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The Most Common Pitfalls When an Executive Director Leaves and an Interim Position is Created

“Anyone can be an Executive Director, especially when it’s a short-term fill-in position - how hard can it be, right?"
I have had that conversation more often than is good for my blood  pressure. As soon as a Board member of a not-for-profit says “how hard can it be, right?” I know they are headed for trouble. “We have a Board member (or colleague, or donor) who is retired and has time and won’t charge us anything, so he can fill in and we’ll save some cost. I mean, how hard…etc”.

Canadian author Margaret Lawrence once told of being at a cocktail party and talking with a neurosurgeon who said “you know Ms. Lawrence, when I retire I’m going to write a novel”. “What a coincidence” said Margaret Lawrence “when I retire I’m going to be a neurosurgeon”.

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