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Covid-19 Vaccinations Toolkit


Thank you for your continued support to promote vaccine uptake across the Black Country and West Birmingham. As we continue through Phase 3 we are continuing to offer walk-in and bookable appointments in a number of community locations so that everyone is able to go and get their first or second dose of the vaccine or their booster near to where they live or work and at a time that suits them.
We have created a new page for vaccinations on our CCG website so we can keep up to date in real time what sites are available by place and to help you all encourage anyone who is eligible to walk in or book to get their 1st or 2nd Covid-19 vaccine, as well as their booster. 

Please include the link to this site on your own websites and in any of your message to patients and the public:

We also need your continued support to amplify key messages via your websites, social media accounts and by text to maximise our reach of messages.

To do this please see the full range of key messages and visuals  in the toolkit below, which you are welcome to adjust the tone to suit your organisation, but please keep the key messages. 

COVID-19 Booster

Please promote the booster acceleration programme via your channels using the key messages below:

Key messages:

  • Following the latest government guidance, we’re now working to accelerate the booster programme across the area to offer protection to as many people as quickly as possible against the Omicron variant
  • The NHS vaccination programme will offer every adult the chance to book a COVID-19 booster vaccine by the end of the year in a race to protect the nation against the Omicron variant
  • It is likely there are many more cases of this variant in the community than those confirmed by testing. This is a fast-moving form of COVID-19 which has the potential to cause a large wave of infections, and vaccination remains our best defence.
  • Online bookings are now available for everyone aged 18 and over to get their booster
  • To be eligible for a booster jab, people must have had their second dose at least three months ago
  • If you are eligible, please come forward as quickly as possible to get boosted. You can book online via the National Booking System or call 119.
  • Alternatively, you can search the NBS for a local walk in vaccination site
  • If you still haven’t had your first or second dose, we urge you to come forward and get it now
  • People who have tested positive for the virus recently should wait until four weeks after the date they were tested to get a dose of the vaccine


Social media posts:

We have produced a omicron local emergency social media pack which encourages all eligible adults to get their booster vaccine. This can be viewed here
COVID-19 Resources

In response to the Omicron variant a new Get Boosted Now campaign has launched promoting the uptake of the COVID-19 booster vaccine making all adults eligible and receive the best possible protection. Resources are now available to download.

There are also additional new coronavirus resources ready for download including:

3rd Primary Dose COVID-19 Vaccine

Who can get a 3rd dose of COVID-19  vaccine

People with a weakened immune system are being offered a 3rd dose of a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. This is also known as a 3rd primary dose.

Key messages:

A 3rd dose of a COVID-19 vaccine is being offered to people aged 12 and over who had a weakened immune system when they had their first 2 doses.

This includes people who had or have:

  • a blood cancer (such as leukaemia or lymphoma)
  • a weakened immune system due to a treatment (such as steroid medicine, biological therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy)
  • an organ or bone marrow transplant
  • a condition that means you have a very high risk of getting infections
  • a condition or treatment your specialist advises makes you eligible for a 3rd dose

Please find below a poster to download and share via your practice channels to help explain the difference between a 3rd primary dose and a booster to patients.

Vaccine for Children & Young People

New...12-15 Year Olds (Healthy)

JCVI also announced that 12-15 year olds should receive a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.  This should take place no sooner than 12 weeks after the first dose.
Since October 22, children aged 12 and over have been able to get their jabs at a number of vaccine walk-in sites. This complements the existing service in schools and ensures those who prefer to access a COVID-19 vaccination outside of a school setting can do so. 

In school: Second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine will be offered in school from the 10 January 2022. 

Out of school: Vaccinations for 12-15-year olds are now available at a number of local vaccination centres. Parents can book an appointment via the National Booking System online or by calling 119. Alternatively they can attend  The Saddlers Centre in Walsall, the City Hospital Cardiac Rehab Gym in West Birmingham, Tipton Sports Academy in Sandwell and Saltwells Vaccination Centre, Dudley with their child.

