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ESCoP News

Broadbent Prize

ESCoP is proud to announce that the recipient of the Broadbent Prize 2019 is Kia Nobre! Professor Nobre is well-known for her work on attention and will give the Broadbent lecture at our 2019 conference in Tenerife. Our president, Jan Theeuwes, will put together an exciting symposium, showcasing recent research related to Kia Nobre’s research program. We can’t wait!


Escop News

ESCoP 2019 in Tenerife -
Call for symposia proposals

A delegation of the executive committee visited the next conference venue in Tenerife last week, and saw that it is was good, see picture above (taken by Marios Avraamides). 
Each symposium will include five speakers and will be 100 minutes in length, including 15 minutes per talk and five minutes for discussion following each talk. Proposals for symposia can be submitted until Dec 20, 2018. Decisions will be communicated by mid January and announced on the conference website.

ESCoP Elections

The candidates for President-Elect and members of the Committee have been nominated. The candidate for the President-Elect is Andrea Kiesel. Candidates for members of the Committee are Sebastiaan Mathôt and Evie Vergauwe. You will be kindly invited to participate in the elections soon. All full members of ESCoP will receive personal invitations to vote. The elections will run through Surveymonkey. Full members who did not receive a ballot by October 24, 2018 should check their spam folder. If no ballot can be found in the spam folder either, please contact Michal Wierzchon.

Journal of Cognition

We welcome suggestions for special collections of research. If you would like to propose a special collection, please email a proposal justifying the theme of the collection and listing the contributors and working titles of the papers to
See our current special collections here. Papers published as part of a Journal of Cognition special collection may be eligible for waived fees. 

New content this month:

Lamy, D., Darnell, M., Levi, A., & Bublil, C. (2018). Testing the Attentional Dwelling Hypothesis of Attentional Capture. Journal of Cognition, 1(1), 43. DOI:

Loy, J. E., Rohde, H., & Corley, M. (2018). Cues to Lying May be Deceptive: Speaker and Listener Behaviour in an Interactive Game of Deception. Journal of Cognition, 1(1), 42. DOI:

Moyal, N., Henik, A., & Anholt, G. E. (2018). Categorized Affective Pictures Database (CAP-D). Journal of Cognition, 1(1), 41. DOI:

Snell, J., Grainger, J., & Declerck, M. (2018). A Word on Words in Words: How Do Embedded Words Affect Reading?. Journal of Cognition, 1(1), 40. DOI:

Other News

Conferences and Workshops

Conference on Multilingualism (COM) 2018
Ghent, Belgium
16-18 December 2018

The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPPW) at Ghent University is organising the Conference on Multilingualism 2018. The Conference on Multilingualism actually has a longstanding tradition. It started in 2005 at the University of Trento under the name ‘Workshop on Bilingualism’. Since then, the name has been changed a couple of times to ‘Neurobilingualism’ and ‘Workshop of Neurobilingualism’. In 2016, it was decided to continue the conference under the somewhat broader label of ‘Conference on multilingualism’ (COM) in order to include different aspects of multilingualism. COM was subsequently held in Ghent (2016) and Groningen (2017), and is this year coming to Ghent once again. Although the official call is coming soon, participants wishing to host a symposium may already contact us. Suitable topics are all aspects of multilingualism in the fields of linguistics, psychology, neurology, sociology, and educational sciences.
More information

BCCCD-19: Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development
Budapest, Hungary
3-5 January 2019

The Cognitive Development Center at CEU is pleased to announce the nineteenth annual BCCCD meeting. We welcome symposium and poster submissions from all areas related to cognitive development. Previous BCCCD meetings featured a variety of topics such as comparative cognition, cognitive bases of culture, biological bases of cognition, conceptual learning, perceptual learning, early social cognition, language acquisition, executive functions, metacognition, communication, numeracy, and object cognition.

