Dear Cosmetic Laser Dermatology Family,
This is the most difficult environment most of us have ever faced, so to help support our patients we have put together a complimentary educational webinar and Q&A series.
  • Each webinar will be accessible via zoom, have Q&A time at the end of the presentation, and then you’ll have the option to have a private virtual video consultation for a 1:1 with one of our experts.  
  • Each Q&A will be open for you to ask any questions you want and get answers direct from our experts, or just tune in to hear what other people are saying.
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Thursday, April 2nd at 12pm
TAKE10 & LASER RESURFACING - Dr. William Groff will breakdown our proprietary Take10 treatment to take 10+ years off your face in a single combination laser resurfacing treatment.
Friday, April 3rd at 12pm
Open Q&A with our medical aesthetician Farzaneh.
Monday April 6th at 12pm
NECK & JAWLINE - Tune in to hear Dr. Sabrina Fabi talk about the latest technology, techniques, and treatments available to tighten your neck and jawline.
Tuesday, April 7th at 12pm
Open Q&A with Physician Assistant Leysin.
Wednesday April 8th at 12pm
BODY SCULPTING - Dr. Kimberly Butterwick will explain our full array of body sculpting and tightening procedures such as Liposculpture and CoolSculpting.
Thursday, April 9th at 12pm
Open Q&A with Dr. Monica Boen.
Friday, April 10th at 12pm
LUNCHTIME LASERS - Dr. Douglas Wu will explain various lasers and light technology such as IPL and Clear & Brilliant that provide total skin rejuvenation with zero downtime.
Monday, April 13th at 12pm
Open Q&A with Dr. Sabrina Fabi.
Tuesday, April 14th at 12pm
LEG & FACIAL VEINS - Dr. Mitchel Goldman will discuss treatments for all types of veins including sclerotherapy, CTEV, Phlebectomy, and lasers.
Wednesday April 15th at 12pm
 Open Q&A with Dr. Douglas Wu.
Thursday, April 16th at 12pm
WRINKLE SMOOTHING & LIP PLUMPING - Dr. Monica Boen will breakdown the current options to smooth your wrinkles, contour your face, reduce under eye circles, and plump your lips.
Friday, April 17th at 12pm
Open Q&A with Dr. Kimberly Butterwick.
Monday, April 20th at 12pm
VAGINAL REJUVENATION - Physician Assistant Leysin will discuss the current options for vaginal rejuvenation including ThermiVa and Vivive in a fully confidential and private setting.
Tuesday, April 21st at 12pm
Open Q&A with Dr. Mitchel Goldman.
Wednesday, April 22nd at 12pm
SKINCARE & AESTHETICIAN TREATMENTS  - Our medical aesthetician Farzaneh will review the current umbrella of aesthetician treatments from professional facials, dermablading, chemical peels, to Hydrafacial as well as help review skincare products for each unique type of skin and the best techniques for homecare.
Thursday, April 23rd at 12pm
 Open Q&A with Dr. William Groff.
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