Key messages:

  • The main aim of the COVID-19 school age vaccination programme is to provide protection to the children who receive the vaccine, as well as helping to reduce transmission of COVID-19 in the wider population.
  • Children aged 12-15 are being offered a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine.
  • We’re expanding the service to include the opportunity to get vaccinated inside or outside of school, making it easier and more convenient for children aged 12-15 to get a vaccination.
  • The benefits of in-school vaccination are a familiar environment for the young person and the ability to fit getting vaccinated into their normal routine.
  • The benefits of out of school vaccination are parents and guardians being able to accompany their child, support to understand and complete the consent forms, and more flexibility on when a young person can get their vaccination.
  • The offer of a vaccination is evergreen, so any parent who previously declined to give consent but has changed their mind, is welcome to bring their child along any time.
  • Currently, The Saddlers Centre in Walsall, the City Hospital Cardiac Rehab Gym in West Birmingham, and Tipton Sports Academy in Sandwell are open for 12-15s to attend. More sites will be added in the coming days and weeks.

Social media post 

  • Children aged 12-15 are now eligible for a 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. You can take your child to a number of local sites for their 1st or 2nd jab – no appointment needed. Click here to book or to find a walk-in site near you
Download additional campaign resources here

12-15 Year Olds (Clinically Extremely Vulnerable)

Some children aged 12 to 15 who have a condition that means they’re at high risk from COVID-19, or live with someone who is likely to get infections can now get the COVID-19 vaccine. They will be contacted when it's their turn to get the vaccine.


12-15-year olds 'at risk' with underlying health conditions specified includes:

  • severe neuro-disabilities,
  • Down’s Syndrome,
  • underlying conditions resulting in immunosuppression, and

those with profound and multiple learning disabilities, severe learning disabilities or who are on the learning disability register

16 and 17-year-old social messages

Most 16- and 17-year-olds have now got their NHS COVID-19 vaccine. This is important protection for them and their families – infection rates for this virus are still high, and scientists still don’t fully understand the long-term damage it can do to people.

On Monday 15 November, the
JCVI recommended extending protection to this group and confirmed they will be offered a second jab.

Locally, we have developed assets to support the promotion of the vaccine amongst teenagers. Please share/adapt these to your own channels:
Public Health England have also developed new assets for younger people to let them know about the benefits of the vaccine, which you can download here.
Everything Covid Website

A new website called 'Everything Covid' has been developed by young people for young people, where they can learn more about the vaccine, get answers to questions and when ready, organise a jab locally.

The site can be accessed at: Vaccination | Everything COVID

Please share via your channels

Vaccine Reminder to Everyone aged 18+

Please find content below to encourage all adults who have not yet been invited or have previously declined to book their vaccine:

Social Media Posts:
  • 🚶 All adults can now book or walk-in for a COVID-19 vaccine. Join the millions who have already had theirs. Find a vaccine near you 💉
  • 💉 The COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to protect yourself, friends and family from the virus. All adults can now get one and it’s never too late to come forward. Find a vaccine near you:
Advice on how to find your NHS Number: The link below can be shared for staff and public to find their NHS number ahead of booking a vaccine

Please see below images to use with the social media posts:

Second Dose Vaccines for everyone at 8 weeks

Second dose appointments of the COVID-19 vaccine should be brought forward from 12 to 8 weeks for the remaining people in all cohorts who have yet to receive their second dose. This is to ensure everyone has the strongest possible protection from the Delta variant of the virus at the earliest opportunity possible.
This latest announcement builds on the previous advice that second doses for cohorts 1-9 should be brought forward from 12 weeks to 8 weeks. All providers are asked to continue to vaccinate priority groups as soon as possible and not to hold on to vaccine supply.
Please see attached the second dose interval letter from NHSE/I which outlines the required actions and next steps for vaccination services across the Black Country and West Birmingham.

Encouraging Second Doses of the COVID-19 Vaccine...

Please continue to promote second doses and encourage take up to ensure people gain full protection against the virus using the following:

Below are some messages to share via your social media channels:  
  • 🙌 All adults can now get their second COVID-19 jab earlier than before, now just eight weeks after your first. See what’s convenient to book online or walk-in. Find your nearest vaccine to you
  • 📣 If you’ve already had your first dose, your second is now due at eight weeks so please come forward as soon as you’re eligible. Find your nearest vaccine to you
  • 🌈Everyone can now get their second dose of the vaccine after 8 weeks! Get jabbin’ and start getting back to the things you love. 🚶Find a vaccine near you:

Article for practice websites:

Second dose of the life-saving COVID-19 vaccination is vital for maximum protection.