Workshop: Cognitive Approaches in Language Learning and Bilingualism
Göteborg, Germany
7-8 February 2019

Of special interest is the discussion of relevant research in Cognitive Sciences that explains the phenomena of language learning and bilingualism. The aim of the workshop is to introduce candidates to investigated data which are probably involved in several cognitive language acquisition processes.

Registration opens: 1 December 2018

Cognitive Neuroscience Society’s 26th Annual Meeting
San Francisco, CA, USA
23-29 March 2019

Each year the Cognitive Neuroscience Society holds an annual meeting in the spring. The purpose of the meeting is to bring together researchers from around the world to share the latest studies in cognitive neuroscience. This 4-day event is filled with invited symposia, symposia, posters, awards, a keynote address, and most importantly the opportunity to connect with colleagues. A full schedule of events is slated for this meeting, such as symposia, posters, a keynote address, as well as our George A. Miller Award Lecture, The Fred Kavli Distinguished Career Contributions Award Lecture and the Young Investigators Award Lecture.

Poster submissions deadline: 19 November 2018

The 5th Learning and Plasticity Meeting (LaP 2019)
Äkäslompolo, Finland
7-10 April 2019

Learning and Plasticity (LaP) is a cross-disciplinary meeting that connects psychological and neuroscience research on the mechanisms of learning and brain plasticity. It is organised by Åbo Akademi University, the University of Turku, and the Turku Brain and Mind Center. A special theme of the 2019 meeting, addressed by the keynote as well as by symposium, will be ”Music: Neurocognition and Therapeutic Applications”. Our LaP 2019 keynote speaker will be Professor Robert Zatorre, PhD (McGill University – Montreal Neurological Institute). Despite its northern location way above the polar circle, the congress site is easy to reach by night train or daily flight connections from Helsinki to the nearby airport at Kittilä. The congress program runs from afternoon to evening, enabling one to utilize the excellent possibilities for various winter sports and other outdoor activities during the long days in early April.

Symposium proposals deadline: 30 November 2018
Abstract submission deadline: 31 January 2019
Early registration deadline: 28 February 2019

The 19th Vision Society Meeting
St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA
17-22 May 2019

The VSS Annual Meeting is a gathering of more than 3,600 vision researchers from around the world. The VSS Annual Meeting offers attendees the opportunity to explore leading-edge science, research and technology, and to collaborate with colleagues over the course of six days. The VSS program includes over 1,200 poster presentations, 200 talk presentations, member-initiated symposia, workshops, and social events.

Symposia submission deadline: 7 November 2018
Abstracts submission deadline: 1 December 2018
Early registration deadline: 27 February 2019

The 23rd Meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
London, Ontario, Canada
25-28 June 2019

The ASSC is an academic society that promotes rigorous research and coordinates annual conferences directed toward understanding the nature, function, and underlying mechanisms of consciousness. The ASSC includes members working in the fields of cognitive science, medicine, neuroscience, philosophy, and other relevant disciplines in the sciences and humanities. The ASSC 23 Program Committee invites proposals for symposia and tutorials on any topic relevant to the scientific study of consciousness. Symposia/talks should be spread over topics in consciousness science, paying close attention to areas that may have been overlooked in previous years. Tutorial presenters are expected to present not only their own material, but to give a broader tutorial overview and to encourage discussion, debate, and audience participation.

Symposium and tutorial proposals deadline: 30 November 2018

CogSci 2019
Montreal, Canada
24-27 July 2019

CogSci 2019 is the 41st Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, to be held in Montreal, Canada at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal. This year’s conference highlights research on the theme of Creativity + Cognition + Computation, in addition to the full breadth and diversity of research topics offered by the society’s membership. Researchers from around the world are encouraged to submit their best work in Cognitive Science to CogSci 2019, and to attend it for discussions of the latest theories and results from the world’s best cognitive science researchers.

