Give Thanks to the Earth
BADSEED serves up harvest tradition this Friday
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Dearest Eaters,

Go ahead, soak up the sun, throw your hands in the air, and give thanks to Mother Earth!  Farmer Percy has the right idea in the above photo.  He's standing in a glowing field of rainbow chard in the late afternoon sun.  Free-range chickens bedazzle the back drop as he reaches his hands towards the sky, praising all that is green & fresh.  This should be the reality for all plants, animals, and people.  This is the reality on small-scale organic farms.  PURE FOOD deserves a place on the table.  Although the modern world is at odds with that which is simple & sacred, we can reclaim our lands, we can reclaim our health, and we can reclaim a sense of compassion & grace.  It all starts with one bite, one meal, one edible commitment.  Let's make that commitment this Friday and celebrate good food, good friends, and "good earth" at BADSEED's Thanksgiving Market Extravaganza!

This market is my seasonal masterpiece so to speak, my magnum opus as both a farmer & a market manager.  As a farmer I diligently clear my fields rain or shine.  Thousands of pounds of roots are pulled, greens & herbs are cut, and every last speck of life-sustaining food is harvested as the seasonal bounty comes crashing to it's delicious finale.  This clearing of the crops is the very act that spawned the Thanksgiving tradition some 400 years ago.  Everyone participated in the harvest.  It was one big party, and once the food was cleared from the fields, they feasted for three whole days!  As a market manager, I bring together all the ingredients that make-up your Thanksgiving feast.  I wrangle in a gregarious group of sustainably-minded growers, artisans, and stewards of the land and put them in one big room behind tables of overflowing product.  The forms, the colors, the scents, the sheer organic "awesomeness" of it all...
It's a night to remember, and a meal to never be forgotten.

Out of all the meals of the year, this one in particular deserves our greatest compassion & consideration for the plants & animals that adorn the table.  It gives us an opportunity to thank the earth, connect with those who provide us sustenance, and above all, to connect with one another around a table full of wholesome, ethical, mouthwatering foods.  We are what we eat, and when we eat happy & healthy foods, we too have the ability to be happy & healthy.  These foods provide us with the foundation to make sound decisions that reflect empathy, honesty, and integrity in all parts of our life.  Let's eat!

Enough inspirational "jive talk" eh?  Let's get down to the facts!  This Friday's market is our biggest or the year.  We'll open up the back half of the building & cram it with earthly delights.  We'll have towers of veggies, roots, shoots, and tubers.  We'll have herbal-infused jams, breads, baked goods, sweets, and freshly roasted coffee (beans by the bag & brewed by the cup).  We'll have a massive selection of locally grown & freshly-milled organic flour, oats, & cornmeals for all your baking needs.  We'll have free-range eggs, artisan cheese galore, and a fine selection of heritage pork products, grass-fed beef and pastured poultry. We'll have fermented beverages, kraut & kimchi, gourmet mushrooms, Kansas pecans, black walnuts, and fresh organic chestnuts!  It's a freaking smorgasbord of local, organic delights gathered fresh from the fields...

Some vendors take cards, but it's smart to have cash on hand.  For those of you on government assistance, we proudly double food stamp dollars with the Beans & Greens program.  Swipe you EBT card for up to 25 dollars and receive 50 dollars worth of tokens!!  Like all Farmers Markets, early bird catches the worm, but if you want to avoid the crowd, products should still be fairly abundant after 6 PM (we run from 4 to 9).  Parking can be tricky at times.  We do have a parking lot directly behind the BADSEED storefront.  Access the lot from 19th street, and turn down the little alleyway between McGee & Oak.

Several of our vendors are taking pre-orders to ensure you get what you want! Ibis Bakery ( creates crusty sourdough loaves, croissants, and pastries from organic ingredients.  See the menu on their website and call ASAP to place an order for pick-up.  The Well Belly Bar is taking orders for GALLONS of Kombucha for your holiday gathering.  Email Stephanie Novacek at to place an order.  Lastly, Parker Farms ( will take pre-orders for holiday hams, beef tenderloin, beef rib roast, brisket, whole chickens, etc.  Call them at 816-470-FARM.  

We've been doing tons of recipe plugs, and vendor spotlights on our facebook page:  Worth checking out!  I'm also including most of those recipes below with photos & tips.  Start menu planning NOW, but remain flexible.  The key to eating locally & seasonally is the ability to work with what's available.  For example, if you can't find pie pumpkins, make a sweet potato pie instead.  If your roasted root recipe calls for parsnips, throw in some golden turnips.  You get the idea.  Work with what's available, cook with your senses, and enjoy every minute of it!

For a most complete account of vendors & products, please peruse the list below...(there's some really awesome stuff on there!!).  Last but certainly not least, SPREAD THE WORD, corral your pals, and help to bring the "good earth" to as many KC tables as you can!  Down with Butterball...and on with the revolution!!  See you Friday.

