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Improving the MSB

MSB Major Renovation Updates


We want to ensure you have clear and concise updates on the major renovation projects occurring in the Medical Sciences Building (MSB). These updates will let you know what you can expect in the week ahead. If you have any feedback on this newsletter, let us know. If you have questions about these construction projects, we want to know that too.

Overview of Work

There are three key construction projects currently underway in MSB. The first two – the renovation of laboratories in the research tower (various spaces on floors 3 – 7) and to the anatomy labs on the first floor – are part of the LIFT project first announced in July 2016. The other major renovation is to the Division of Teaching Laboratories facilities on the third floor, which will improve the learning environment for students. Please note that as part of normal operations in MSB, there will be ongoing maintenance and repairs that may require asbestos work to occur (for example, in the event of a pipe breaking). 

The Week Ahead

With construction now continuing in MSB, the focus of work in the research tower and teaching labs will be on preparing rooms during the pre-abatement phase. Furniture and fixtures will be removed. As part of this stage, some asbestos work may be required under careful supervision. However, it won't involve the intensive removal work associated with asbestos abatement. 

Post-abatement renovations will begin in the anatomy lab next week. This will include work on the enclosures and ductwork. For more information about MSB construction, visit If you have questions about asbestos abatement practices at U of T sites, please contact Environmental Health and Safety at If you have immediate concerns, please contact 416-978-3000.

Renovation Phases


Before an asbestos abatement project can begin, a number of steps are required to prepare the room. This includes the removal of existing furniture and set-up of enclosures and negative air machines. As part of this stage, some asbestos work may be required under careful supervision. However, it won't involve the intensive removal work associated with asbestos abatement. You can expect a moderate amount of noise during the day. Any noisy work will occur after-hours. 

Spaces currently in this phase:
  • Division of Teaching Laboratories
    • 3382, 3384
  • Research Tower
    • 3268, 3311, 3311A, 3317B
    • 4179, 4258, 4352, 4353, 4358, 4360


During this phase, local ventilation is shut down and work carefully regulated under the Ontario Health and Safety Act will commence. The University has engaged independent consultants who will conduct air testing of the construction sites and adjacent occupied areas. Enhanced oversight will ensure proper procedures are being followed. You can expect a lot of noise while the work is performed after-hours. If you are concerned that work-related dust has left these sites, please immediately report it by calling 416-978-3000.

Spaces currently in this phase:
  • None


With these spaces now cleared of asbestos, construction work will begin to deliver improved research and learning spaces for students, faculty and staff. Any noisy work will occur after-hours, but some moderate noise may be heard during the day. While every effort will be made to prevent the spread of construction-related dust during this phase, some dirt may be present. If you have concerns about dust from these sites, please call 416-978-3000.
Spaces currently in this phase:
  • Anatomy Labs
    • 1114, 1125, 1123, 1121, 1119. 1119A,1109, 1117, 1105
Results from ongoing air quality tests in MSB and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are being continually updated on the Environmental Health & Safety website.

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