1 Council;
  • Change Project - 1 Council;
  • Financial Consultancy - 3 Councils;
  • Business Process Improvement - 1 Council, 2 projects;
  • Policy Reviews - 1 Council;
  • QTC Financial Forecasting Assistance - 2 Councils;
  • Complaint Investigation - 1 Council;
  • Human Resources Management - 2 Councils.

Does your organisation need advice or assistance in any of these areas?

We can help.

MPG feel it is important to ensure good communication and networking continues to be a high priority with both existing and new clients to better serve needs of local governments and the issues that immediately affect you!


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How can changes in technology help Council reduce costs?
This is the year 2015.  According to Marty McFly and Back To The Future we should by now all be driving cars that can fly and have hoverboards.  Hollywood determined that this was going to be the future year that technology made our lives easier.

OK, so maybe we still have a little ways to go before we can all fly our DeLoreans to the office, but there is, without a doubt, technology out there that has made our lives better. 
In the world of Local Government, technology has also come a long way.  Long gone are the days of relying on pagers to contact our colleagues when they are away from the office.  And can you even imagine your Council existing now without WiFi?

A common situation that a lot of us have found ourselves in is that we now need to find resources for our Council by looking internally, rather than externally, as has been the case for so long.  Our community expectations are rising, while the revenue most definitely does not!  An implementation of a new technology practice can make many previously time consuming procedures something which is quite simple, thus creating an efficiency, and a new found source of revenue in terms of employee time. 

There is a vast array of integrated systems out there which will allow you to perform all Council operations in ways that were not even possible a few years ago.  The capabilities of them in regards to data entry, workflow functionality, ease of reporting, just to name a few, are mind blowing.  Recording timesheets, recording Workplace Health & Safety incidents, plant machine usages, prioritising of roadworks, compliance and building inspections, animal control, water meter readings, works orders….. the possibilities are endless.

There exists now an environment of opportunity to address not only a resourcing issue, but also an inefficiency within our Councils by embracing these systems and all the progress that will come along with them.  One example of this is the use of digital signatures.

 In a 2014 survey conducted by ARX, a global leader in digital signature solutions, it was discovered (at a local government level) that 37% of all printed documents were printed just for the sole purpose of adding signatures.  45% of survey respondents say that collecting traditional signatures using pen and paper methods delayed each signature dependent process by 2-7 days, and for some of them by more than a week.  Of the survey respondents, an incredible 95% of people already using digital signatures had seen efficiency increases and 85% had seen shorter turnaround times on signature-dependent documents.  A more efficient process and shorter wait times? Sounds like a win to me!

I realise that to jump down this particular rabbit hole is by no means an easy task.  I also accept that there are many challenges that will be faced if you decide that this is a direction in which you would like to lead your Council.  Managing the change properly would be an ongoing factor in order to achieve your goal successfully.  For all our friends in remote areas, lack of up to date communication technology is an understandable factor and something that is not within your control. 

However, I am also the kind of person who firmly believes that anything is possible, you just have to be positive and remember that your ultimate goal is a worthwhile one.  Stay focused on what you want to achieve and imagine that the future is here. 
….which I’m hoping also includes flying cars. Because, let’s face it, how much fun would that be!

For full survey results:

MPG Team - Out and About Photo Gallery

Quilpie looking very picturesque.

Leanne discovering some of North Burnett's landmarks.

Scott with North Burnett CEO, Mark Pitt.

Enjoying Day 3 of the Brisbane Australia v India Test Match at the Gabba.

John's Environmental Health Group at North Burnett Regional Council.

Statue of Andrew 'Banjo' Paterson in Winton.
The town's association with the writer is for the creation, and first performance of, ‘Waltzing Matilda’.  Paterson was staying at Dagworth Station (the ruins are located approximately 100 km north west of Winton) in 1895 when a friend played the tune ‘Craiglea’ for the guests. Paterson liked the tune and enquired about the words. The explanation was given that the words were unknown. This was enough to inspire Paterson, and the rest is history!

The Cuttaburra Crossing in Diamantina Shire (taken early February)


Leanne also spent some time in Richmond

discovering the local wildlife.

Client Profile

Getting to know You...

with Mark Watt, CEO Longreach Regional Council


I love doing what I do because…
It pays the bills and I get to meet so many nice people
What takes up most of your spare time?

Sadly, I'd say it used to be golf, but alas, these days, it's time at home or doing something for work. 
What are three things you couldn’t live without?
Beer, coffee and a car....not at the same time though...!
What is your favourite weekend activity? 
Yard work, when it's not too hot, and probably a swim in the local pool with the kids.
What is your career highlight? 
My first CEO role at Kolan Shire (2004).  Amazing experience to get that first gig....
What is your hidden talent?
Colour coordination!
One of the most exciting experiences of my life has been...
In Ipswich (about 1990) when I apprehended a criminal.  He stole $80 from a young lady at an ATM, I chased him up an alley, got the money back, called the police.  By the time they turned up he was gone, but they took me to the train station, found him and he was arrested.  I'm still waiting for my bravery medal...
The question people always ask me is... 
'Do I know you?'....I think because I have a common face and people think they know me!
My best ever holiday was… 
My honeymoon in Phuket, if you call that a holiday!
My favourite movie is… 
Runaway Train (1985) with Jon Voight.  Very intense and dramatic movie!
I love the smell of… 
Gidgee; it's sweet and unique to the west.  Bob Fallis even wrote a book called 'Smell the Gidgee' about Blackall.
The thing I love most about my town is…
It is SO convenient to get around, no traffic, slow pace and it has a great coffee shop!
What motto do you live by?

Lead by example!

Conferences Sponsoring and Attending
LGMA Southern Queensland Branch Networking Event - 19 February (Dalby)
LGMA Central Queensland Branch Networking Event - 26 February (Bundaberg)
LGMA South East Queensland Branch Networking Event - 13 March (Brisbane)
LGMA North Queensland Branch Networking Event - 26 March (Cairns)
LGMA National Congress - 29 April to 1 May (Darwin)



Further Conferences scheduled for your information

Local Government Association
Local Government Managers Australia
South Australia
Local Government Association
Local Government Managers Australia

New South Wales
Local Government Association
Local Government Managers Australia
Local Government Association
Local Government Managers Australia
Local Government Association
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Western Australia
Local Government Association
Local Government Managers Australia
Northern Territory
Local Government Association


Ask us about our Skills Manager Software, it's a very efficient way to keep track of all your training and qualifications!

Skills Manager is a database application that has been developed by Mead Perry Group to manage and report on licences, training and skill development information where the organisation’s corporate systems are not meeting their needs.
The advantage of using a database is the improved reporting options that are available compared to Word or Excel systems.  Skills Manager utilises the Microsoft Access database.  The major aims of Skills Manager include providing reports on:


  • individual employees licences and training; and
  • licences and training held by individual employees; and
  • when training or licences have expired.

Our Specialist Services

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