Yours Truly,

-farmer & mistress of the BADSEED

P.S. Walnut Crest Ranch has but a few free-range, non GMO turkeys left for pre-order.  Maybe you'll get lucky.  If interested, give Darren Unruh a call at 913-485-9498.  Gobble Gobble.

P.P.S. Too much info..I know!  Just make a mental note that the market will be closed next Friday, Nov 27th for BLACK FRIDAY (buy nothing!) and come visit us the following week for the kick-off of our Winter Market which runs through Feb. 26th!

Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up
My Favorite Turkey Brine
Hands-down, you gotta brine your meat for optimum deliciousness!  This is especially true when preparing pastured turkey.  Free-roaming birds are very different than the caged, GMO grain stuffed "franken-birds" found at the grocery store.  They actually have muscle (from moving around outdoors & doing "turkey things") and thus they need a little TLC to promote tenderness.  Once you brine, you never go back!  This recipe is simple & effective. 
Chestnut Stuffing
Stuffing is a sacred dish that deserves to be made right (in massive quantities with TONS of leftovers!).  Use good quality bread, cultured organic butter, LOTS of homemade vegetable/chicken stock (the moister the better), and quality herbs & alliums.  Once you have a good solid base you can throw anything in that appeals to you.  Roasted chestnuts and local mushrooms are my poison of choice.  Use this recipe as a loose guide, but cook with your senses.
Watermelon Radish Salad
The Thanksgiving table deserves the stunning & refreshing accent of sliced watermelon radishes in a big ol' salad.  These specialty roots are only found in the fall and make a perfect addition to a buttery, rich feast with their crisp, fresh flavor & mind-boggling beauty.  Use this salad recipe (which includes roasted beets) as a loose guide, but sub out suggested ingredients for local ones (like walnuts for buttery Kansas pecans, and Pecorino Romano for tangy sheep's milk cheese from Green Dirt Farm).  
Orange & Beet Salad
Here's another simple salad recipe to keep the Thanksgiving table healthy & alive!  Beets & citrus are always a classic combo around the holidays.  This salad is gorgeous & festive.  Flavors go well with traditional turkey & sides.  Watermelon radishes could be added to the mix for extra pizazz as well as a nice dollop of Skyview Creamery's Fromage Blanc.  Micro greens will be available from several farms, and certainly work well for any salad combo.
Roasted Carrot-Chestnut Soup
This is a new recipe that I really want to try.  Judging by the ingredients you can't go wrong.  I'm a sucker for stellar seasonal ingredients that are only around for a short time.  Chestnuts are one of those.  I try to cram them into as many dishes as possible!  Vegetable stock can be substituted for chicken stock to keep it vegetarian-friendly.
Creamy Sweet Potato Soup
I make this soup every year for Thanksgiving.  It is TO DIE FOR.  Your guests will be swooning.  We've harvested several thousand pounds of rich, orange-fleshed sweet potatoes to rock out your soup, pie or mash.  This soup will make you forget all about the turkey and you are bound to go back for seconds and thirds!
Cider Roasted Root Veggies
You can't host Thanksgiving without a platter of roasted roots.  Roasting/caramelizing brings out the sweetness & flavor of the earthy vegetables.  Roots are versatile and can be mixed and matched in any combo despite what recipe you follow. We will have orange & white fleshed sweet potatoes, buttery golden turnips, multi-colored beets, limited quantities of carrots, and mountains of watermelon radishes (my favorite addition to any veggie roast).
Swiss Chard & Leek Gratin
This recipe is simply DIVINE and I include it every year.  Conveniently, the leek & chard harvest from my farm will be beyond bountiful.  You can count on mountains of French Blue Leeks and stunning piles of radiant Rainbow Chard to adorn the market tables.  I keep this recipe as local as possible and use Skyview Creamery's "Sky Jack" & "Linnchego" instead of Gruyere & Parmesan.  Sheri has an array of cheeses that would work well.  You simply want one that is hard & sweet and and one that is creamy & rich.
Sauteed Greens with Yellow Raisins & Pine Nuts
Use any cooking green for this fabulous side dish (kale, collards, turnip greens, chard, etc.).  If you want to "fatten it up", throw in some bacon fat or italian suasage from Parker Farms.
Turnip Souffle
Man I love turnips!  Add some butter & cream and I die a happy farmer.  This recipe is super simple, and a great way to get "turnip haters" to become "turnip lovers".  Our buttery Gold Ball cooking turnips are perfect for this dish.  Always use quality organic cream & butter for the best (and healthiest) results.
Savory Sweet Potato Pudding
I originally found this recipe when looking for "sweet stuff", but when I read through the ingredients it really got my mouth watering.  I plan to give this one a whirl for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I suggest serving it topped with sauteed gourmet mushrooms from Wakarusa Valley Farm.
Dad's Classic
Sweet Potato Pie
Sweet potato crazy, you ask?  Yes, I am!!  But for very good reason.  Sweet potatoes are the baking medium of the season...especially this season.  Not only are they super YUMMY, but the other baking medium of the season (pumpkins & winter squash) have sadly been lost to bugs, fungus, and the realities of organic agriculture in a very WET season.  So, plan your menu around the "season-saving" sweet potato.  This pie is a no-brainer.  Classic, beautiful, scrumptious.
Vegan Chocolate
Sweet Potato Pudding
What an uber healthy dessert to top off a rich and heavy meal!  This vegan pudding is packed with superfoods.  It is sure to please your guests (vegan, health conscious, or otherwise).  It's nice to have options for conscientious eaters with dietary restrictions.  Every year my poor vegan brother gets left by the wayside with all the buttery sides and hunks of flesh.  I think he'd sit happily in the corner and down this pudding!!
Sweet Potato Cake with Candied Pecans
This killer cake is the perfect end to any feast.  Look at this monster!  I'm going to attempt to tackle this recipe if time allows.  (Percy would LOVE it).  Local sweet potatoes are in abundance, the Kansas pecans are perfect for the topping, and Heartland Mill's fresh organic all-purpose flour makes the best cake in the world.  Use farm-fresh eggs from URBAVORE, Parker Farms, or Bonnie View and you'll be in good shape.  My mouth is watering...

