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Merry Christmas Aquaponicists! In this month's newsletter we have a huge amount to be sharing. New funding leads, new research papers, exciting events and opportunities, a great podcast and plenty of inspiration! Such a nice way to close what has been a really exciting year for BAQUA. Huge thanks for all your support! And remember to send us all your news and updates for next month's newsletter!


This month's campaign:

Sign the petition: Aquaponics Organic Certification:

One of the main working groups to come out of this years BAQUA convention was on certification and standards. Concurently, a group in Europe are persuing Aquaponics Organic CerOrganic Certification.  They point out that this is impeded at the moment, because of the confusing word “soil” in the Organic Standards - so want the standard's terminology modernised to include innovative and precision agriculture techniques. Read More and Sign the Petition.

Also whilst we are on the subject - congratulations to Mark Horler of the Association for Vertical Farming and our representative here in the UK on his new job as ops manager running the division for certifications and standards for AVF! Mark spoke on the AVF's certification work at our convention this year. Its so great to see the UK branch of AVF gain traction and we look forward to working with Mark in Future!

News and stories

Global farmed finfish production outlook - slower-paced growth:
Summary of some of the findings from the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s survey on finfish and mussel species - read more
(photos by Darryl Jory (left) and Cesar Alceste (right)).

A National Aquaculture Centre could soon be established at Humber Seafood Institute, drawing together academic prowess, technical knowledge and supply chain expertise.

Read More

Bristol Fish Project tells of their adventures in crowdfunding: 

"We’ve been a participant in a collaborative crowdfunder of late – in order to raise money for a food-producers sort-of-guild that supports local producers in our area – and on who’s services we draw (they share a super useful newsletter and we want Bristol Fish Project to be part of their ... read more

Job Alerts

We are looking for a Farm Manager to hold the principal role in the establishment of a new precision agriculture farming facility in the London area (application form). From conceptualisation to fork, you will assist in planning; support the installation of; and then manage- the ongoing function of a large urban farm focused on precision agriculture production. Read More 

MSC FISHERY ASSESSMENT MANAGER - MSCLend your fisheries expertise to MSC’s mission of helping transform global fisheries through its leading international certification and eco-labelling program for well-managed and sustainable fisheries- Read More
Fisheries Intern-  ClientEarth is seeking an enthusiastic Fisheries intern to work within their Biodiversity programme on European fisheries management.  Read More


Funded Short-Term Scientific Mission (Aquaponics) Deadline January 1st

Financial support may be provided to eligible applicants to carry out a Short Term Scientific Mission that will specifically contribute to the scientific objectives of the EU Aquaponic Hub COST Action.

STSMs facilitate scientists going to an institution or laboratory in another country to foster collaboration, to learn a new technique or to take measurements using instruments and/or methods not available in their own institution/laboratory. Early Stage Researchers (up to 8 years after award of a PhD) will be given priority. READ MORE

Aquaschools - Get in the Growing Schools Guide!

The original Growing Schools version has been updated and redesigned for launch in January. We want to include a range of case studies to reflect the great variety of school types and activities; an opportunity to promote what you are doing, and contribute to raising understanding and the status of school farms. A template is attached. Email to say if you will contribute ASAP and supply text by 11 January; £25 available to each of the first fifteen. We are also looking for a one-page summary to demonstrate the range of current provision from at least one each of: a primary and secondary school farm in a rural area and in an urban area, and from a ‘special needs’ and PRU farm. If you have this available to edit, or for me to edit for consistency between entries, please submit by mid-December; it should cover why the school has a farm, how the students/parents are involved in running/working it, one or two notable achievements, and full contact details. Please send entries to


Latest Research from European Aquaponics HUB: 

The latest Aquaponic research from the EU COST ACTION has been published in the open access journal Water, available online. 

1. Survey of Aquaponics in Europe

2. Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. Sucrine) Growth Performance in Complemented Aquaponic Solution Outperforms Hydroponics

3. Evaluation of Dicentrarchus labrax Meats and the Vegetable Quality of Beta vulgaris var. cicla Farmed in Freshwater and Saltwater Aquaponic Systems

4. Navigating towards Decoupled Aquaponic Systems: A System Dynamics Design Approach

Read more / access papers

Report - The Evolution of Land Based Atlantic Salmon Farms: 

The International Salmon Farmers’ Association (ISFA) report – The Evolution of Land Based Atlantic Salmon Farms – highlights the history and the current state of land based farms for Atlantic salmon.

Read more / access paper

Report - The Value of Aquaculture to England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Seafish has published a report which analyses the economic contribution and value of the major aquaculture sub-sectors, and the most important farmed species in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Read more 

Forthcoming Events and Talks

7th February 2017 - London Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum Keynote Seminar - Next steps for UK agricultural technologies – investment, research and priorities for the Agri-Tech Strategy

19th April - Murcia Spain - is a COST FA1305 conference on aquaponics SMEs. Join us at the University of Murcia to learn from the experiences of aquaponics startups from around Europe, and to hear about their latest innovations. The event is free.

9-10 May 2017 - Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture Utrecht, The Netherlands The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture is the world’s largest dedicated expo of sustainable agriculture innovations. 

30th June 2017 - School Farms Conference from the federation of city farms - Book your places now, both within your school to ensure cover and online to benefit from the early bird discounts.

Latest Funding Leads

The Sustainable Production Grant (SPG) scheme is a capital grant support package aimed at farmers in Wales. Grants can range from a minimum of £16,000 to a maximum of £400,000 to increase on-farm investment, production, and resource efficiencies to improve technical performance.

With grants of up to £25,000, no fewer than 100 local grassroots women’s organisations across the UK will be supported using funds from the ‘Tampon Tax.’ through rosauk.

Seafish’s Aquaculture Funding Guidance sheets are a series of datasheets which have been produced to provide information and help the aquaculture industry in finding potential aquaculture funding streams, both European and national.

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation has launched a new funding pot of £200,000 to support crowdfunding projects in Hull, Manchester and the London Borough of Lewisham

Santander's The Changemaker Fund - By working with the Crowd, Santander will provide matched funding for ideas that create social change. Come up with a good idea and you could get 50% of the project funded, up to £10,000.

Lloyds Bank Foundation have re-opened applications to their Invest programme, offering grants ‘from £10,000 up to maximum of £25,000 per year for two or three years, with the opportunity for continuation funding for a further period – up to six years in total’.

Comic Relief's tech for good programme will fund 10 digital projects each with up to £46,500, plus £3,500 to enable access to expert support.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation have grants available to registered charities in England and Wales.

Find out about these and more in our funding news section

And don't forget to think about how to ask for money - check out this advice from

New in the Aquaponics Shop

Aphid Killer-aphidius colemani - 

Aphidius is supplied in small tubes, which are opened in the greenhouse / conservatory and the small Aphidius will fly out and search out the aphids. Once the Aphidius finds an aphid, it lays an egg in the aphid. As the egg hatches the resulting larvae feeds on the inside of the aphid destroying it.  See this product in the shop

Another great Aquaponics Podcast:

In this episode, Steve Carrell, co-owner of Ponderosa Aqua Farm shares with us highly valuable information on setting up a commercial aquaponics system. Steve owns a construction company while his wife, Missy, is a long-time gardener. 
Listen Here
Hear more from the visionary aquaponics podcast here


On the Lookout for a host for BAQUA 2017!

This year we had a tour of Host facility with director Iris Partridge of Bristol Fish Project. We want to move around the country year on year - please email if you would be able to host the 2017 convention
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