July 2013
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Greetings from David Palmer

David Palmer, TouchPro FounderYeah, I know it says July at the top but I am still adjusting to living away from the West Coast for the first time in 36 years. I just read where it takes 2 years to settle in after a major life change like marriage, divorce, a death or moving. I believe it!

But, overall, I am having a great time in Connecticut with my family, new friends, and old colleagues. In fact, one of those colleagues, Linda Derrik, Director of Education at the esteemed Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (CCMT) is shepherding me around to all three of CCMT campuses on August 11th for their annual Alumni Day. I am excited about meeting a large group of local massage professionals and talking with them about The Future of Professional Touch. If you are a CCMT grad, be sure to stop by and say hi!

In September and October I will be on the road with stops in Chicago, San Francisco, Quebec City, Paris and London. You can see the complete rundown of my schedule and events that where I will be appearing at this new page at

TouchPro Seminar with David Palmer - Sept 13-16, 2013My next Chair Massage Seminar will be on the San Francisco stop September 13-16. Tell your friends!

Finally, if you are in the market for our CE Chair Course, the best massage chair or other Stronglite products and massage supplies, take an extra 10% off our already lowest web prices at the TouchPro Store. Just enter the code "SummerDaze" at checkout. The discount is good through September.

Stay cool!

In touch,

Calculating Services for Pre-Paid Events

Calculating Services GraphicA question from a long-time chair massage practitioner landed in my Inbox recently about whether there was a formula for calculating how many people will get a massage at a one-time event, if it is offered for free.

It's a good question because whoever is paying for the massages wants to purchase just enough service so that the people expecting to receive a massage are not disappointed without paying for more massage time than needed.

Click here to read the full article.

News from around the world

Peer Massage in AUPeer Massage in Australia

There are now 60 classrooms in Australia where the Massage in Schools program has been implemented. An article in The Australian newspaper emphasizes the calming and anti-bullying effects of the program.

Research Summary

A group of Washington state massage therapists has produced a document titled: Evidence-Informed Massage Therapy is an Integral Component in the Affordable Care Act’s Essential Health Benefits. It is the most concise summary of high quality research regarding the effectiveness of massage in treating medical conditions and populations. Massage Magazine did a nice write up with links to the paper and the ACA.

Start them Young

I love the stuff you can find on Etsy. This t-shirt  doubles as a massage training tool for kids. Get out the toy cars and trains, lay down on the floor, and relax while Junior motors across your back. Better yet, give them a colorful tennis ball or wooden massage roller for the most satisfying effect.
Upcoming Seminars
San Francisco - Sept 13-16
Quebec, PQ - Sept 27-30

Upcoming Events
David will be speaking at CT Center for Massage Therapy Alumni Day - August 11th

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