UBI-Europe Newsletter April 2016
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Let's all make International Basic Income Week 2016 a success!

Dear friends,

The basic income idea is fast gaining momentum in Europe and elsewhere. An important milestone in terms of public awareness was the Swiss referendum campaign in June. But other developments like the preparations for pilots in Finland or in several Dutch cities have also contributed to headlines across borders. 

To make the most of this wave, we all should try to use the next opportunity: From 19-25 September 2016, we will celebrate the 9th year of our traditional International Unconditional Basic Income Week – and you can get involved wherever you are!

As every year, national and local groups and activists everywhere will be on the streets, in cinemas, in universities, on the net or in the media to spread the word about basic income. Last year there were events and media coverage in 29 countries, on all continents. Will we surpass that success this year?

Whether you just want to find out what is being planned near you or you want to register your event – you can do all this on UBI Week's central website:
You can also follow developments on their Twitter channel or Facebook page.

In the meantime, please enjoy our updates below on recent activities of Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) as well as relevant political developments in Europe that will shape basic income debates in the coming months.

Unconditional greetings from the UBIE core group:
Barb Jacobson, Dániel Fehér, Lena Stark, Nicole Teke & Quentin Fabri

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UBIE news

Hamburg: Degrowth conference and UBIE workshops
In May, Hamburg hosted an inspiring European Conference to explore the potential of an Unconditional Basic Income for a sustainable Europe beyond economic growth. After this event, UBIE held its second network meeting in 2016 to discuss ongoing projects such as introducing a partial basic income ("Euro-dividend") in all EU member states, lobbying the EU to co-finance basic income pilot projects, exploring the necessity of basic income for sustainable agriculture, and others. If you are interested in the results or would like to contribute to these projects, please send an email to

Copenhagen: Nordic Conference on Basic Income Pilots
Representatives of basic income groups in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland will be getting together 22/23 September in Copenhagen. If you are interested in attending there is more information at

Madrid: Next UBIE meeting Oct 14-16
The next UBIE network meeting will take place in Madrid, 14-16 October, hosted by Renta Basica Ya in Spain. The other Spanish Basic Income networks will also be involved. Please reserve these dates, more details to follow!

News from elsewhere

BIEN congress

In July, several UBIE members attended the BIEN Congress in Seoul. you can check out video recordings of all plenaries and we are looking forward to forthcoming reports about the exciting discussions and presentations there, including the formation of an East Asian Basic Income network on the congress website as well as on

Swiss referendum

On 5 June, citizens of Switzerland had an opportunity to vote in the referendum on basic income. It won't be news to people on this list that the Referendum vote was 23% for, 77% against making basic income government policy in Switzerland.

Far from being discouraged however, the Swiss campaigners took heart from the fact that of those who voted against, 72% felt that this issue is not going away, and a majority of people under 35 voted for it.

In the month before the vote, the basic income campaign also released a poll that showed very strong support for basic income in key European countries. You can see a discussion of it here on BIEN News.


The UK vote to leave the EU came as a shock to all concerned, not least to the politicians who were campaigning to leave! If you want to understand why the vote went the way it did, this article by John Lanchester is one of the best analyses of what happened, why, and what might be the future for the UK's relationship with the EU.

While the result heralds huge complications both within the UK and without, this might open up political opportunities to push for basic income within the UK, and to push for the EuroDividend idea within the EU. What's obvious from the vote, and from the steady depopulation of poorer countries like Bulgaria, is that more economic parity within and between countries is necessary if freedom of movement and the EU itself is to be sustained, in a way which works for all people.


Unconditional Basic Income Europe needs your support!

UBIE is not funded by any organisation, government or charity. Even with the dedicated work of many volunteers across Europe, it takes money to keep our network growing, get the word out and develop new projects. Your donation, however big or small, will make a huge difference towards making unconditional basic income a reality for all in Europe - and beyond.
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