Job Offers

Postdoctoral Position: Neurocomputational Basis of Language Learning and Statistical Learning, The Basque Center on Cognition Brain and Language, San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain

The Basque Center on Cognition Brain and Language is offering a postdoctoral position focused on neurocomputational basis of language learning and statistical learning, as part of ERC-funded research project (PI: Ram Frost). The successful candidate will join an interdisciplinary team of researchers studying the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying statistical learning and language learning from behavioural and computational perspectives. Work undertaken related to this position will contribute to integrating these different perspectives in an explicit neurocomputational framework. Application deadline is the 15th of December 2018.
More information

Postdoctoral Position: Neural Basis of Attention and Perception, City University of New York, USA

Applications are invited for an NSF-funded postdoctoral fellowship in Tony Ro’s laboratory at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. The research will examine the neural mechanisms of attention and perception in neurologically normal participants and in patients with focal brain lesions using TMS, EEG, ECoG, fMRI, optical imaging, and psychophysical methods. Candidates must have a Phd in a relevant field (e.g., psychology, neuroscience, computer science, engineering, physics) and strong quantitative and technical skills. Experience with TMS, EEG, ECoG, fMRI, and/or optical imaging as well as programming experience with C/C++, Python, and/or R is highly desired. The initial appointment will be for one year with the possibility of renewal. The Graduate Center is conveniently and centrally located across from the Empire State Building in midtown Manhattan and is part of the vibrant neuroscience community within the CUNY system and New York City. 
More information

Two Postdoctoral Positions, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA

The Levy Decision Neuroscience Lab at Yale School of Medicine is looking for candidates to work on the following projects: (1) decision making across the lifespan, using behavioral techniques with structural and functional MRI to investigate individual and age-related differences in decision making and (2) cannabinoid receptor availability and learning, a multi-modal project combining physiological measurements, PET and MRI, in collaboration with Dr. Ilan Harpaz-Rotem and Dr. Kelly Cosgrove (Yale Psychiatry). The Lab is seeking highly qualified and motivated candidates who are interested in working in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment, using computational approaches for experimental design and data analysis. Requirements include PhD in neuroscience, psychology, computer science or related fields, and programming experience. Neuroimaging experience is preferred.
More information

fMRI Postdoctoral Positions, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal

The Proaction lab is looking for motivated and bright post-doctoral researchers to work on an ERC Starting Grant project (ContentMAP) on the neural organization of object knowledge. In this project we will explore how complex information is topographically organized in the brain using fMRI and state of the art analytical techniques. Excellent understanding of and experience with fMRI and data analysis is required. Strong programming skills (matlab, python, etc.) are also a requirement. Experience with data analysis techniques used in vision and object recognition (e.g., Representational Similarity Analysis, MVPA, Machine Learning, population Receptive Fields/phase lag analysis), as well as computational approaches to cognitive neuroscience (e.g., SOM) are a plus. Very good English (oral and written) communicative skills are necessary. The salary is extremely competitive – between 2200 and 2400 euros per month (dependent on experience). The deadline for the application is the 20th of November 2018.
More information

Postdoctoral Research Position, Université libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium

Applications are invited for a full-time post-doctoral research position under the joint supervision of Régine Kolinsky (Research Unit in Cognitive Neurosciences, Center for Research in Cognition & Neurosciences, CRCN) and Olivier Klein (Center for Social and Cultural Psychology, CeSCuP), funded by an Advanced Concerted Research Actions project (ACR) titled “The Socio-Cognitive Impact of Literacy”. Combining cognitive psychology, psycholinguistics and social psychology approaches, the project aims at examining the impact of literacy learning on the socio-cognitive skills that are essential for exerting one’s citizenship, allowing critical and argumentative thinking as well as information validation endowing resistance to misinformation. Requirements: Strong background in psycholinguistics, very good knowledge of French. Assets: experience in eye movement recording, and in working with disadvantaged populations and/or in a school context. Application deadline is the 1st of January 2018 or until filled.
More information

