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Social Distancing: a Catholic priest in Limoges, France, offers Drive-by Confessions


Webinar: The Virtual Production Process with Ramaa Mosley, Adolescent Content 
Tuesday 8th May, 08:00 LA / 16:00 London / 17:00 CET / 23:00 Hong Kong

Our next webinar is tailored for creatives and anyone interested in the creative process. We're delighted to invite you to 'thenetworkone Webinar: The Virtual Production Process' with guest speaker, Ramaa Mosley, will be held on Tuesday 5th May at 08:00 Los Angeles.
Ramaa Mosley is Founder of Adolescent Content, a production company based in L.A., working with over 3,000 young content creators on a global basis. Ramaa will be talking us through how any independent agency can continue to create great content in these trying times - without CGI, animation, VR or AR - just like Generation Z do. 
This is of interest to everyone but especially, please share with your creative leaders and executive producers.  – in fact, your entire creative departments, if you like. It’s FREE OF CHARGE and open for registration now.

Click here to register:

Additionally, here's a short video about Ramaa's webinar:

Webinar Wednesdays: Leading agencies through a crisis
4th May, 08:00 NY / 13:00 UK / 14.00 CET / 20.00 HK

The next speaker in our Webinar Wednesdays series is the galvanising Elise Mitchell, who will be discussing 'Leading agencies through a crisis' on 4th May at 13:00 London.

Elise is an expert at advising clients and agency leaders - she's been a US CEO three times, a business consultant, coach and leadership expert. Elise has been named “Agency Professional of the Year” by PR Week and has served as President of ICCO PR. 

Elise will be leading a future-focused conversation, covering practical steps you can take today to give your agency the best chances for success tomorrow. Highlights include:

  • Future-thinking skills – how to see what's coming and reimagine your business
  • Practical innovation – three factors to ramp up your revenue growth strategies
  • Creating a “culture of try” – how you can empower and equip your team to lead at a higher level
This webinar will be a must-watch for all independent agency leaders, especially now.

Click here to register:

You can watch a short video intro for the webinar here:


thenetworkone Webinar Wednesdays: Future webinars

Many thanks to all of you who tuned in for Sean Pillot de Chenecey's session last week! In addition to Elise Mitchell's webinar on 6th May, here's the full list of upcoming Webinar Wednesdays:


  • Wednesday May 13: “The first seven seconds” with Bill McGowan of Clarity Media Group in New York , presentation and interview coaches to Fortune 100 CEO’s and media celebrities – because that’s what it takes, to win or lose in an online interview or presentation. And we are all doing a lot of those right now. Click here to register and here to watch his intro video.
  • Wednesday May 20th: “Working with start-ups”– with Rene Fischer, Partner at Synthesis Consulting in Lithuania, global citizen and founder of five independent agencies. Start-ups present a huge opportunity for independent agencies, but need a completely different approach from traditional marketing clients.
  • Wednesday May 27th: The Climate Emergency through the lens of Covid-19“ with Paddy Loughman, Speaker for Extinction Rebellion and former strategy director of Wolf Olins. Paddy will talk about what we need to do, and why communications is critical to the movement’s success.
  • Wednesday June 3rd:  “Where agency new business really comes from”– with Spencer Gallagher, Co-Founder and Joint CEO, Cactus and author of Agencynomics, UK, presents research from his global new business survey with findings from 38 countries. Because new client business is something we all need right now.
  • Wednesday June 10th: “Integrative Thinking: the new competence every marketer must now possess” – with Marsha Lindsay, CEO and Founder, Lindsay Foresight and Stratagem in Madison, Wisconsin. Agencies need to understand how clients’ needs are changing, to keep their place on agency rosters.

Thenetworkone's 'Webinar Wednesdays' are designed especially for independent agency leaders and everyone is welcome. In the spirit of COVID-19 collaboration and knowledge sharing, all webinars are free of charge and will be broadcast via Zoom. Please see below for more free content.

Free webinars and content

Many other companies have also kindly committed to sharing their knowledge, expertise and assets online during the COVID-19 crisis. Mark your diaries for the following free webinars coming up this week:



isobel: isobelly laughs
7th May, 19:30 - 20:30 London 


London-based creative agency, isobel, has long been hosting 'isobelly laughs': live comedy nights for staff and friends. They haven't let lockdown stop them from sharing the laughs - they'll be video streaming 'isobelly laughs' straight to your homes on 7th May, 7:30 - 8:30pm (London time), in support of Women's Aid. If you could benefit from a good laugh, click here to register, or here for more info.

Agencies in a post COVID-19 world?

