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Top 5 Ways Oracle Makes you see Red

When it comes to draconian supplier policies, perhaps no one makes their customers see more RED than Oracle.  Many times, seeing Oracle RED also costs you too much of your hard earned GREEN.  We have documented over 40 major issues that routinely cost our clients too much GREEN when it comes to dealing with Oracle.  Inside, we discuss the Top 5 Ways Oracle Makes You See RED.


“As the leader of the Holly Corporation IT department, I am constantly focused on providing world class service at the lowest possible cost to my business community. Developing a partnership with NET(net) has enabled me to do that, while maintaining positive and constructive relationships with my suppliers. NET(net)’s expertise and professionalism is second to none, and I plan on growing their involvement in our critical IT service agreement negotiations. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any IT manager or leader who wants to have the confidence that they are getting the best deals possible.”

Nellson Burns
VP, Information Technology
HollyFrontier Corporation

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Defend Yourself from an Oracle Audit

Clients often call NET(net) telling us they have received notice of an Oracle Audit, and asking us what they should do.  This is important advice, as your response in the early stages will set the trajectory of the discussions and could ultimately have a very significant impact on the outcomes.

In our Premium Content section (Complimentary but requires registration), we have outlined the Top 10 Ways to Defend Yourself from an Oracle Audit.

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Build Sustainable Value with Microsoft

How do you ensure your Microsoft deal doesn't end up costing way more than anticipated?  After doing thousands of Microsoft deals over the last dozen or so years, we know all too well that the hard work starts after the deal is signed.
To help you with this, we are offering a special deal on Microsoft engagements through the end of June 2015.

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Introducing WIN(win) 2.0

We recently announced the release of version 2.0 of WIN(win)™; our award-winning Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Performance Management platform. WIN(win)™ 2.0 has expanded in several key areas that extends NET(net)’s global services delivery capabilities and provides for an efficient, interactive and cost effective platform for technology buyers to engage with suppliers to conduct business and maximize the performance of the relationship over its lifecycle.


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