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Volume 25, Number 1 | August 31, 2016  

Message from
Patricia Houston
Vice Dean, MD Program

Enriching our Curriculum, Diversifying Student Experience

Technology is revolutionizing the way people are engaging with their health care and the expectations they have of their experiences.
Our healthcare system is adapting to meet the challenges of the incremental costs of new technology and innovations, decreasing and aging infrastructure and health care consumers with new and increasing demands.
As physicians, we must embrace these innovations and adapt to change to provide the best care possible for our patients. And as teachers, we must do the same for our students.

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Hodges Wins the Karolinska Institutet Prize for Research in Medical Education

Professor Brian Hodges has been awarded the 2016 Karolinska Institutet Prize for Research in Medical Education. His research has led to changes in educational practice, both scientific and practical, in the training of health professionals around the world.
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$27-million to Fast-Track Stem Cell Research at U of T 

Discovering stem cells here was just the beginning. Now, University of Toronto is pushing the frontiers of regenerative medicine even further with a $27-million investment in 20 transformative projects through the university’s newly created Medicine by Design initiative. 
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Physio Focus at the 2016 Paralympic Games 

With the 2016 Paralympic Games approaching in Rio de Janeiro September 7 to 18, we are profiling University of Toronto faculty who are lending their expertise to the Games. Mireille Landry, lecturer in the Department of Physical Therapy and Exercise Coordinator for the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative at Women’s College Hospital, talked to us about her role on the Health Sciences Team for Team Canada. 
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Faces of U of T Medicine: Shelby and Chris Olesovsky  

With Orientation Week wrapped up, the incoming class of 2T0 is getting ready to begin the journey at the Faculty of Medicine. Shelby and Chris Olesovsky are a brother and sister who are both starting medical school this year. Writer Julia Soudat caught up with them to find out what inspired them to become doctors, what they’re most excited about and what it’s like to be starting medical school with your sibling.  
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Celebrating Staff Achievements at the Faculty of Medicine

Last month, the Faculty of Medicine held its fourth annual staff recognition barbeque to honour the efforts and hard work of the Faculty’s administrative, technical and research staff. 
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One Person's Junk is Another's Treasure 

Remember when we thought 98 per cent of the human genome was junk DNA? That “junk” is proving a rich treasure trove for scientists like Professor Hanson He. Published online in Nature Genetics, He’s new finding in prostate cancer adds compelling evidence to the theory that variations in “non-coding” parts of the human genome (formerly dismissed as “junk”) play an important role in the development and progression of disease. 
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Expert Panel on Sexual Violence Recommends One Set of Procedures for All Members of U of T Community 

University of Toronto needs to ensure that all members of its community are covered by the same set of procedures when it comes to matters of sexual violence, says the expert panel asked to give guidance on the development of a new policy. That recommendation is one of 40 contained in a report from the panel, led by Mayo Moran, professor of law and provost of Trinity College.
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Faces of U of T Medicine: Umberin Najeeb  

Dr. Umberin Najeeb, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, wants to understand the experiences of International Medical Graduate (IMG) physicians in Canada. An IMG physician herself, Najeeb has been conducting education research to enhance our understanding around challenges and issues surrounding IMG education and training.  
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Sport, Disability and Media: How Are the Paralympic Games Covered?

Writer Alyson Musial sat down to chat with Nancy Quinn, a sport physiotherapist and University of Toronto Master’s graduate who researches the intersection of sport, disability and media. Nancy is a veteran of six Paralympic Games and has received a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her contribution to the Paralympic movement in Canada. 
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In the News

The dreaded summer cold explained

Professor Samir Gupta on Global News

Canada’s Food Guide is painfully outdated — and it might be making us sick

Professor Mary L’Abbé in Chatelaine

Doctors warned of two opioid addiction epidemics in Canada

Professor Benedikt Fischer in the Vancouver Sun

Canada needs to boost poorly ranked end-of-life care: doctors

Professor James Downar in the Toronto Star

Will caffeine make you a better athlete? That depends on your DNA

Professor Ahmed El-Sohemy in the Globe and Mail

How climate change is bad for Torontonians' health

Professor Danyaal Raza in the Toronto Star

First Canadian case of Zika-related anomalies confirmed in a fetus

Professor Jay Keystone in Chatelaine

Doctors' Notes: For our kids’ health, we should decriminalize but not yet legalize marijuana

Professor Harold Kalant in the Toronto Star

Doctors' Notes: Psychiatric demands outpacing supply

Professor Paul Kurdyak in the Toronto Star

Doctors' Notes: Humans have always lived with the threat of viruses

Professor Anna Banerji in the Toronto Star

Doctors' Notes: Why scientific breakthroughs take time to move from lab to bedside

Professor Molly Shoichet in the Toronto Star


Brain Injury Canada Annual Conference

September 27-29, 2016

This conference is designed to bring together brain injury survivors to be inspired, learn about new research and innovation, share ideas and create new friendships.
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Frontiers in Translational Research: Ex-vivo Models of Human Disease

September 15-16, 2016

The symposium will explore this rapidly evolving field focused on developing clinically relevant models for drug testing that are more predictive of clinical outcome. There will be an emphasis on cancer models to better understand cancer phenotypes.
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Academic Promotions Information Session for Women

October 25, 2016

To support the University’s commitment to gender equity, the Faculty of Medicine is offering an Academic Promotions Information Session for Women. This event is run specifically for female academic staff and discusses the particular challenges and approaches for women seeking promotion. The session includes a panel of guest speakers who have been successfully promoted in previous years and/or have experience on promotions committees.
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Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM) Introductory Workshop

October 30-31, 2016

CALM is a brief, semi-structured, evidence-based, psychotherapeutic intervention for advanced cancer patients and their primary caregivers. It is designed to help people with metastatic cancer and their caregivers manage the practical and profound problems associated with advanced disease. The primary goals of CALM are reducing and preventing psychological distress.
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The Faculty of Medicine’s 15th Annual Education Achievement Celebration

May 15, 2017

Save the date! The Faculty of Medicine's 15th Annual Education Achievement
Celebration will be held this spring to recognize teaching and education excellence
within the Faculty.
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In Memoriam

Professor Emeritus Frederick Griffith Pearson

Frederick Griffith “Griff” Pearson, a legendary leader in thoracic surgery, was born in Toronto on July 7, 1926, and died peacefully on August 10, 2016. Professor Pearson was an innovative thinker who instilled in all his students the belief that hard work, a scientific approach, and perseverance can solve the toughest challenges in medicine, as proven by his life and work.   
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Chair, Decanal Promotions Committee

Professor Mary Jane Esplen has been appointed Chair, Decanal Promotions Committee. 
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Call for Mentors

Diversity Mentorship Program

The Diversity Mentorship Program provides support to undergraduate medical students from diverse backgrounds by matching them with faculty from their diversity community. We are currently seeking faculty members to share their professional experiences as mentors. The program requires a small time commitment to meet an undergraduate medical student mentee over the course of the academic year. 
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