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Coronavirus Toolkits for Primary Care

Covid remains a massive challenge to us all – both in our organisations and in our personal lives.

Across the Black Country and West Birmingham we need to continue to encourage residents to work together and with us, in order to help us avoid any potential future local lockdowns.

To do this we really need the support of all GP practices to amplify key messages via your websites, social media accounts and by text to ensure we get the right advice to all local patients, particularly those who may be clinically vulnerable. These messages include information on:

  • Symptoms
  • Testing (when & how to get tested)
  • Stay Alert to Stay Safe (continue to - wash hands, socially distance, wear masks)
  • Test and Trace 

The full range of key messages and visuals are available in the toolkits below and are further supported by localised messaging from councils and public health teams.

These will be updated as and when national guidance or materials are released, or there is a local need to enhance messaging to patients and the public. 

New... Your GP Practice is here for you...

We need to continue to remind patients that GP practices are open but are working differently.

Please see below new video's developed with local GPs to advise patients on what to expect when they need to access primary care, please share these via your social media channels or via MJOG:

Please also see below video explaining how and why to contact your practice remotely:
Please use the GP social media assets below and suggested text to share via your practice communications channels. Please click the images to download.

GP Practices are open social messages.

In addition, over the past few months the CCG has produced plenty of visual assets to support the message that our GP Practices are still open to the public. With wonderful support from Dr Mohit Mandiratta and other clinical professionals, click here to view our collection of videos in multiple languages.

"Hands, Face, Space" Toolkit...

The new "Hands Face Space" campaign urges people to ensure they wash their hands, use a mask when needed and maintain social distancing. The campaign states these are the three most effective ways the public can contain the spread of the virus, and echoes previous advice given by the government.

To accompany the assets available to download below, please use very simple messaging, such as:

"Each and every one of us has a responsibility to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
 Wash hands, cover your face, make space."

You can download the 'Hands, Face, Space' campaign resources from Public Health England here.


Stay Alert to Stay Safe Toolkit...

The CCG has collated together two weeks worth of specific messaging regarding handwashing, wearing face coverings and the NHS Track and Trace service. All messages are supported by a national graphic available on the link below:

Stay Alert Toolkit w/Graphics.

Without needing to create an account, you can download all Public Health England assets here.

Booking a test...

Message and visuals have been developed to advise on how and when to book a test for Covid-19, and to remind people that they can’t get a test from their local doctor as testing is only done at specific national sites.
Find below suggested text for your website and social media:

Anybody who is experiencing any symptoms of the virus should self-isolate straight away, then make an appointment to get a test by calling 119 or visiting  
The symptoms to look out for are:
•         A new, continuous cough
•         A high temperature
•         A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.
Please be aware that you can’t get a COVID test at your local GP Practice as the testing is only done at specific national sites.
Click here to download the above image to use with text

Click here for current messaging about when to have a COVID-19 test
The full press release can be viewed here

NHS Test and Trace Toolkit...

The CCG has provided some social messages to accompany the Public Health England resources which can be downloaded below. If you would like more information on the NHS Test and Trace service, please read the government advice here.

NHS Test and Trace social messages.

Without needing to create an account, you can download all of the NHS Test and Trace resources, like the one above, from Public Health England assets here.

Symptoms Toolkit...

The CCG has used government messaging to support the 'symptoms' resources, which is as follows:

"The most important symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) are recent onset of any of the following:
- a new continuous cough
- a high temperature
- a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)."

These messages should be accompanied with a link to the government website, containing advice about how to get a Coronavirus test:

Without needing to create an account, you can download all of the Symptoms resources, like the ones above, from Public Health England assets here.

Parents & Carers Advice...

NHS111 online
Primary Care are currently receiving increased contact from worried patients around suspected covid symptoms. In the first instance, where possible/as appropriate please direct patients to NHS 111 Online rather than calling NHS111.

Please add the below suggested text to practice websites where possible. This can also be sent direct to patients via MJOG:
If you are concerned about your symptoms, or you feel you are unable to manage your symptoms at home, Use the 111 online coronavirus service. The 111 online coronavirus service will ask about your symptoms and tell you what to do.

Click here to download the above image to use with text
Covid -19 advice for parents accessing Primary Care

We have developed a quick guide to help you respond to parent/carers of school aged children using guidance received by Public Health and Education.

Click here to see the guidance which was updated today on 17 September

Working together to keep people safe across the Black Country and West Birmingham Toolkit...

The CCG have produced a Doodle Video to explain how health and care services are being delivered in a different way to keep patients and staff safe as well as what to expect if you are asked to visit your GP or local hospital. The video is on the Walsall CCG YouTube channel and can be found here.

We have created a social media toolkit to aid the promotion of this video.

Access to general practice communications Toolkit...

The attached Toolkit has been developed to support general practice, Primary Care Networks and CCGs to explain to patients how they can safely access general practice.

It outlines the current, several priorities, key patient messages and includes some useful social graphics and messaging.

Click here to download the Access to GP Communications Toolkit as a PDF.

Vulnerable and Previously Shielding Toolkit...

The messaging for the vulnerable or previously shielding has continued to change through the course of the year, however now more than ever it's crucial that we promote the following message to the most patients:

"If you have previously been shielding you are seen as clinically vulnerable to #COVID19. It is even more important that you social distance and take every precaution to protect yourself."