If you have had the first part of your life-saving COVID-19 vaccination, it’s absolutely vital that you take up the offer of the second part which is now due for everyone 8 weeks after the first dose.

Vaccinations offer the best protection against coronavirus and are hugely important in helping us to lead a more normal life as restrictions begin to ease. The second dose gives everyone the strongest possible protection against COVID-19, so it’s crucial that you take up this offer as soon as you are invited.

Recent evidence shows that some people are mistakenly thinking that they are vaccinated with just one dose, but a second jab is vital. Remember, the most effective protection comes from having both doses of the vaccine, so it’s important you do not put off your appointment for your second jab if you have already had your first.

Second Dose Poster for Practices

Please find attached poster for practices to display for those patients attending for a second dose of the Covid-19 Vaccine
COVID-19 Vaccination Misinformation

Sharing false information about the COVID-19 vaccine can be dangerous.
Inaccurate claims can circulate quickly. You can stop the spread of misinformation by checking the accuracy of information before passing it on. The Government has a social media campaign to tackle false vaccine information. Find out more and download the toolkit here:
COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation Toolkit | DCMS (
NEW.. Vaccine Hesitancy Toolkit for Black African and Black African Caribbean Communities

Across the Black Country and West Birmingham there are audiences identified as being a high-risk either by setting or community, or that have low trust or low engagement with the NHS. Currently, Black African and Black African Caribbean communities have the highest hesitancy compared to other ethnic groups.

To reach these communities will require a more targeted approach.
Click here to download COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy toolkit

IPC face covering resources for NHS settings

The Government has confirmed that Public Health England’s infection prevention control guidelines and hospital visiting guidance remain in place for staff and visitors across all health services, for the protection of both staff and patients.

Staff, patients and visitors will also be expected to continue to follow social distancing rules when visiting any care setting as well as using face coverings, masks and other personal protection equipment.

Please see below resources supporting latest IPC guidance including social media assets and posters for health care settings to use at entrances to notify visitors.

Alternative local social media posts include:

👐😷↔️ Across the Black Country and West Birmingham, all healthcare settings will continue to follow the Hands, Face, Space measure to keep our staff, patients and visitors safe. 👉 IPC Media Release 👈  #KeepBCWBSafe 


👨‍⚕️Local GP, Dr Ian Sykes, urges everyone visiting a healthcare setting to continue to wash their hands or use hand gel, wear masks and maintain social distancing even when restrictions lift👐😷↔️Please see video here. #KeepBCWBSafe


📣 We are asking you to wear your masks in our healthcare setting because we care. Remember; Hands👐, Face😷, Space↔️  IPC Media Release and Socials Image for IPC messaging #KeepBCWBSafe 

🌈 Thank you for helping us to keep our healthcare settings COVID free so we can continue to be there when you need care – please keep to Hands, Face, Space when attending or visiting a healthcare setting 👐😷↔️ #KeepBCWBSafe 

NEW.. COVID-19 Infection in Pregnancy

COVID-19 infection in pregnancy carries a higher risk of severe illness and a significant risk of hospital admission than for the non-pregnant population.
COVID-19 infection can also increase the risk of preterm birth, so it is important that pregnant women get vaccinated.

Read the latest advice from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Other information

NHS.UK page with the guidance for women who are of childbearing age

with the link to the

They also have a range of videos here:

JCVI Announcement on AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine 

AstraZeneca vaccine healthy adults under 40

Please ensure those of you involved in vaccination are clear on the advice regarding the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for those under 40. To clarify:
  • Healthy adults under the age of 40 will receive either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine in preference to AstraZeneca. Please ensure any deviation from this guidance is only made on robust clinical grounds and is clearly documented in the vaccination record. We expect the number of patients in this category to be extremely small.
  • Healthy adults under the age of 40 who have already received their first dose of AstraZeneca are still eligible to receive their second dose of AstraZeneca.
  • Individuals under the age of 40 who already have a first dose of AstraZeneca booked, should have their appointments cancelled and invited and given advice on how to re-book a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine via the National Booking System.
This is in line with the JCVI guidance on vaccinating people under the age of 40, and is also highlighted in Chapter 14a of the Green Book (page 15).

