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From The Board

Dr. Carlton Gant

I am a native of the state of Florida and for over 50 years seen our state blossom and grow. 

After I graduated high school and college, I went to graduate school and obtained my Doctorate in Theology.  I spent a couple years in Oklahoma pursuing my masters and it was there I met and Married my wife and partner.  We moved back to Florida and we have three children.

I have had the opportunity to pastor three churches and have worked with two para church organizations. It was during my days at Youth for Christ that I met Dick and Maggie Witherow.  He had such vigor, passion and was an strong advocate for the prison population and their families.  He later asked me to become a member of the Board of Directors of Matthew 25 Ministries and I did so many years ago.

I have seen this ministry stand by faith and encourage and serve the forgotten for many years.  Matthew 25 Ministries has ministered to both women and men and assisted in the process of providing education, accountability and often times life skills for re-entry to a society that is unforgiving, laws that don’t support, and for many making it very difficult to successfully continue their journey of healing and positive contribution to society.

Our prayer and continued motivation is to fulfill our mission and be both light and salt to those we serve.

Pastor's Passage

Rev. T. Michael Henderson - Director

Hello to all from Pastor:

Since becoming a Christian some 35 years ago I have seen many wonderful and inspiring things happen as well as mighty workings in my own life. When I think back over the tenure of my faith in God there are few people that I met that could stand next to Dick Witherow. He was a champion for the underdog ever since I had the honor of knowing him. Now, as Pastor of Jacob’s Destiny church and director of Matthew 25’s Ministry’s City of Refuge, I sense the same calling in my heart to push ahead through all adversity and look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

We have undergone some deep changes which made us examine ourselves to see if we "be in the faith". I would like to tell you that if the faith of God abides in you then the life of His Spirit brings the fruit. Last Wednesday evening a young man who was faltering came to the altar with weeping and tears and seven men gathered around him as he poured out his heart to Christ. His words were something special with utters like "Jesus HELP ME...and Lord let me put away childish things and serve you". I am thrilled at the coming of a man or woman to their need for the power of God - in their desire to live with victory over the driving forces that rule us all till we come to Jesus, broken so that our lives are healed. This is the promise of our Lord: that we should no longer strive with sin but take His yoke upon us. "My yoke is easy, my burden is light." Matthew 11:30; but just before that, in the 29th verse Christ states that we can learn of Him and He is meek in nature. Jesus has the intent to reveal God to us through His life and nature (verse 27) so that we are partakers of God’s divine nature.

I remember when my children were home and my sons were learning their trades and living their lives, making ready to move into the world. My job was to teach them by my words and also my actions; our God has done the same: sent His Spirit to guide the hands of men to write His words then sent the word in the flesh which is Christ come to show us our God. Jesus said if you have seen me you have seen the Father, then writes in John 14:18 "I will not leave you comfortless. I will come to you" …then in verses 20 and 21 "At that day (when the Spirit comes to you) you will know the Father and I are one, and ye are in me, and I in you”. In verse 21 He states: he that loves me shall be loved of our Father.

Pray to God in Christ’s name that these things are revealed to you by His Spirit. Otherwise we are not truly His but caught in the "broad path of religious and lost". Pray for our ministry please… we are seeing great things happen but need your loving support both in the Spirit and needs. Please consider giving generously as we march on: God speaks but our hands give.

God bless you friends!

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Maggie’s Message

Maggie Witherow – Co-Founder M25M

Thank you for praying for Kenny.  He’s been in the hospital and rehab for over a month now, but he’s doing great and is expecting to come back to our “City of Refuge” in another week.  Some of you may ask, “Who is Kenny?”  Well, he’s one of our guys, and for the last 10 or 12 years he has stamped our address on the return envelopes that are sent to about 1400 snail mail newsletter friends.  Last week he said, “Why don’t you bring the envelopes over here to the rehab and I will get them ready for the next newsletter.”  Now that’s what I call true dedication.  We love and appreciate you Kenny and are so glad you’re healing.

I agree that is it rather hard to think of Christmas and caroling while the temperature is still around 95, but the Chaplain said to let you know you have only a month and a half to get your names on the list.  If you went with us last year I just need your name and social security number,  If you did not go with us last year to the work release centers and road prison please let me know and I will send you an application.  Once you see the smiles on these men and women you’ll agree that for one night you have witnessed the love of Jesus to some hurting souls.

The widow/divorce group will start up again on Sept. 13th at 10:00 AM for a brunch at Maggie’s house in Lake Worth.  We will be planning the activities for the year.  Any lady that lives alone is certainly welcome.  Please let me know if you’re coming so I’ll have enough eggs, sausage, and waffles.  Maggie 561-432-9072
Matthew 25 Ministries' City of Refuge

The Key


The key in the masthead is a “word cloud” graphing out how often a word is used in a particular passage – the larger the word, the more it is used. Matthew 25:34-46 (KJV) was used to generate the graph. Where do you see God’s emphasis?
        God Bless, always.
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