This Friday's Thanksgiving Harvest
A complete list of vendors & products...

Brooke & Dan

*Free-Range, Non GMO, Organic EGGS!
*White Fleshed "O'Henry" Sweet Potatoes (nuts & honey flavor)
*Orange Fleshed "Beauregard" Sweet Potatoes
*French Blue Leeks
*Sicilian Cooking Celery
*Red, Golden, & Candy-striped Beets
*Golden Roasting Turnips & Oasis Salad Turnips
*Black Spanish & China Rose Winter Radishes
*Sedona Yellow Onions & Rossa Di Milano Red Onions
*Silverskin Garlic
*Siberian Kale
*Rainbow Chard
*Japanese Red Mustards
*Flat-Leaf Italian Parsley
*Fresh Sage

Rodger & Diane


*Fall Roasting/Cooking Tomatoes
*Green Tomatoes
*Beautiful Bell, Mole, Sweet Banana, Italian Frying & Poblono Peppers
*Swiss Chard 
*Lacinato, Red Russian & Other Varieties of Kale
*Pea Shoots & Micro Greens
*Elephant Garlic
*Cinnamon Basil, Parsley, Rosemary, Mint & Other Fresh Herbs
*Pickled Sweet Snacking Peppers, Chard Stems, Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers Jalapenos & Red Okra
*Canned Applesauce
*Blueberry, Tomato & Other Jams
*Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats

Andrea & Steve
Edgerton, KS

*Sweet Fall Carrots
*Red, White and Purple Radishes
*Daikon Radishes
*Yellow onions
*Sweet Potatoes
*Collard Greens
*Sunflower and Pea Sprouts
*Wheat grass and wheat grass shots

Mark & Conor
Lawrence, KS

Oyster, Shiitake, Nameko & Buna Shimeji
*Gourmet Mesclun Salad Mix
*Japanese Sweet Potatoes
*Bok Choi
*Napa Cabbage
*Daikon Radishes
*Sweet Potato & Black Bean TAMALES
*Mushroom TAMALES

Laura & Paul

*Fat, Sweet and Juicy CARROTS

*Frost-sweetened KALE and BROCCOLI LEAVES (use them like collards)
*Napa Cabbage
*Savoy Cabbage
*Fresh ROSEMARY bundles
*TURNIP GREENS that make awesome greens dishes!!  Check out this recipe:
zesty ARUGULA, healthy BROCCOLI/KALE mix and vibrant PARTY MIX

Ami & Jim
Odessa, MO

*Sweet Potatoes
*Gourmet Greens  (Bunches & Bagged Mixes)
*Fresh Herbs


*Sunflower & Pea Shoots

*Organic Baked Goods:
Peanut Butter Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies, Blueberry Muffins and Fresh Apple & Walnut Muffins

Rebecca & Tom
Kearney, MO

FARMSTEAD FERMENTS: Kimchi, Sauerkraut, & Daikon Pickles
Vegetables grown on our family farm are the main ingredient in our fermented products.  Raw, live cultured krauts and kimchis add zing to any meal while aiding in digestion & loading you up with essential pro-biotics!
*Fresh Bulb Fennel
*Bok Choy


(lovingly gathered from Certified Organic land in Lawrence, KS)