To support this message, you can download a suite of Public Health England resources here.

Latest Data

We continue to see a rise in the number of new cases of COVID-19 in places across the Black Country and West Birmingham.

As of 21 September, the incidence per 100,000 population for each place is as follows:

  • Birmingham 122.2
  • Wolverhampton 66.4
  • Sandwell 94.7
  • Walsall 69.5
  • Dudley 38.4

(taken from current NHS Digital data)

Please share the key messages and updates below from your places Council Outbreak Team and Public Health, see below:


Key messaging this week from Local Authority:
  • The key messages for the Government restrictions for Sandwell in place from Tuesday 15 September are:
  • You must not allow people you don't live with in your home or garden.
  • You must not visit people you do not live with - inside or outside Sandwell.
  • Only essential visits inside homes, such as by carers, will be allowed.
  • The new restrictions will be law and you could be fined for breaking them.
  • The new restrictions will not affect schools, transport or workplaces.
  •  The following webpage has been set up to inform local residents:
    Anyone wishing to read the full guidance can visit:
    Please see following key messages for this week’s social media:
    Key public health messages
  • All of Sandwell has a very high rate of coronavirus infections. Case numbers are rising rapidly – nearly 200 new cases in one week.  COVID-19 is a potentially fatal illness. Everyone must do what they can to avoid becoming infected and passing on the virus to others.
  •  Make sure you keep your distance from others, wash your hands regularly and wear a face covering in shops, on public transport and in other enclosed spaces.
  •  Do not meet with people you do not live with inside a public home or garden. Do not visit people you do not live with – inside or outside Sandwell. Only accept visitors into your home for essential purposes - such as to provide care.
  •  If someone in your household has coronavirus symptoms, or has tested positive, they need to isolate for at least 10 days. Everyone in the household also needs to self-isolate for 14 days. Any person who has symptoms or tests positive must maintain their distance from others in the household.
  •  You must get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms by visiting or call 119.  Many local people are having problems booking a test via the national testing programme.  We've contacted the Government testing team who say they are trying to sort out the problems asap.  If you have symptoms, please try again later if you can’t book a test immediately.
  •  All businesses have a responsibility to ensure COVID-19 safety measures are followed such as social distancing and face coverings where appropriate.  Businesses should keep a log of names and contact details of all customers/ visitors who visit the premises for 21 days.  We will close businesses where rules are not followed. Customers are advised only to use businesses that are following the rules. Any concerns can be reported at
  •  The risk from COVID-19 hasn’t gone away. People are still at risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19.
West Birmingham:
Key messaging this week from Local Authority:
  • Please continue to use national toolkits above
Key messaging this week from Local Authority:

Wolverhampton became an area of national intervention on 22 September due to a sustained raise in coronavirus cases in recent weeks. The new restrictions mean:

  • You must not allow people you don't live with or who are not part of your support bubble into your home or garden.
  • You must not visit people you do not live with or who are not part of your support bubble in their home or garden in Wolverhampton or elsewhere.
  • People can only come inside your home or garden for specific purposes set out in law (see the guidance for further details).
  • These restrictions apply to everyone living and working within the city of Wolverhampton and will be law.

Please click here to download the 'Avoid  Local Lockdown' materials.
Key messaging this week from Local Authority:

Please share messages below from the 
Dudley Play Your Part (Coronavirus) Campaign to encourage all residents to do what they need do to help us avoid a local lockdown in the borough.

Please include #protectdudley in your social media posts. Materials to accompany posts are available to to download here 
  • We need you to play your part, protect Dudley borough and help us avoid a local lockdown.
    We need you to, keep washing your hands regularly, wear face coverings, keep a safe distance from others and continue limiting your contact with others.
    Coronavirus hasn’t gone away, we all need to help control the virus and save lives.
  • We need you to play your part, protect Dudley borough and help us avoid a local lockdown.
    Persistent cough? Fever? Change in taste or smell? Got symptoms stay home, get a test save lives.
    Get a test and find out more or call 119
  • We need you to play your part, protect Dudley borough and help us avoid a local lockdown - keep washing your hands regularly, wear face coverings, keep a safe distance from others and keep limiting your contact with others #protectdudley
  • We need you to play your part, protect Dudley borough and help us avoid a local lockdown - got symptoms? stay home, get a test, save lives or call 119 #protectdudley

Key messaging this week from Local Authority:
  • On Saturday 8 August it became compulsory to wear face coverings in all indoor settings where you’re likely to come into contact with people you would not usually meet. Face coverings must cover your nose and mouth, and they don’t replace the need for you to still follow social distancing guidelines and wash your hands often. For a full list of places where you need to wear a face covering, and information about who’s exempt, visit the Walsall Council website.
  • When visiting certain businesses where you are likely to be in contact with others for longer periods, such as pubs and hairdressers, you should be asked by staff to give your name and contact details. This is for your safety, so you can be alerted quickly if someone else at the premises tests positive for COVID-19. We know some people can still pass the virus to others even if they’re not showing symptoms, so please provide your contact details when asked. If you’re notified by NHS Test and Trace that you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, or if you suspect you have, you are urged to self-isolate. If you experience symptoms at any time, please get tested.