Our friend Tony Walford from Green Square sent us an article which he and his business partner, Barry Dudley, have just written.
First he looks at the agility of retail and entertainment industries: with Amazon sales up to $10,000 per second, fashion retailers are morphing into entertainment hubs. Shuttered Restaurants are becoming wholesalers of food ingredients. With more time spent at home, will we look forward to the return of albums instead of playlists?
Then he looks at what agencies could morph into. Technology strategists? Data synthesists? Vendors of creative ideas to clients’ expanding in-house communications departments?
Green Square buy and sell agencies for a living and you might observe, his focus seems to be on the higher-value end of the services agencies provide. Read his full article here.

Kindred: Positive Hour


Kindred, an independent communications agency, has decided to make a positive change during the COVID-19 crisis. They want to use their skills as a force for good to help businesses and brands navigate communications during this difficult period. So, they’ve launched Positive Hour; a no-strings-attached hour of consultancy where you can speak to their specialists spanning the PR, social, digital, creative and the comms world. They said:
 “Think of it like your ‘phone-a-friend’ lifeline. An opportunity to get an hour’s worth of totally independent and free advice, thoughts and ideas. 
Got questions about the current media landscape? Re-planning media campaigns? Consumer behaviour? The impact on influencer activity? How to handle the wealth of content competing for attention? Just want some fresh perspective? We’re here to help.”

To find out more and to register, click here.

22squared: Retail banking - marketing in an economic downturn

22squared from Atlanta, Georgia, have produced a white paper on how retail banks should be marketing during the pandemic. COVID-19 has now become a catalyst for an economic downturn, as well as a public health crisis. In this situation, the retail banking sector has a key role for consumers and small-businesses in navigating these difficult times.

They note: "Compassionate understanding of consumer needs accompanied by contextual responses will not only provide stability to your consumer base, but also a pathway to business growth".

Click here to download the white paper. For more thought leadership from 22squared, click here.

Flow Communications: 5 steps to successful digital communications with your staff 

During the COVID-19 crisis and the subsequent age of social distancing, it's more important than ever to be able to communicate with your staff on a digital platform. South African independent agency, Flow Communications, have provided 5 tips for successful digital interactions with your team during COVID-19 - click here to read.

Mower: Why energy companies should market their brands

Amongst the terrible news, we have seen some positive changes to the environment since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. When the world begins to go back to normal, it's important we make informed environmental choices to 'keep up the good work'. However, in the US, most homeowners don’t control who delivers their power – location dictates the service provider. So why would a sustainable energy company allocate budget to a fully integrated marketing campaign? Stephanie Crockett, VP and Managing Director of US agency, Mower, shines a light on the benefits in her latest insight piece. Click here for Stephanie's article, or here to read more of Mower's insights.

BigBrandTheory: This too shall pass

Pravin Shah, Founder of BigBrandTheory in Mumbai, has created a blog to share his thoughts and knowledge during the pandemic. Topics covered include 'The next way of digitilization', 'Solidarity and cooperation' and 'Will coronavirus leave the world a better place?'. He says:

" is a humble attempt to connect and share positive thoughts. My meanderings take form of articles ...I share them hoping they will be assuring reads for you."

Africa Practice: Resilience, rescue and recovery



There’s plenty of conjecture about how about how the Covid-19 pandemic will affect mortality, social stability and economic productivity on the African continent. Strategic advisory firm, Africa Practice, has always been focused on helping organisations to understand the economic, social and political drivers at play. In light of Covid-19, they’ve published a report on resilience, rescue and recovery on the African content. You can read the report here.

Moore Kingston Smith COVID-19 survey

Just a friendly reminder to please complete Moore Kingston Smith's COVID-19 survey, if you have not done so already!

Esther Carder, Partner at accountants and leading business advisors, Moore Kingston Smith, will be hosting a Webinar Wednesday on 17th June. The data gained from the survey will inform Esther's webinar, so we'll be grateful to all who participate. All results will be confidential and we'll send you the results of the survey if you provide your email address. Finally, answers are optional, so if you come across a question that is not relevant to you, please feel free to leave it blank. Thank you very much!

Best COVID-19 awareness posters from the UN


At the end of March 2020, the United Nations issued an open brief to designers all over the world to respond to COVID-19. Hundreds and thousands of designers, artists and studios translated critical public health messages issued by the UN into posters, animations and films. Click here to see a selection of the best.

Advertising in the time of Covid-5

Author and speaker, Patrick Collister, shared a compilation of advertising that ran in 1918 in response to the Spanish Flu pandemic.
100 years ago, the messages were very similar to today’s: wash your hands thoroughly and often; wear a mask; cough, sneeze into a handkerchief and avoid crowds. However, there is also some advice we’re rather sceptical about, including gin pills and eating more onions! Take a look:


Covid-19 advertising clichés 

Corporate Covid-19 response videos have a tendancy to be eerily similar. While a lot of creative content produced during the Covid-19 crisis is well-meaning, it is also very generic as we hear the same words and phrases over and over again. Take a look at this video, which shows the similarity of many corporate Covid-19 TVC's. Even in a crisis, we need originality and creativity. If you've seen any work that has inspired you creatively, please do send it to us!

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