(sold through Brooke & Dan at URBAVORE)
Osawatomie, KS

*Buttery Kansas Pecans

(from untreated, unsprayed trees)

(sold through Brooke & Dan at URBAVORE)
Marienthal, KS

*Certified Organic, Freshly-Milled Flours from locally grown grain:

All-Purpose, All-Purpose "Malted", Stoneground Whole Wheat, Golden Buffalo, Heirloom Bolted "Turkey Red" Wheat, Whole Wheat Pastry
*Certified Organic Rolled Oats
*Certified Organic Blue & Yellow Cornmeal

Paula & Tom
Richmond, MO


*Free-Range Non GMO EGGS
*Heritage Pork Products (holiday hams, chops, brats, Italian sausage, etc.)
*Grass-Fed Beef (beef tenderloin, brisket, rib roast, ground beef, franks, steaks & smaller cuts)
*Pastured Whole CHICKENS

*To Pre-Order a specific cut of meat, call Tom & Paula at 816-470-FARM

Sheri & Bill
Pleasanton, KS

*Artisan Cow & Goat Milk CHEESE:
innchego, Jalapeno Gouda, Asiago, Skyjack, Duchesne, Skyview Prairie Tomme, Fontina 

*Buy 3 wedges of cheese & receive 20% off!!

Sarah & Eliza
Weston, MO

*French Farmstead Sheep's Milk CHEESE:

Fresh Cheeses- Plain, Nettle, Garlic Herb, Rosemary
Aged Cheeses- Dirt Lover, Bossa, Tuffet and Ruby (new!!)
*3-pack Artisan Sheep's Milk Yogurt! (mixed varieties)

*Cheeses are sold individually or as part of our "Holiday Cheese Board Collection"!

Deb & Charlie
Lawrence, KS

*Certified Organic FRESH CHESTNUTS
*Roasted Chestnuts by the Cone!!



*Slow Cooked Apple Marjoram Jelly
*Apple Butter
*Pear Honey
*Zucchini Relish.
*Luna Goat's Milk Soap
*Hand-felted Wool Toy Sheep & Dryer Balls
*Duck Eggs!!
*Pie Pumpkins
*Jerusalem Artichokes

Steven & Jerry


*Fairtrade & Organic Freshly Brewed Coffee by the cup
*Fairtrade & Organic Freshly Roasted Beans
Our new varieties include:
Endless Ripple (Our medium roast):  A medium roasted, tangy-sweet blend of African and Central American beans, with hints of chocolate and nuts.
Trailblazer (Our medium-dark roast):  A medium-dark roast blend of Indonesian and Central American beans, with hints of chocolate, citrus, toffee, and sweet cedar.


*Fairtrade & Organic Freshly Brewed Coffee By the Cup & Beans by the Bag

Olathe, KS

Pumpkin Cranberry, Blueberry Lemon Ginger & Apple Cinnamon Kombucha 
*Cranberry Orange & Raspberry Lemon Kefir Water
*Fermented Garlic Dilly Green Beans & Carrot Sticks
*Fermented CranApple Chutney
*Pumpkin Spice Sourdough Muffins
*Fresh Elderberry Syrup (medicinal use)
*Beef Bone Broth 

*Pre-orders for GALLONS of kombucha are now being accepted for your holiday gatherings. Contact to place an order. 

Kate & Chris
Lenexa, KS


*Artisan SOURDOUGH BREADS made with local, organic flour & old world charm!
(A new loaf we'll be featuring is called cracked corn porridge bread. It is a very light, soft polenta bread rolled in sesame seeds. Delicious, and perfect for Thanksgiving!)
*Fresh Croissants (chocolate, ham and Gruyere, regular, almond and a new traditional croissant called a Kouign Amann, which is lightly salted and has sugar between the layers which gets caramelized).
*Bread Pudding
*Gluten-free Raw Energy Bites

*Customers may pre-order by calling us at 816-669-9883

Kathy, Amanda & Bethany

*Delicious Baked Goods from local & organic flour:
Scones, Pumpkin Cookies, Cinnamon Rolls, Dinner Rolls, English Toffee, Hand Pies, Piadina, Anna's Gluten Free Bread, Gluten Free Brownies, Cranberry Walnut Bread, along with our usual selection of whole wheat and gluten free breads and goodies!!



*Organic, Hand-Crafted Soaps, Lotions, Scrubs, Salves, and luscious body care products




*Hand-Carved Black Walnut Kitchen Utensils
(These one of a kind creations come from a black walnut tree on URBAVORE Farm.  They are truly handmade and finished, will give you years of comforting use, are sensually beautiful, will make you feel warm and fuzzy AND they are gluten free!!!)

Celebrating Local Food, Culture & Community
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Market Hours: Every Friday, 4-9 PM thru November, 4-8 PM in December

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