Postdoctoral and PhD Positions, Haifa University, Israel

Full-time postdoctoral and PhD positions are available in the Visual Perception, Attention and Learning Lab of Dr. Amit Yashar at the University of Haifa. The position will be an initial appointment for one year with the option to renew annually for 3–5 years. The main focus of the lab is researching the link between cognitive capacities (attention, memory and learning) and visual perception. Additional focus is given to investigating the ways in which the lab’s research can benefit populations with visual impairments, learning disabilities and developmental disorders. The positions involve conducting research on visual perception, attention and perceptual learning, using behavioral psychophysical and computational methods. Applicants should have completed a degree in a related field such as psychology, computer science, neuroscience, or vision science. Strong computational and programming skills are necessary, as well as strong communication skills and a record of research productivity. The expected start date is fall of 2018 or spring of 2019.
More information

Postdoctoral and Research Assistant positions in Cognitive Ageing and Vision Science, University of Lisbon / University of East London

Two enthusiastic, dynamic and creative scholars (a postdoc and a research assistant) are required to join the newly formed Computational Cognitive Science lab of Dr. Moreno I. Coco, Senior Lecturer in Psychological Sciences at The University of East London, and to work on a bilateral project with the Universidade de Lisboa (CO-PI, Dr. Ana Raposo) which is jointly funded by the Fundacao para a Cienca e Tecnologia (FCT) and the European Union (POR Lisboa 2020). The project (LOSTME, 030958) aims to: (1) uncover the role that attention (overt and covert) plays on the formation, maintenance and access of visual information in long-term memory within a cognitive aging perspective and, (2) develop novel diagnostic tools and computational models to discriminate between healthy and pathological aging. 
More information

PhD positions in Cognitive Psychology, University of Würzburg, Germany

The Department of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Würzburg, Germany, offers two position for research assistants/PhD students (65%; TV-L) for a period of 3 years, starting as soon as possible. The detailed job offers can be downloaded from the here and here.

PhD position in Cognitive Neuroscience, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

Applications are invited for a full-time PhD research position (predoctoral grant for Formation of Researchers – Ayudas para contratos predoctorales para la formación de doctores – antiguas FPI) in the Speech Production and Bilingualism (SPB) group at the Center of Brain and Cognition (CBC) at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. The grant is associated to the project of the “Plan Estatal de Fomento de la investigación Científica y Técnica de Excelencia: Reducing biases through foreign language use” (2018–2020). The PhD will be supervised by Professor Albert Costa. Starting date is October 2019. Application deadline is the 29th of October 2018.
More information

Doctoral and pre-doctoral positions, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal

The Proaction lab is looking for motivated and bright doctoral and pre-doctoral researchers to work on a prestigious ERC Starting Grant project (ContentMAP) on the neural organization of object knowledge. In this project we will explore how complex information is topographically organized in the brain using fMRI and state of the art analytical techniques, as well as computational approaches, and neuromodulation. Experience with fMRI and data analysis is required. Strong programming skills (matlab, python, etc.) are also a requirement. Experience with data analysis techniques used in vision and object recognition (e.g., Representational Similarity Analysis, MVPA, Machine Learning, population Receptive Fields/phase lag analysis), as well as computational approaches to cognitive neuroscience (e.g., SOM) is a plus. Very good English (oral and written) communicative skills are necessary.
The deadline for the application is the 20th of November 2018.
More information

Early stage researcher/PhD student position in the Speech Acquisition and Perception Group (SAP), Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain

Applications are invited for a full-time Early Stage Researcher/PhD student position in the Speech Acquisition and Perception Group (SAP), led by Núria Sebastián Gallés, at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona). The position is part of The Multilingual Mind (MultiMind) project. MultMind is an international, multidisciplinary and multisectorial training network on multilingualism. Multimind is funded by the European Union's Horizon2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska Curie grant agreement No 765556. The project is 36 months. Applications will be collected until the position is filled.
More information 


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