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#PMNCHLive Daily Delivery | June 30-July 1, 2014

Live coverage of the 'Acting on the Call' forum and conversations leading up to the Partners' Forum 

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"See you in South Africa." 

On June 25th, USAID unveiled an action plan, "Acting on the Call: Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths," to save the lives of 15 million children and nearly 600,000 women by 2020 - a milestone in President Obama's goal to join the world in ending extreme poverty, hunger and child death in the next two decades.

Administrator Raj Shah explains how the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is realigning its resources in an effort to achieve this goal and how the Every Newborn Action Plan, being launched next week, will be a critical tool in these efforts. 

This conversation will continue at the Partner's Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa next week.

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The Forum Will Be Live


All plenaries, a selection of parallel sessions and some special events including a +SocialGood event will be broadcast live for those who will not be attending the Partners' Forum. Visit the Forum website to watch. 

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Every child should reach their 5th birthday. People are sharing a photo of when they were five in support of this goal. 

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J&J Global Health

@madeleine Madeleine Albright
Every child should celebrate their #5thbday. Thx to US investment in global health programs, millions will.

FHI 360

@laurawbush Laura Bush
Posting a #5thbday photo to celebrate the millions of children who survive & thrive due to US global investments

J&J Global Health

@JohnKerry John Kerry
Every child around world should have opp to celebrate #5thBDay. Proud US is leading way to help make this possible.

Videos to Inspire

Acting on the Call: A Spotlight on Nigeria
Nigerian Honourable Minister of State for Health, Dr. Khaliru Alhassan, discusses the steps the Nigerian government has taken to improve maternal and child health.


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Closing The Gap
During the "Acting on the Call" event, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon delivers a message on closing the gap toward achieving the MDGs.


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live Reporting
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Social Media Coverage by Girls' Globe

Acting on the Call - Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths
by Elisabeth Epstein - A High Level Forum organized by USAID jointly with governments of India and Ethiopia, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and UNICEF celebrated the progress, assessed the challenges that remain and identified the steps needed to sustain momentum in the future for mothers and children.

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North-South Divide of Maternal Mortality: 
Bridging the Gap

by Emma Saloranta - In many developing countries, a woman’s chance of dying in childbirth can at times surpass her chance of surviving it. While the global maternal mortality rate has decreased 45% since 1990, around 800 women continue to die every day as a result of pregnancy and childbirth related complications.

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2014-2020 Maternal Health Vision for Action
by Elisabeth Epstein - The Vision highlights the importance of enabling and mobilizing individuals and communities; advancing quality and respectful care; and strengthening health systems and continuous learning.

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Youth Voice
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Youth Lead the Way: Google Hangout + Infographic

by Women Deliver, Girls' Globe and Johnson & Johnson

The youth voice is a key component of the live conversations taking place during the PMNCH Partners’ Forum. Women Deliver, Girls' Globe and Johnson & Johnson are working together to highlight the current global status young people today, with a particular focus on health. Their efforts are raising awareness of the barriers that young people, particularly young women, face to fully realizing their rights, and make the case for meaningful youth participation in global development processes.

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Healthy Women & Children +SocialGood
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Healthy Women + Healthy Children = Healthy World

The 2-hour, interactive Healthy Women & Children +SocialGood event will highlight progress and promote accelerated action on women’s and children’s health as we finish the Millennium Development Goals and move into the post-2015 era. Tune in live to watch series of conversations on health issues across the RMNCH continuum, strengthening cross-sectorial collaboration, harnessing innovation, and engaging youth, during which participants will help identify “what works” for women’s and children’s health.

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Lancet SEries

Lancet Series On Midwifery: Women Should Be in the Heart of Decision-Making
by Petra ten Hoope-Bender, Director of Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, ICS Integrare

The four papers in the Lancet Series on Midwifery look at the impact of midwifery and health systems on improving maternal, newborn and child health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries. We gathered a wealth of experts -- an international team of 35 researchers in midwifery -- to pull together a comprehensive evidence base.

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Building on a Movement for Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival
by Kate Rogers and Nicole Schiegg

Two years after the launch of a global movement to end child mortality, those working on the campaign say more government leaders need to stand up and speak out for women and children in Africa. 

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News & perspectives

Key News on Maternal, Newborn, & Child Health

USAID and Partners Unveil New Efforts to Save Millions of Women and Children from Preventable Deaths - by USAID

Bipartisanship Saves Lives - by former Senators Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) and Bill Frist (R-Tenn.)

The Strive for Five: In Support of Maintaining Foreign Assistance to Help Children Survive and Thrive - by Anne Goddard, President and CEO, ChildFund International 

Let's Use Evidence-Based Interventions to Save the Lives of Children and Mothers -  by Mark Shriver, Save the Children & Agnès Binagwaho, Pediatrician, Minister of Health of Rwanda 


Women & Children: The Best Investment We Can Make
by Kathy Calvin, United Nations Foundation President & CEO

Last month, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon shared a deeply personal story, relating for the first time that he had an older brother and older sister who passed away at birth. In telling this story, he reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to the goal of ending preventable maternal and child deaths, saying, “We know that healthy women and children provide the foundation that enables societies to grow and flourish. They are the best investment that we can make.”

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