If you are considering the use of AZ for anything other than exceptional individual clinical circumstances then you should seek approval from the vaccination board.

This includes decisions to vaccinate patients under 40 when Pfizer vaccine is in short supply. Contact Managing Directors for further advice on this.

If you are administering AZ to anyone under 40 you must clearly document your reasons and the consent process.

For those who are worried about receiving a second dose of the AZ vaccine, please find attached leaflet  
COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Toolkit

Please click here to download the new COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Toolkit. This includes key messages and assets to help combat myths and issues of the COVID-19 Vaccine.
UPDATED.. Translated Leaflets 

Please find below translated images to encourage people to get their winter vaccines even if they don't have ID, address, or GP registration.
Please find below links to translated COVID-19 Vaccine leaflets  More translated material are available on the PHE resource centre here

Long Covid - Long Term Effects of Covid 

For some people, coronavirus (COVID-19) can cause symptoms that last weeks or months after the infection has gone. This is sometimes called post-COVID-19 syndrome or "long COVID".

How long it takes to recover from coronavirus is different for everybody.

Please see below resources to help you share information with your patients:

Making Every Contact Count 

A MECC script has been developed for staff who see patients on a regular basis.

This is a guideline for staff to have a conversation with patients about the Covid-19 Vaccine and to:

  • Remind people to book a vaccine
  • Advise how easy it is to book a vaccine & provide details of the NBS
  • Advise people of the benefits of the vaccine
  • Address any concerns people may have about getting the vaccine

The script can be downloaded here

Please share this with all patient and public facing staff in your practice.

Toolkit for Practices not delivering vaccines in Phase 2 to Cohorts 10-12

Some PCNs have chosen not to continue to deliver phase two of  the vaccination programme. Which means they will continue to offer first and second vaccine appointments  to those in cohorts 1-9, but won’t deliver it to those people in cohorts 10-12 (the under 50s).

The toolkit below has been  developed to help communicate this to patients and reassure people in these areas, on how they can access the COVID-19 vaccine as well as giving  primary care colleagues clear and consistent messages to describe the changes.

Please click here to download the toolkit and use across your communications channels.
Information Booklet for Patients Isolating at Home 

Please see attached new information booklet for patients isolating at home
NHS App & COVID Pass

As part of NHSX's continuing work against the Covid-19 pandemic they are looking to support people across England understand more about the NHS App and the COVID Pass. This includes the features and benefits it can bring to individuals needing to access health and care services as well as using the features to help them in several aspects of their management of Covid.
NHSX have now produced a NHS Family Communications Social Media Toolkit (attached) to help enable CCGs, ICS and primary care contractors on their social media channels. The toolkit includes high quality engaging content such as social media posts, impactful infographics, animations and also videos tailored with a diverse and wide-ranging audience in mind to drive likes, shares and click-throughs with the desired call-to-action of downloading the NHS App and COVID Pass.
NHSX hopes that you find these useful but should you have any questions or feedback about the toolkit and/or the assets, then please contact Stephen Breen in the first instance:
Asymptomatic staff testing SOP for vaccination sites

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the usage of lateral flow devices for asymptomatic staff testing at vaccination sites has been updated and published today and circulated via SPOC. This is in light of recent changes to the way in which NHS staff and volunteers order their lateral flow tests, which was implemented earlier this month.

New...COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Publications Available to Order ! 

Please find below details to re-order materials for the Covid-19 Vaccination Programme for your vaccination sites – these are available to order now.
ONLY the record cards and Package Insert: Information for Vaccine Recipients, which is the manufacturers patient information leaflet (PIL), are supplied with the vaccines. All other immunisation publications are available for free from the Health Publications order line here ( Once registered as a provider for this free service, you can also telephone: 0300 123 1002 to place bulk orders.

New 15 minute wait – patient information
Paper copies are available to order now. Copies can be ordered using the product code: C21AAEN from the Health Publications website: